Swearing-in Ceremony Of BS Yeddyurappa As CM of Karnataka:What Stars Foretell ?

As per the link https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/karnataka-government-formation-live-updates-bjps-yeddyurappa-to-take-oath-today-has-15-days-to-prove-1853238

New Delhi/Bengaluru:  BS Yeddyurappa has taken oath as Karnataka Chief Minister this morning after the Supreme Court, in a rare overnight hearing on a petition by the Congress and the Janata Dal Secular, refused to stop the ceremony. The BJP leader has been given 15 days to prove majority by the Governor on Wednesday evening.

In an rare post-midnight hearing, the Supreme Court ruled out that it won’t stop Mr Yeddyurappa swearing-in. “As far as swearing-in is concerned, we are not restraining it, but we are making it subject to the outcome of the case,” a three-judge bench, comprising Justices AK Sikri, SA Bobde and Ashok Bhushan, said after the all-night hearing that stretched for three-and-a-half hours.

The Supreme Court will resume hearing the case Friday morning at 10.30 a.m. and has ordered the BJP to produce the letters submitted by BS Yeddyurappa to the governor by then.

The Oath ceremony of BS Yeddyurappa took place on the 17th May 2018 at 09-03 hrs . in Bangalore and the Chart is below 

The Panchang of the Day

The day is Thursday  a benefic day and the Lord is Jupiter Retrograde in the 5th house of Pada Prapti  and placed in the yama of Gemini sign the Lagna of the chart where 5th and the 12th Lord Venus is placed and has aspects of Retrograde 8th and the 9th Lord Saturn Forming a Rudda Yoga with the Lagna Lord Mercury in the 11th house , Both are Placed in good houses but Saturn Lordship as the 8th Lord is not good , specially the Yama sign connection with a malefic Saturn Retrograde and Saturn having Favourable ithasla with Mercury may give initial good results and latter Termination of the same . Degrees of Saturn 14.22 and that of Lagna Lord and Mercury 11.45  and a difference of  3 degrees  is most malefic .  I have also discussed the Placement of Saturn in the Simhasan chakra which is also not good and placed in the Aasan Nadi with Rahu is a most Venomous parameter in the Oath chart and reduces the Tenure of the CM in the Dasha of Mars, Rahu or Saturn

Tithi is SP-2 is not bad .

Nakshatra is Mrigshira is Friendly Nakshatra for Oath Taking 

Karna Lord is Mars and Placed in the 8th house is not good for good fructifications 

The Chief Minister has good Chandra balam and Tarabalam at the time of the Oath Taking  since his  Moon is Placed in the sign Scorpio and in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu and for Scorpio sign the Conjunction of Moon and Sun in the sign Taurus in the 7th from the natal Moon is a Rajyoga of the Dharmadhipati and Karmadhipati

The Transit Moon and the Yama Moon are in 6/8 axis is a malefic parameter for the Oath Taking , and Moon placement in the 12th house is also not good . Moon is also not aspected by Jupiter to give good results, but Moon and Sun both Make a Rajyoga as per the Natal Moon sign  and also in Exaltation will give little relief it so seems and Moon placement in the Simhasan Chakra gives strong power, although the Tenure of the Oath Chart may suffer the CM will have very strong powers  .

Lagna is shirshodayo having Venus is good. Lagna Lord Mercury placed in the 11th house is also good but the depositor of Mercury Mars placement in the 8th house again is malefic parameter irrespective it is in Exaltation, The Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord in square position and in Ishraaf yoga is again a malefic parameter and Mars Reaching the 11th Degrees on the 31st May 2018 may bring malefic results strife and quarrels.

8th house should be vacant in the Oath chart and Ketu at the MEP of the Lagna and Mars reaching that point after 28th May 2018 may not bring strife and quarrels since then Mars will also be at the MEP of the Lagna and Both Mars and Ketu will be degree conjunct on the 8th June 2018. This has a strong negative effect on the Longevity and the tenure of the CM Specially Dasha of Mars for 95 days as per reduced Vimshotari Dasha  and then of Rahu 

Sun and Moon should be strongly placed in the Oath chart for strong powers for the CM, they do not have aspects of Jupiter .

For good fructifications of the event Malefics should be placed in the 3,6,11 houses , here none of them is in these houses

Hora Of Sun is good for Significations of Sun, but offers hindrances and obstacles  .

