“Turbulent Atmosphere” Ahead of 2019 Polls :Stars Foretell Narendra Modi Still The Winner

“We are witnessing a turbulent political atmosphere which poses a threat to the democratic principles enshrined in our constitution and the secular fabric of our nation,” The Example is before us and I need not elaborate the same .Not talking much on this I will try to evaluate the Situations  for the 2019 polls . Please also read my Article

  1. “Horoscope Of Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada Pieces New Moon Chart: What It Foretells ?” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/03/horoscope-of-cha…hat-it-foretells/ Let me reproduce the Article here.
    As per Mundane astrology principles The Hindu New Moon Pieces Chart sets the trend for the full year on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada when The Luminaries will be in the sign Pieces. In the year 2018 it is falling on the 17th March 2018 at 18.42 hrs . The chart is below The Panchang of the DayThe Day is Saturday and the Lord is Saturn placed in the 4th house of the chart with Mars in affliction. Mars is the Debilitation Lord of Saturn and Saturn is the Exhaltation Lord of Mars hence Mars acquires a special dimension more so he is the 3rd and the 8th Lord / The Day Lord Saturn is also placed in the malefic Yama of Scorpio is not good at all since the Yama Lord Mars is Placed in the 4th house afflicting Saturn. The Connection of the 3rd and the 8th Lord Mars in the 4th house is the most malefic parameter in the chart. The Placement of the 6th and the 8th Lord in the Kendra is also another  malefic  parameter in the chart. Being the 3rd and the 8th there could be tensions and brawl with the neighbours. Sun laced in the 7th house receiving the malefic aspect of  Mars the 8th Lord indicates that there could be war  with the Neighbouring Countries and specially with China, Pakistan4th House significations4th house is land crops, agriculture industry , mine and minerals, real estates, hotel industry, weather conditions, landslides, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes , floods, school and colleges, opposition parties, throne of the king, general happiness , Trade and Agriculture  may therefore suffer.The Karna is Kimstughana and a Malefic one and the Lord is the Sun  and also the 10th Lord of the Chart is a Malefic one . The Lagna Lord and the Luminaries together with Venus the 2nd and the 9th Lord is Placed in the 7th house . The Lagna Lord Mercury is in Debilitation and is with Exhalted Venus at very close degrees  and this Conjunction of 4 planets has aspects of the Yama Lord Mars who is most malefic for the Chart being the 8th and the 3rd Lord. The Planet closest to the MEP is Mars  being the Yama Lord and the 8th Lord it acquires the most important dimension. From the planetary positions it is obvious that Mars takes the lead and will trigger the events  when it joins the Saturn house and the hence in Capricorn and Aquarius during the year . Unfortunately Mars will be in Capricorn for 187 days since Mars will go in Retrogression on the 26th June to 27th August 2018 and During the Eclipses in July 2018 it will be activating the Eclipse points again and again Planet Mars

    Mars represents Armed forces, naval and air commands, It is a planet of war or strife and represent violence in every form including fires, explosions, armed conflicts. It also represents the dentist, surgeons, assassinations, coup, buglury. Accidents, murders, abduction, rape is all signified by this planet is the most maleic component in this chart for the year . Political disturbances. Air and Train Crashes ,Typhoons cannot be ruled out in the year. Mars is most malefic when closest to earth .

    The Exchange of the 2nd and the 7th Lord Venus and Jupiter is a benefic one and indicates major economic reforms, but since Venus hs aspects By Mars there may be hurdles achieving the same as well. The Malefic  Influence on the 4th house in the Rashi and Navamsha indicates Tragic  Accidents . Earthquakes cannot be ruled out . Venus the 9th Lord in the Rashi and Navamsha is afflicted by Mars . The Affliction in the 4th house and on Saturn indicates the Sufferings for the Farmers and the Labour Class. The Lagna and the Lagna Lord Mercury is under affliction, hence the general condition of the Country may not be good and 4 Planets in the 7th house the significations of the 7th house may be prominent in the year. Mars  will be in Planetary war with Saturn on the 31st March 2018 . Mars aspects Rahu placed in the 11th house by 8th strongest aspect , hence there may be change in the agreements and contracts with foreign govt., the alliances with the foreign nations may be adversely influenced along with foreign trade . The Financial and the Stock Markets may be influenced adversely after 23rd March and  then after 10th April 2018 when Mars aspects Rahu degree-wise. When ever Rahu will be in a Venomous state it will adversely influence the Financial Markets and the Stock Markets with Intensity specially after 2nd May 2018 for 187 days till it is in conjunction with Ketu in the house of the public money the 5th house .

