Mars Planet Of Violence, Destruction, And God Of War In Capricorn With Ketu for 187 Days: Most Venomous

This is with reference to my earlier Articles on my webpage for the Planets Mars Transit in the Sign Capricorn for 187 days  from the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 where South Node Ketu is already there . Read My Articles

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This Article acquires a special dimension  since In this Article all the events have been discussed in detail when the Untoward happenings concerning the war have taken place  irrespective of the sign bringing to book that the Mars and Ketu conjunction when it is for a longer period where Mars also goes in retrogression is most venomous and produces the worst results.

Let me now  reproduce some important  text  of the Article”Ammunition Dump Degree Conjunction With South Node Ketu In June, July and Sept. 2018 Most Venomous” link…18-most-venomous/ dated 22nd April 2018  

Significations of Mars and Ketu  


Mars represents armed forces, army and air commands, criminals. It is the Planet of war or strife and represents violence in every form including fires, explosion and armed conflicts. It also represents assassinations, coup. It represents proxy war and Terrorism in all forms , Manufacturing and Industrial Products . Mars also represents mass murders , political disturbances, Air and Train Accidents, Typhoons, volcanos, in minerals it represents Copper and Gold as well . It is believed in Astrology that when Mars is near earth and hence when at 180 degrees to Sun all Wars have followed. After 26th June 2018 Mars will become Retrograde and start its journey to be closest to Earth and reach 180 degrees from Sun between  the 20th July to 28th July 2018 . In the 20th century Mars was closest to Earth  on the 20th Nov. 1990 at 190 degrees  and the historic UN Security Council Resolution sanctioning use of force against Iraq for its aggression against Kuwait was made on the 29th Nov. 1990 when Mars was at 178 degrees from Sun, Mars was then in Earthy sign Taurus in Moon nakshatra Rohini at 11 degrees . The Chances of The Gulf war therefore are all the more apart from the other Wars in the Korean Peninsula and Indo China Relations


It is a significates  spiritual salvation Like Mars it is also karka for destruction, war Secret plots ,, sudden success and sudden failure, Espionage , Bankruptcies  The Conjunction in June, July and Sept. 2018 therefore may not bring good results more so Uranus laced in the Sign Aries and at 8.3 degrees and has very close aspect of Mars in Retrogression at 10 degrees. Pluto is Placed in the sign Capricorn the sign of its fall  with Mars , it is like Saturn, it rules over death, misery, the under world. It represents the techniques of making Bombs, Hydrogen bombs and Nuclear devices and Mars is conjunct with Pluto, Mars and pluto will be degree conjunct on the 28th Oct 2018

The Sign Capricorn

10th House of the natural zodiac where Mars is also Digbali and as the Lord of the Lagna in the 10th house is institution forming but with Ketu and the 10th Lord in the 9th house Sagitarius and Retrograde  and the 9th Lord in the 7th house again in Retrogression and 7th house is the house of International relations  and the Wars. 12th Lord of the Natural Zodiac is also in the 7th house . All this also  indicates that the Nodes in the 4/10 axis of the zodiac may not be good  and specially when the Eclipses in the Month of July and August 2018 will take place in this axis of 4/10. The Trinal  will be influenced by Saturn from Jupiter along with the 12th house from Jupiter and the Kendra Houses from Jupiter will be influenced by Mars , and the Nodes , this parameter is not good for permanency of any event .  Venus the 7th Lord of the Natural Zodiac and the depositor of Jupiter is placed in the 2nd House  and ill placed from Both the Jupiter and Saturn the 9th and the 10th Lord of the Natural Zodiac, hence the 2nd House significations will be suffering the most till Mars is in Capricorn. The Countries with Taurus Sign will also be influenced the Most   

Varahamihra has mentioned that for Mundane predictions Capricorn is taken for North India since in the Koorma Chakra the North Has the Nakshatras of the Capricorn sign, , Since the Eclipses of July 2018  are taking Place in the 1/7 axis of the Capricorn the Effects of the same will be more visible in the North India then any Part of the Country . Dr B. V Raman Considered Virgo the Ruling sign  of India and  in the Koorma Chakra it is in the South Direction, Hence the South Indian Astrologers consider the Virgo Sign of India and North Indian Astrologers the Capricorn Sign.

The Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017 acquires a special dimension when all the Planets were in the shadow of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn and this combination is considered to be most Malefic  and dreaded one and till the major planets Nodes, Mars and Saturn cross the sign Capricorn there would be untoward happening in the Globe .

Mars would cross this  Sign Capricorn on the 6th Nov. 2018 after staying in this sign for 187 days 

Ketu would leave this sign on the 25th March 2019 and again join Saturn in the sign Sagitarius on this Date .

Saturn will Join Capricorn on the 25th Jan. 2020 . Although Saturn will cross the Sign Capricorn only when it joins Aquarius, but after if ingresses in Capricorn there will be no conjunction with the Nodes . Hence The Period Most Prone  for Mars, Saturn and the Nodes to sprout Natural and Unnatural calamites, Political tug of wars, Earthquakes, Weather changes , War like situations due to escalation of Brawl between the nations will be primarily be from the 20th Sept. 2017 to 25th Jan . 2020

The Most Sensitive Time frames from 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018

The Transit Mars and Ketu conjunction will take place 3 times in the Capricorn sign in very close degrees on the 8th June, 20th-,27th July at the time of the Eclipses and then on the 26th Sept. 2018 ,this conjunction could prove most venomous for the global events and can work as an ammunition dump.  At these degrees Mars will also activate the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018. It is said that when Malefics Mars and Saturn are closest to Earth they sprout their significations with dimension. In this connection Mars will be closest to Earth meaning 180 degrees from Sun on the 27th July 2018 at the time of the Lunar Eclipse . At this Point Mars will also activate the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse. Saturn being a Malefic Planet will also be closest to Earth on the 27th June 2018 when Mars will be stationary and going in Retrogression, this date is Most important along with other dates mentioned by me in this article. These Dates indicate Significations of the Nodes and the 2 Dreaded Malefics planets sprouting with dimension in the Globe. From the above we can clearly say  that War like situations in the world with Natural and Unnatural calamities, Weather Hazards, Political Tug of War , Escalation of Brawl between the nations, Earthquakes with higher intensity of 8.0 or even more may sprout. Mars Rules Bloodshed,War etc. as explained above.. Another Point to be Noted is the Point of retrogression of Both Mars and Saturn , both are getting Retrograde  and Mars at 15.06 degrees in Capricorn and Saturn at 15.02 in Sagitarius and the mid point of the sign , hence most powerful to give the malefic influences .


Planetary positions at the time  of Mars entering Capricorn on the 2nd May 16.41 hrs. IST The Chart is Below

The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury who is in Debilitation and for Mercury, Mars is the Most malefic Planet. The Day Lord Mercury at the time of Ingress of Mars In the sign Capricorn is in the yama of  Mercury the sign Virgo  and the Lord is again Debilitated , Mars also is in the Yama of Gemini and the 10th house of the chart  and again the Lord is Debilitated , hence the results of Mars will not be good. Mercury controls the Stock Market and the Weather, hence there can be bad weather and malefic Results for the Stock Markets as well. The nakshatra of Moon is Saturn who is in Retrogression and Moon is also in Debilitation . Look at the degrees of the planets . The 15-17 degrees of the Planets acquire a special dimension since both Mars and Saturn will be in Stationary position at these points and cross these degrees again and again. Mars when goes in Retrogression will meet the degrees of Ketu at the time of Ingress in Capricorn  and Mars will also aspect degrees of Sun in the 8th house . The Yama Lord of Day Lord and Mars is same and Mercury and debilitated and placed in the 7th house , hence the opposition Parties will not leave any stone unturned to spoil the Image of the   Ruling Party . The 7th house signification will sprout with dimension namely War, Battles, Open warfare,  Foreign Secret agents, international affairs , International disputes , Relation with other countries specially the Neighbours since Mars is also the 3rd Lord . Immorality in the Country, Foreign Trade all may suffer . The Day Lord is also ill Placed from Sun and the 12th house and the Lord. The 7th house. 7th Lord is highly afflicted , 7th Lord is connected to 12th Lord Sun from the 8th house , 7th house has Debilitated Planet and till 2nd May 2018 also has aspects  by the 8th Lord  Mars , now Mars aspects the 8th house as the 8th Lord and the Sun in the 8th house