As per the Simhasan or Panch Nadi Chakra 

Moon is in Simhasan  Nadi not afflicted and in Exaltation gives Absolute power and hence also increases the Tenure and the Longevity, more so it is also forming a Rajyoga in his Natal chart with Sun  as the Dharmadhipati and Karmadhipati from the Moon sign Scorpio. This is the only Parameter on which the Oath Chart will revolve it so seems, since other parameters are not conducive to give auspicious results to the CM . Dasha of Mars for 95 days may give strife and quarrels Then Rahu Dasha may be worst since placed in the Aasan Nadi with Saturn who is in Retrogression and aspects the Lagna  and has Rudda yoga but as the 8th Lord and connection with the yama sign Gemini may give the most malefic results it so seems  

Saturn should not be in a malefic nakshatra, it is in the Nakshatra of P Shadha is not bad  , but Retrograde  and since the Planet of Masses and destruction should be placed well in this Chakra , here it is placed in the Aasan Nadi. The Placement of Saturn in this Nadi with Rahu is not good and since retrograde it further enhances its malefic nature. The Malefic Parameter is Saturn , Rahu together in this Aasan Nadi and Saturn Retrograde  and in the Muhurat chart and aspects the Lagna. For India the Transit of Venus in the sign Gemini  from the 14th May to 8th June seems to be the most shaking period in the Political scenario of the Country . Read my Article “Supreme Court Allows BSY’s Swearing-in: What Stars Foretell” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/05/supreme-court-al…t-stars-foretell/  

Read this Para in the above article  ——-

Some Previous  Events when Venus was afflicted in Transit 

  1. At the time of Death of Mahatma  Gandhi on the 30th Jan. 1948 , Venus was with Mercury in Aquarius and both afflicted By Retrograde Mars from the sign Leo.
  2. On the 2nd Oct. 1962  Indo-China War . incursions on the boarder of India and the War Started on the 20th Oct. 2018. Mars was in Cancer sign Debilitated with Rahu and  Venus in Libra had aspects of Mars the worst aspect .
  3. Blue Star Operation on the 5th June 1984 Venus was in Taurus with Sun, Mercury and Rahu and had aspects of Mars Retrograde from the 6th house of Libra in the Foundation chart of India
  4. In the Foundation Chart of India the 2nd House Gemini has only 19 bindoos , the Transit of the Lagna Lord Venus in this sign is there unfortunate for the Country . Venus will remain in Gemini sign till 8th June 2018 may cause therefore untoward happenings in the Country , Even after Venus ingress in Cancer and Joining Rahu in Transit may not prove  good for the Country  and hence till Venus passes the Sign Virgo will be a malefic Period for the Country  and more so till it is afflicted by Mars till  it is in Leo till 1st August 2018, the Venus in the Sign Gemini will be the worst Transit till 8th June when Mars and Ketu will also be in Degree-Conjunction it so seems . Hence Congress Frustrations may sprout the worst for the Ruling Govt. of the Country . We can also Say there could be untoward happenings in Karnataka . Rallies, Strikes, etc. to disrupt the normal function of the Govt..

As per Reduced Vimshotari Dasha since the Moon is Placed in Mrigshira and only covered 1.22 degrees in this Nakshatra the Dasha of Mars will be for 95 days and then of Rahu for 274 days  and then Jupiter for 244 days , Saturn for 289 days  and then Mercury for 259 days  As per the DBA Planets at the time of the Oath is of Mars-Rahu-Saturn , Hence te Periods of Mars for 95 days, Rahu for 274 days will be most Malefic and specially of the Mars since it is placed in the 8th house in Square position from the Lagna Lord to give 

Mars  as 6th and 11th Lord Placed in the 8th house in Ishraaf yoga with Lagna lord  Mercury and Saturn Retrograde as the Lord of the 8th and 9th in close Radda yoga are most Malefic components in the Muhurat chart and may spell Venomous results. Rudda Yoga of the Mercury and Saturn taking place in good houses shows initial reversal and Fructifications taking Place after 3 days  from the Election results , see the Degrees of Mercury and Saturn. Hence it is possible that BJP may Produce its majority in 3 days  from the 17th May 2018 it so seems 

Mars Ishraaf yoga difference 5 Days hence what ever happened 5 days back and the Election day  will bring negative results when Mars reaches the 11.00 degrees on the 31st May 2018. Strife and Quarrels 

Lagna in the Nakshatra of Rahu, Lagna Lord Mercury in the nakshatra of Ketu Lagna Lord ithasla Yoga with Saturn  are most Malefic components in the chart , more so Just see the Degrees of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu  at the Most effective point of the MEP of the Lagna 