    Transit Of Mars and Saturn 

    It is said that a Retrograde Planets are most powerful when they are nearest to earth . Both Mars and Saturn will be Retrograde  in the year 2018. Saturn will be nearest to Earth when 180 degrees from the Sun on the 26-27th June 2018. Unfortunately on this Day Mars will in Stationary position in the 5th house  Causing anguish and Pain and Saturn in the 4th house will add to the woes 

    7th house significations 

    War, Battles, foreign secret agents, International affairs, International disputes, Death of Secret enemies or their down fall, Agreements alliances , Marriage and divorces, Since the Depositor of the Venus is ill placed from it Divorces of Celebrities Foreign Trade  will be in the lime light and since has aspects of Mars. Since the Luminaires are in the 7th house the efforts of the Govt. may be for economy reforms but there may be hurdles for the same. The Planetary war of Mercury and Venus in the 7th house of the chart indicates the financial markets will be influenced during the year with intensity . The Longitude difference of the Planet of the Stock Market Mercury is more than the Venus hence losses in the planetary war. 

    The Nodes Rahu and Ketu 

    The North Node is Placed in the 11th house  and Ketu in the 5th house . 

    Significations of the 11th house and Rahu

    Crime ,War, Violence , disasters of the worst kind specially when in venomous state of motion. It is a planet of  aggressiveness and stands for rebellion and mutiny. Political lots, spies, imprisonment. Rahu has the capacity to turn the tables in the Stock Markets , hence the most sensitive parameter in the chart for the financial Markets . Foreign Trade may suffer to an big extent 

    Ketu and 5th house 

    Planet of destruction, war, secret plots , drugs, espionage, bankruptcies. Sikh insurgency. being placed in the 5th house danger to the ruler of the country after 2nd May 2018 for 187 days. 5th house is the Stock Markets , speculations , scandals, Schools, Cinema Entertainment industry . Hotel Industry  and will be adversely influenced when Mars joins Ketu

    The King of the Year is Sun as the Pratipada falls at the time of Sunrise on the 18th March which is Sunday is good for the royalty , but unfortunately the Luminaries are under affliction by Mars, hence not an auspicious sign for this year.

    The Prime Minister of the Planetary cabinet will be Saturn since the Day Lord is Saturn on the day of Sun ingress in Aries  on the 14th April 2018. This combination of the King of the year Sun and the Prime Minister as Saturn are HARD ENEMIES and shows difficulties for the ruling Govt. during the operation of the  Horoscope and Political Turmoil’s across the Country . 

    The Dasha in operation till 10th August 2018 is Moon-Rahu  and Rahu is Placed in the Lagna and Moon in the 3rd house as the 3rd Lord . The Transit of Rahu over the 5 planets in the 3rd house of Boarders  and Eclipses taking place in the 1/7 axis of the Luminaries is the most malefic parameter till Moon Rahu dasha is in operation according to the Theory of Inevitability as per Chapter XI of the Book Of Nehru Dynasty . The Transit of the Saturn 9th and the 10th Lord in the 8th house and the 8th Lord Jupiter transit in the 6th house is the most malefic parameter till 11th Oct. 2018 and to be more precise till Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 8th house  from the 7th March to 2nd May 2018 could be an explosive parameter . The Natal Mars will be activated in the 2nd house where it has very weak strength of 18 BAV .Political scandals death of a celebrity cannot be ruled out. After 2nd May Mars transit  for 187 days in the 9th house where Ketu is placed in the sign Capricorn where again the SAV are only 18  may give Religious provocations and Tensions and the Eclipses in the 3/9 axis  could escalate the tensions with the neighbouring countries  Specially in the Solar and the Lunar Eclipses on the 13th and the 28th July 2018. The worst Parameter is the Mars activating the Eclipse point again and again since Mars will be then in Retrogression at almost the eclipse point . This also indicates the Hurdles for the Present Govt. Unfortunately Narendra Modi Horoscope and the Vedic Progression chart also shows efforts going in vain till Sept. 2018, but the Saturn aspects his natal Sun  and Jupiter will bless him and he will be able to go through since in the Next year of the Vedic Progression chart of Narendra Modi from Sept 2018 onwards there is another Rajyoga forming. It seems the Opposition Party Congress may gain some momentum till Sept. 2018 but after this date the Ruling Party seem to gear up again to win the 2019 Elections which may take place in April 2019 it so seems from the Planetary configurations .