In Navamsha Mercury and Mars both go in the sign of a Saturn in the 8th house , Hence Mars will basically give strong malefic results of the 8th house  it so seems.  The Weather and the Financial Markets will be influenced in a big way  it so seems 

Declination of Planets When planets go beyond  23.5 degrees in Declination considered out of bounds. Celestial Equator projection of the Earth’s Equator and is inclined to the path of the Sun(the ecliptic) by 23.5 degrees.The ecliptic is important because where the Sun travels, the planets follow . Mars will be 25-26 degrees in declination and out of Bound when in Capricorn. This means that the energy of Mars  will be out of Control during this time and the significations will there fore sprout with dimension

Mars has Declination of 27  and what ever it sprouted 27 years back and in the multiple of 27 may sprout again specially for the Capricorn sign. Looking back 27 years from 2018 was 1991 when the Gulf War took place between the 2nd August 1990 and 2nd Feb. 1991, Hence there are chances that the Gulf War may sprout again. I have been mentioning in all my Articles the Possibility of the same along with other Wars . 


 Some Research Work

Let us also have a look at the when Mars was in Conjunction with nodes in the Past  and Afflicted the sign Capricorn.

  1. Bihar Earthquake on the 16th Jan. 1934. Devastating Earthquake of intensity 8.0 took place near the Eclipse when Mars and Rahu were in the sign Capricorn along with Saturn and more than 7000 people died . 
  2.  Indo -China War took place on the 20th Oct. 1962 when Saturn and Ketu were in the Sign Capricorn and Mars and Rahu in the sign Cancer , the most important parameter is the Saturn and Ketu were degree conjunct on Capricorn sign at 11.00 degrees and Mars and Rahu in Cancer at 11.00 degrees. On the 28th July 2018 the same Axis is being activated by a Lunar Eclipse and at the same degrees of 10-11 , I am afraid to say similar happening may be on the cardsChart of 20th Oct. 1962 Indo-China War
  3. Moon chart at the time of WW2 Mars was in the sign Capricorn at the time of WW2 on the 1st Sept 1939 as per 

   4. 25th Sept. 1702  Mars and Ketu conjunction again and Again in 1702 during the Great Northern War  and also the Spanish Succession. 

In 1702 Mars was also Fallen from Capricorn when it was with Ketu and in late 1702 it joined back degree conjunction on the 25th Sept. 1702.

5. On the 24th April 1813 to  29th Oct. 1813 a Ketu were in conjunction for more than 6 months . This Period was when the Napoleonic War   as well as the war of  1812 North America  which occurred between 1812 to 1815 and US also became  a pawn in the Economic Conflict between England and France

6. Eclipses in the Month of July and August 2018 will be of main Concern in the Present Scenario. I have already given the link of the same in this article and the effects of the same will be most venomous for the world it so seems 

Let me also add here  when Mars and Ketu conjunct in any sign they Produce the most malefic Results 

Read My Article “Roman God Saturn, Red Planet Mars, South Node Ketu In 2018-2019: What They Have Up Their Sleeves ?” link…up-their-sleeves/India