House of Pad Prapti is 5th and Jupiter is placed in Retrogression will have to Repeat the things to gain Power 

Navamsha Rising is also of a malefic Saturn , Saturn influences the Rashi, Navamsha and the Trishamsha Chart , hence Saturn is most Malefic in the chart aspects the Lagna and Rudda yaga with the LL turn will be Nearest to Earth on the 27th June when Mars will turn Retrograde and will also be in Stationary motion and in the 8th house could produce the Most malefic results since then Mars will also be at the MEP of the Lagna . From the above it seems due to constraints no good mahurat chart could be selected  on the 17th May 2018

Colour of Clothes worn By the CM The CM was wearing Green and white hence the Influence on him due to Mercury and Moon, Moon is Placed well in Simhasan Nadi and Exalted is good but Mercury lacks the strength . This also shows since the Lagna Lord is having malefic Connection with Mars, Ketu and Saturn, The CM has to Take full Security measures  for any untoward happenings in the Karnataka and also for himself

As per link https://www.thequint.com/news/india/supreme-court-night-karnataka-election-hearing-on-yeddyurappa-swearing-in  All the action from the All-Night SC hearing on Karnataka Election 

After over three hours of dramatic late night arguments, the Supreme Court this morning declined to interfere in the swearing-in of BS Yeddyurappa as chief minister of Karnataka. The Congress and the JD(S) had moved the court late in the night challenging the decision of Governor Vajubhai Vala to invite Yeddyurappa to form the government, and had asked that the swearing-in be deferred till the court had made a decision.

The special bench of Justices AK Sikri, SA Bobde and Ashok Bhushan said that they would review the Governor’s decision, and that the formation of the state government would be subject to their final decision.

For this, they asked Yeddyurappa to provide them with the two letters he had submitted on 15 and 16 May on the basis of which the Governor had decided to invite the BJP to form the government. The court will conduct its next hearing into the case at 10:30 am on Friday, 18th May. Let us analyse what could emerge out of the Supreme Court Proceedings 

Panchang of the Day 

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus and placed in the Yama of Gemini the 12th house of the chart and has aspects of the 8th Lord Saturn in Retrogression s the most malefic parameter for the Plaintiff going in the Court for a fight against the BJP.

The Plaintiff will lose  due to  the following parameters 

Saturn aspects the Lagnesh Moon, hence the plaintiff is involved in unjustified actions. 9th to 2nd houses are the houses of the Plaintiff and 3rd to 8th are the houses of the defender or the Lawyer .

  1. 6thLord and 11th Lord mutual connection shows the victory of the plaintiff and in the chart they are not connected
  2. Moon the Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord in the 12th house  has aspects of 8th Lord Saturn
  3. 12 House indicates the losses in litigation and since connected to the 8th Lord permanent losses
  4. Strong malefic Mars in the 7th house with Ketu
  5. Lagnesh Moon 6/8 axis with 10th Lord Mars 
  6. Lagnesh Moon has aspects of Retrograde Saturn and strong Mars in the Kendra the Plaintiff loses the Case
  7. Mercury afflicted in the 10th house , can  prolong the case but since both the Lagnesh and the 7th Lord are mutually connected to the 4th Lord , court gives early decision
  8. 10th Lord in the Kendra the Court favours the opponent 
  9. Mercury afflicted and laced in the 10th house  Judgement of Mix right and wrong
  10. The Only parameter strong for the Plaintiff is 7th Lord Saturn is Retrograde some relief

From the above it seems that the Court will give time to BJP to prove its majority on the floor. The Oath Taking Chart is weak and Moon is not related to the Lagna  Lord or the 10th Lord Jupiter but placed well in the Simhasan Chakra and gives strength. Saturn is not Placed well in the Chart and offers disturbances  and  destructions. The Dasha of Mars for 95 days may bring negative influences  from the day one . Till JD(S) and BJP join together there  may not be good results for either one of them in the long run as per the Day of the elections . BJP tends to gain in the Process but it seems the Tenure of the CM suffers due to Ruddha Yoga as mentioned in the 1st Para of the Article and is most malefic . Read my article Supreme Court Allows BSY’s Swearing-in: What Stars Foretell” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/05/supreme-court-al…t-stars-foretell/ the Transit of Venus in the Sign Gemini may produce the most malefic results in Karnataka  and not a good time till Venus in Gemini till 8th June 2018 it so seems 

Shall up date the Same tomorrow after the Court Verdict at 10.30 hrs.

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