    Please refer to My articles “Mars-Saturn Dreaded Conjunction On 7th March 2018 As Per Jahangir Nama” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/02/mars-saturn-drea…er-jahangir-nama/
    “Eclipses And The Theory Of Astrological Inevitability : What They Foretell ?” link


    Eclipses Dates 

    13th July 2018                   Partial Solar Eclipse              26.35 degree Punarvasu         South In Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean, East Part of India

    27-28th July 2018       Total Lunar Eclipse       10.38 degree Sravana          Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa,  North /South America

    Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica, North West Part of India as per Koorma Chakra

    11th August 2018              Partial Solar Eclipse    24.34 degree Asleasha     North/East Europe, North/ West Asia, North America

                                                                                                                                                                    Atlantic, Arctic, South East India as Per Korma Chakra

    Eclipse chart of the 28th July 2018 01-56 hrs

    The most important parameter is that the Lagna at the time of the Eclipse is Taurus and the same as the Foundation chart of India , hence this eclipse is most prone to untoward happening in the Country  specially when Mars Joins the sign Capricorn on the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018. 

    The Eclipse point is  10.38 degrees and Mars is Retrograde and influences both the Nodes, Luminaries at very close degrees . Mars is at 9.57 degrees , Hence a Day before could be most crucial when the Luminaries and Mars are at the same degrees and the Eclipse point is activated . This is not only bad for India I have mentioned in all my Articles that the Mars and Ketu Conjunction has been most agonising and Venomous in case of  WW1, WW2, Indo-China Dispute, Korean War, Gulf War and the Great Depression on the 24th Oct 1929

    Hence from the Above we can come to the conclusion that the 2 Lunar Eclipses on the 31st Jan. 2018 and the 27-28th July 2018 are important in the year 2018. The Lunar Eclipse in the sign Capricorn and with Malefic Mars influence on the Eclipse is a dreaded one in the Earthy sign. The Influence will be on the fishes, Ministers and their Families, Men of Low class, those who are old, those who live by weapons. In a nut shell there will be drought , famines, Earthquakes, Political Tug of War, Mining disasters. Natural and Unnatural calamities including man-made disasters

    War with Neighbouring Countries Pakistan, China

    Since the Eclipses are taking Place in the Nakshatra of Shravana which is the North West Direction of the Koorma Chakra, Devastating Earthquake may be experienced in the fortnight from the 28th July 2018 in the North West and the Northern States of India as well the adjoining Countries like Pakistan, China etc.. The Planetary combinations at the time of the 28th July 2018 are also similar as that at the time of the Indo-China Dispute on the 0th Oct. 1962. I fear Brawl with China may escalate during the Fortnight from 28th July 2018

    Ram Temple Issue

    Since the Eclipses are taking Place in the Sign Capricorn the 9th house of the Foundation chart of India the Ram Temple issue may escalate and take an important dimension.

    From the above it is clear that the year 2018 will not be a good year and struggles for the ruling Govt. after the operation of this chart from the 17th March 2018.  


2. Please refer to My Articles below in this connection 1.”Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Predictions On Karnataka Elections Prove On Dot” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/05/astrology-speaks…ons-prove-on-dot/ dated 19th May 2018. We all know what the Country is going through specially after the 14th May 2018 when Venus ingressed in Gemini  . In this connection please refer to my article “Supreme Court Allows BSY’s Swearing-in: What Stars Foretell” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/05/supreme-court-al…t-stars-foretell/ dated 17th May 2018. Let me reproduce the text here .