I have been mentioning on my webpage that for Wars the Conjunction of Mars-Ketu, Mars-Rahu, Saturn-Ketu and Saturn-Rahu are most Venomous and depends upon the conjunction for the time frame .The Conjunction of  Saturn – Ketu , Saturn – Rahu time frame is comparatively higher than Mars-Ketu,  Mars-Rahu Conjunction.  The Conjunction of Saturn-Ketu is therefore considered most venomous, but if the Conjunction of Mars-Ketu takes place for a longer period as in 2018 from 3rd May to 6th Nov. it could be more explosive since Mars will also become Retrograde and activate the Eclipse points of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses and also  Degree conjunction will take place 3 times . This parameter is most venomous and has the capacity to ignite a war in the Globe in the Present Scenario. Comparing these parameters at the time of WW1, WW2, Korean War, Indo-China War,9-11 Attack on the World Trade centre and the Gulf war in all the cases Mars and Ketu have been in Conjunction. In the case of WW2 Mars was in Capricorn and Saturn in the sign Aries with Ketu and Mars aspect on Ketu  was there . Saturn and Ketu were Degree conjunct at 7.00 degrees  and Mars was coming close to those degrees.  From the above we can say that the Mars and Ketu conjunction is not a good one and has the capacity to bring Parallel Results as before . It has also been observed that Mars in the Fiery and Earthy sign produces more Malefic Results then other signs .Mars and Conjunction normally takes place for 45days only since Mars Transits in a sign for 45 days , but unfortunately as per the cycle of Mars every 2 years and 2 Months Mars over stays in a sign and goes in Retrogression  and becomes most Venomous , normally it also falls in a Rashi previous to the sign it transits , but this time it remains in Capricorn with Ketu and is Capable of Creating Havoc since it will be with Ketu for 187 days . It has been observed  and as per My article  “Can ASTROLOGY Predict Wars ? War Imminent In 2018-2019” link…ent-in-2018-2019/ dated 26th Oct. 2017, The Period of Mars Transit from Libra to Aquarius could be killing for 341 days from the 30th Nov. 2017 to 6th Nov. 2018 and specially 187 days of Mars Transit in its Exaltation rashi with Ketu from the 3rd May 2018 to 6th Nov. 2018 

Korean War

 The Korean War Started on the 25th June 1950 and came to a halt on the 27th July 1953 

Korean War Time frame was 26th June 1950 to 27 Jul 1953

Chart of Korean War 25th June 1950

 Mars and Ketu in an Earthy sign in Virgo  almost  degree conjunct . Now Have a Look at the chart when the War came to a halt  on the 27th July 1953

On the 28th July 2018 at the time of the Lunar Eclipse Mars will activate the eclipse point even before the Eclipse on the 8th June 2018 and then between the 20th-28th July 2018 and then 26th-27th Sept. 2018. This Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 is exactly taking place after 65 years from the 27th July 1953 when the Korean War came to a halt and the Sour relations have been there for 65 years , at the time of the Halt of the war Mars and Sun was with Rahu in Cancer and Moon was with Ketu in Capricorn at 10 degrees conjunction

The end of the Korean War took place on the 27th July 1953, let us have a look at this chart as well

The War came to a stand still when there was an Eclipse in the sign Capricorn and Mars was debilitated  and Jupiter and Venus in the sign of Taurus and Jupiter aspects  Saturn, Moon and Rahu and Giving a relief 

Now have a look at the chart of the 28th July 2018 when an Eclipse is also falling on this Date..  after 65 years after the Halt of the War

 I have Actually taken the Ascendant of North Korea for analysis of 1.46 degrees of Scorpio in the above 2 charts for comparison. North Korea also has a sadesati  since Saturn is in the 2nd house from the natal moon in scorpio

Look at the Degrees of the Eclipses in both Cases is same 10-11 degrees in Capricorn is most Crucial for a big change as well, Mars is Exhalted and at the eclipse point of 10 degrees is most Venomous for a Treaty it so seems . There is only one Benefic Planet Mercury who is also retrograde . The Planetary Positions do not indicate  any relief what so ever  for the Treaty between the 2 Koreas it so seems



