Kumaraswamy Oath Taking Ceremony On Wednesday 23rd May at 4.30 PM: Simhasan Chakra Bolt From the Blue

JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy will take Oath as Chief Minister on the 23rd May at 04-30 Pm as per link https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/kumaraswamy-to-take-oath-as-chief-minister-on-wednesday-at-4-30-pm/articleshow/64262300.cms. Please refer to my Article “Kumaraswamy to swear-in as CM on May 23: A Bolt From The Blue As Per Simhasan Chakra” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/05/kumaraswamy-to-s…-simhasan-chakra/ ‎ dated 21st May 2018 at 18.00 hrs .

Let us have a look at the chart of the 23rd May 2018 at 16.30 hrs .below

 The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury. It is a Benefic Day for Auspicious works 

The  Tithi is SP-Navmi and a Rikta Tithi is not good for Auspicious works

Nakshatra P. Phalguni not good for Fixed works . This nakshatra is a Ugra nakshatra and good for Cruel works

Yoga is Harshan and the Lord is Sun and an Auspicious Yoga, but Sun is placed in the 8th house is not good

Karna Kaulava The Lord  Mars  has Poorna Ithasla with 11th Lord Mars in the 8th house is not good for The Muhurat Chart

As per principles of Oath taking Libra sign is an auspicious one  and shirshodayo,  having Jupiter is good but in Retrogression and as per Parameters explained below not good, Lagna Lord is also associated with a Malefic Saturn and Retrograde

Lagna Lord Venus is in Paap Kartari yoga and Dipositor Mercury in the 7th house has aspects by Retrograde Jupiter. Lagna Lord has Malefics in square Position and hence struggle and strife.

Since it is a coalition Govt. Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord should be friends and here they are in 6/8 axis and the 7th Lord is stronger then the Lagna Lord . Also the Lagna Lord is weaker then Jupiter the 6th Lord is a weak combination for the Lagna and the Lagna Lord , this indicates that the Coalition Govt. in Karnataka may not last long due to Internal fights

Chandrabalam and Tarabalam are  Positive Parameters

The Day Lord Mercury is placed in the yama of Virgo the 12th house of the chart and the Yama Lord is placed in the 7th house having aspects by Jupiter in Retrogression from the Lagna and Mercury, Jupiter and Moon are forming Ishraaf yoga , since the Slow moving Planets Moon and Mercury are ahead of Jupiter who is the 3rd and the 6th Lord . Mercury is also the 9th and the 12th Lord . Note the Degrees of Planets

1.Moon  24,44 degrees

2. Mercury 22.58  “

3. Jupiter 22.25

The faster moving Planets are ahead of the slower moving Jupiter  and all the 3 are in the close deeptamsha range . According to Tajik Principles when fast  moving are ahead of the slow moving planets then there is an Ishraaf yoga , this yoga does not lead to the fulfilment of the Query or the event . It is unfavourable combination in the chart and is worst if the participating planets are malefic or the Lord of the 6th, 8th or the 12th  and may prove to be most Venomous when they are also Retrograde .Involvement of the Karyesh  Moon further spoils the complete show , hence these Tajik yogas may prove most venomous  

Karyesh 10th Lord Moon is in this Ishraaf yoga with 6th and 12th Lord and 6th Lord is also in Retrogression and the difference is 2 degrees between Moon and Jupiter, some times this Yoga also gives results in the future. The Malefic Results may be experienced with in a figure of 2 Months  or maximum 2 years but seems the effect will be immediate

The Lagnesh Venus is placed in the Yama of Mars and Mars is in Exhaltation is good but again Mars has poorna ithasla with Sun the 11th Lord Placed in the 8th house , Both Mars and Sun are at 8 degrees at the MEP of lagna Sun placement most malefic. Karyesh Moon is placed in the Yama of Saturn  who is Retrograde at 14.03 degrees  and has Rudda yoga with Lagnesh Venus who is at 10.39 degrees, this shows cancellation of the event after some promise, It is a Event of Promotion of the Native to the post of CM and Cancellation of the same may take place and a repeat event is indicated  . Venus is opposite Mars always in the Yama chart and placement of Venus in the sign of Mars is also not good. The difference of 4 degrees is also important and with in 4 weeks/Months the results may be experienced

The Only good Parameter is the Lagnesh Venus is in the yama of Mars and Mars is exhalted in the chart in the 4th house of Throne but again Ithasla with 11th Lord Sun who is inimical to Mars and placed in the 8th house . Another good Parameter is the Day Lord and Yama Lord is well placed from Lagna , Lagna Lord  10th house and the10th Lord