For India  The Transit Of Mars in the 9th house of the Foundation chart and the Capricorn sign as signifies North India  in totality and the Sign for India as per Varahamihra , this period till 6th Nov. 2018 will be the most malefic one. India is also running the Dasha of Moon-Rahu from the 8th Feb 2017 to 10th August 2018 is most Venomous  after which the Dasha will be of Moon-Jupiter  from the 10th August and keeping in mind the Transit of the 8th Lord Jupiter in the 6th house  with 10th Lord in the 8th house indicates the demise of a Leader of the ruling Party. Strong Earthquakes , Storms, Natural and Unnatural calamities, Disturbed Relations with the Neighbouring Countries cannot be ruled out . Natural and Unnatural Disasters cannot be ruled out like a Strong Earthquake as well as per the Time and Dates Mentioned in this Article and in the Northern Part of India as per Koorma chakra and also in the globe.

Transit of Mars will sprout Earthquakes, abnormal weather , Storms with intensity specially in India since  Mars Transit in the foundation chart will be over the 9th house with Ketu which is a weak house as per Bindoos  in the house in Ashtvarga. Mars will influence the 5 planet in the foundation chart in the 3rd house along with Mercury the Karka graha for weather and Earthquakes. Mars was in the 8th house of the Foundation chart of India with Saturn till 2nd May 2018 and as per astrological principles when 2 Planets like Mars and Saturn conjunct in any house and specially in a bad house will give the malefic results when either of the 2 planets go in the house of each other , more so the 8th Lord at the Moment Jupiter is Retrograde in the 6th house over the natal Jupiter at very close degrees , Since the Planets are Retrograde the happenings will be repeated a number of Times. Since Mars was with Saturn the9th and 10th Lord when Mars travels the 10th house on the 6th Nov. 2018 there could be Political Dramas also in the Country. Till 6th Nov. 2018 there could be issues relating to the Courts, Religion as well specially  when Mars is Retrograde from the 26th June to 27th August 2018   

The Mars Transit may also influence Bulgaria, Greece,Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan Bangladesh , Brussels North India along with Punjab

The South Eastern Part of the world is Prone to Tragic Events it so seems along with the Gulf Countries  and the Main Countries  responsible for the same will be US, China, Russia, Iran and the Gulf Countries. I have already Predicted a Gulf War in 2018-2019 since Saturn is going to complete its 29-30 years cycle from the Gulf War in 1990 when Saturn was in Sagitarius. The Mars Ketu conjunction  for 187 days could germinate the War and Saturn and Ketu Conjunction could  work as a catalyst  it so seems . In this Connection June 2019 would be most Venomous

Read my Article “Roman God Saturn Fallen in 1990 Sprouted Gulf War, What It has Up his Sleeves In 2017-2019 ?” link…ves-in-2017-2019/ dated 5th April 2017 

I have mentioned long back of the Gulf War and similar  planetary positions as that at the time of the Gulf War in 1990 are existing between May and Nov. 2018 See the chart Below of the Gulf War . In the Present scenario Saturn in the same sign, Ketu in Cancer and Nor Rahu in Cancer reaching the same degrees on the 29th-30th May 2018, Saturn will reach the same degrees in June 2019, hence from May 2018 to June 2019 most provocative period for a Gulf war repeating 

The Gulf War chart as per above chart


The Brawl with the neighbouring Countries specially with China can escalate around the Eclipses  and the dates mentioned above  and  in the year 2019  as per the Chart Below 

China has Capricorn Lagna and  Chart is Below 

The Country is running the Dasha of Saturn -Jupiter, both the Dasha Lords are placed in the trik bhavas and the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Moon and Mars can bring Havoc in the Country by Earthquakes, Note the degrees on Moon Placed in the Lagna at 10.01 degrees and the Ascendant 12.01 Degrees and the Eclipses taking Place at 10.00 degrees is the most crucial factor for China . The Country may also enter into Trade wars  it so seems . Brawl with Countries may also escalate  and take an ugly dimension.

US and Iran 

As Per the foundation chart of Iran of the 1st April 1979 of 15-00 hrs Tehran Nodes will cross the Lagna Degrees on the 30th August 2018, 6th Lord Jupiter has crossed the Uranus in Libra . The Running dasha is Jupiter -Mercury- Rahu and Jupiter is 6th Lord, Mercury debilitated with Mars and Sun and Rahu with Saturn the 7th and the 8th Lord is not a good Dasha more so Dasha of Jupiter-Mercury -Saturn could further flare u the things. 12th May 2018 Mars will be with Ketu and on the 8th June 2018 Mars and Ketu Degree -conjunction will be at the MEP of the ascendant in the 7th house of the Country can prove to be most venomous in this respect
Read My article “Mars Ammunition Dump Degree Conjunction With South Node Ketu In June, July and Sept. 2018 Most Venomous” link…/mars-ammunition-dump-degree…/
Mars and Ketu Conjunction on the 8th June, 20-28th July , 26th-27th Sept. 2018 most Venomous for the Brawl between the Nations to escalate .The Key Nations could be US, China, Russia, UK, Gulf Countries and North Korea .Things will be known when Kim and Trump meet in the 1st week of June when Mars and Ketu are degree conjunct on the 8th June 2018
In the US Foundation chart the dasha running is Mars -Moon both connected to the House Lord and House of Wars , Rahu Crossing over the Natal Rahu degree-wise on the 2nd July 2018over the 12th house . Mars and Saturn both have been activated in the natal chart by the Transit Planets and will aspect till 2nd May 2018 and then Mars will join the Natal Ketu in the 6th house on the 8th June 2018, Hence it seems that the date 8th June 2018 is most crucial in the Present Scenario after the Summit with North Korean Leader and THE NUKE DEAL WHICH MAY BE DECIDED ON THE 12TH MAY 2018
Read My article “Mars Ammunition Dump Degree Conjunction With South Node Ketu In June, July and Sept. 2018 Most Venomous” link…/mars-ammunition-dump-degree…/
Mars and Ketu Conjunction on the 8th June, 20-28th July , 26th-27th Sept. 2018 most Venomous for the Brawl between the Nations to escalate .The Key Nations could be US, China, Russia, UK, Gulf Countries and North Korea .Things will be known when Kim and Trump meet in the 1st week of June when Mars and Ketu are degree conjunct on the 8th June 2018
Economy in North Korea is suffering and Kim wants to take this route and may again take a U Turn unexpectedly or he may be represented by China and Russia for the issues
Eclipses And The Theory Of Astrological Inevitability : What They Foretell ?” link…at-they-foretell/ dated 23rd Jan. 2018
“Roman God Saturn, Red Planet Mars, South Node Ketu In 2018-2019: What They Have Up Their Sleeves ?” link…up-their-sleeves/ dated 23rd Dec. 2017
“Sagitarius Saturn May Repeat 30 Years Cycle For War and Economy Break As Per 1929, 1959, 1990” link…r-1929-1959-1990/ .”Could Syrian War Escalate The Brawl Between US-Russia ?” link…etween-us-russia/
“WW3 Fears With Russia And US, As Trump On Door Step To Strike Syria” link…-to-strike-syria/

It seems the Economy may break as per the Dates Mentioned in this article around the Eclipses and in 2019 as per the Charts Below  and when  North Node is in Venomous Motion in the month of June and July 2018. My Predictions for the Volatility in the Stock Market proves on dot as per my Article “Mars-Saturn Dreaded Conjunction On 7th March 2018 As Per Jahangir Nama” link…er-jahangir-nama/ dated 12th Feb. 2018 

The Chart of 2019 of the 12th May is also most enigmatic and Venomous for Wars escalation due to Saturn and Ketu conjunction degree wise having aspect of Mars and Mars also influencing the Nodes and Saturn in Navamsha 

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