Lagna Pada  is Aquarius and has aspects by Moon, Jupiter and Saturn Mixed results. The Uday Lagna is Libra , Arudha Lagna is Aquarius and the Chatra Rashi is Sagitarius, a Prishtodayo sign and a Prishtodayo Planet is most malefic for the future of the CM. The Chaitra Rashi is also has aspects of Venus, hence some savings till Venus is in the 9th house till 8th June 2018. The strongest rashi among the  3 Rashis is Sagitarius since has 640 points and has Saturn  Retrograde and aspects Venus the Lagnesh is most malefic as explained above  Saturn will be closest to Earth on the 27th June 2018 when Mars will be stationary and will go in Retrogression on the same day may prove most Venomous  for the Coalition Govt. in Karnataka

 Strength of Sun

Sun is a royal Planet and related to politics it should be placed well in the Oath taking chart , here in the chart it is placed in the 8th house at the MEP of the Lagna  and ill placed from the 9tth house and the 9th Lord and also the Yama Lord of the time of Oath. It has Poorna Ithasla with 7th Lord Mars  is Most malefic Parameter . Both Sun and Mars are at the MEP of the Lagna  are Malefic Parameters in the chart. Sun is ill placed from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord hence the Power of the King are reduced  

Strength of Moon

Moon should have aspect of Jupiter and Benefic Planets , here it has aspects of Mars . Moon is also weak in the Varga charts

10th house of the chart should be strong, unfortunately Rahu is placed there and is in Venomous motion from the 20th May to 23rd May 2018 and has aspects of Exalted Mars .

8th house should be vacant ,here Sun the Royal Planet and the 11th Lord is Placed in the 8th house . Sun is ill placed from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord hence the power of the King is reduced

Simhasan Chakra

Position of Moon, Saturn, Sun and Rahu has to be seen to see the fructifications in the Oath Chart. Here in the Simhasan Chakra Moon, Saturn and Rahu are Placed in the Aasan Nadi and the Most Malefic Parameter in the chart for  Down fall of the King . The Worst Parameter is Saturn is Retrograde and Rahu In forward motion along with Moon in this Nadi Aasan  and is a dreaded combination and as per the Book of Mundane Astrology By Ms Mehta and A Radika , it is a dreaded combination and destroys the King , hence the king can have a Fall from the Position  Sun is also in the Patta Nadi and Not good . For Protection against evil Jupiter placement is in Patta Nadi is not good .

The DBA Planets are  Venus-Mercury-Sun  and asper reduced Vimshotari dasha for 5 years  . Both Dasha Lords are Afflicted by Saturn and Mars and Sun in the 8th house

Venus  of 48 days 

Sun 91 days

 Moon 152 days

Mars 106 days

Rahu 274 days

Jupiter  244 days

Saturn 289 days

Mercury  259 days

Ketu 106 days
 Moon is afflicted badly in all the Varga charts  and seems the Dasha starting from Venus is Bad and till The Dasha of Moon who is afflicted badly in the chart may not be good after 139 days for 152 days specially when Saturn and Sun are in conjunctionin Transit and over the natal Sun and Saturn in the Natal chart Of Kumaraswamy. Hence till 14-15th Jan. 2019 most venomous from Him and the Coalition Govt. in Karnataka.although after the lapse of 139 days when Dasha of Moon Starts from 9th Oct. 2018 will be most troublesome. The Maleficence of Moon till the 30th Jan. 2019 can be a bolt from the blue ot so seems . The differences will start  after 4 days/ 4 weeks/ as can be seen by the difference in the degrees of the Lagnesh Venus and Malefic Saturn , there will be degree aspect on the  Venus by Saturn on the 26th May 2018 the 4th Day from the Oath Taking , Also Mars and Sun Poorna Ithasla can bring Malefic Results when Sun transits the Sign Capricorn where Mars is placed . Sun will reach the Mars degrees on the 23rd Jan. 2019 may Bring a down fall in the Govt. it so seems .
Hence from the 14-15th Jan. to 30 Jan. 2019 will be aperiod of Political Tug of War with in the Karnataka Govt.

As Per Simhasan Chakra the Periods of Planets related to Saturn, Rahu and Moon may be responsible for the Fall of the King. Hence Venus and Moon Period Most Malefic in this regard and if this Period is passed the Rahu will be most Venomous . In any Case it seems the Oath Taking Chart is lacking a good Tenure and the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord in the 6/8 axis may also be responsible for Strife and quarrels till Venus is  there in Gemini till 8th June 2018 . Saturn will be nearest to Earth on the 27th June when Mars will turn retrograde and will be stationary on the same date and both Saturn and Mars will be at the 15 .0 degree mark is the Most malefic Parameter for the chart. The figures 1 and 4 stand  for Day , weeks and Months. The analysis is purely on the Astrology Principles  and not my opinion. The whole horoscope revolves on the 4 Planets Saturn, Rahu , Moon and Sun  who are adversely Placed , if the Principles of the Mundane astrology work for Simhasan chakra  then the Tenure of the CM may be very Limited as explained above and Can Prove as a Bolt from the Blue

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