As per mundane astrology  the ingress of Venus in the Sign Gemini is considered to be produce malefic results for India if at the time of the ingress it is afflicted . On the 14th May 2018 at 20.46 hrs Venus changed the sign to Gemini and just before the Election results were announced and has aspects of Retrograde Saturn. The reason is when ever the Lagna or the Lagna Lord of the Foundation chart of the Country is afflicted the Country suffers.. Venus is the Lagna Lord of the India Foundation chart , hence the whole Political system may be shake by these Karnataka Elections. There may be trouble to the Central Govt., State Govt. and it is possible that some serious changes may also be on the cards . All this points out Congress may not leave any stone unturned to make way for their Alliance with JD(S) for Victory in the Karnataka Elections. At the time of the Elections Mercury is the 2nd Lord and a marak and Mars  the 7th and 12th Lord  is also a marak and  the 2 maraks have inimical poorna  ithasala  also points out untoward happenings in the Country . Strikes, Processions against the BJP it so seems

Some Previous  Events when Venus was afflicted in Transit 

  1. At the time of Death of Mahatma  Gandhi on the 30th Jan. 1948 , Venus was with Mercury in Aquarius and both afflicted By Retrograde Mars from the sign Leo.
  2. On the 2nd Oct. 1962  Indo-China War . incursions on the boarder of India and the War Started on the 20th Oct. 2018. Mars was in Cancer sign Debilitated with Rahu and  Venus in Libra had aspects of Mars the worst aspect .
  3. Blue Star Operation on the 5th June 1984 Venus was in Taurus with Sun, Mercury and Rahu and had aspects of Mars Retrograde from the 6th house of Libra in the Foundation chart of India
  4. In the Foundation Chart of India the 2nd House Gemini has only 19 bindoos , the Transit of the Lagna Lord Venus in this sign is there unfortunate for the Country . Venus will remain in Gemini sign till 8th June 2018 may cause therefore untoward happenings in the Country , Even after Venus ingress in Cancer and Joining Rahu in Transit may not prove  good for the Country  and hence till Venus passes the Sign Virgo will be a malefic Period for the Country  and more so till it is afflicted by Mars till  it is in Leo till 1st August 2018, the Venus in the Sign Gemini will be the worst Transit till 8th June when Mars and Ketu will also be in Degree-Conjunction it so seems . Hence Congress Frustrations may sprout the worst for the Ruling Govt. of the Country . We can also Say there could be untoward happenings in Karnataka . Rallies, Strikes, etc. to disrupt the normal function of the Govt..

From the above it is ample clear what is happening in the Country. The Chart of BJP is Precarious and falls like a pack of Cards due to Rajyoga bhang  and what ever has to be predicted has to be from the Narendra Modi Chart since there is no explanation in the BJP chart when this Govt. came into power in 2014. The Fate of BJP revolves on the Strong Chart of Narendra Modi only

. I will not discuss the chart of BJP since The Chart of BJP is extremely weak and does not give any Rajyoga . In the Foundation chart of BJP since the Kendra Lords an Benefics are afflicted badly as the 7th and the 10th Lord  Jupiter is Marak in the chart with Fallen Saturn. I am surprised the Astrologers are predicting as per this chart the future of BJP as per the Dasha of Moon who is debilitated and Placed in the 6th house , as per the chart the Dasha is Precarious but Let us see what could emerge for the 2019 Polls in India from the chart of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narinder Modi is Born on the 17th  Sept. 1950 Mehsana Gujrat Time 12.00 noon

Now see the birth chart of Narendra Modi

Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari Saturn 10 year 4 months and 4 days.

There has been a controversoy among the astrologers over the Janama Lagna (birth ascendant) of  Shri Narendar Modi , There are a number of Birth time in circulation. Narendara Modi was born on 17-September-1950 , in the afternoon around 12 noon at Vadnagar in Mehsana district  to a family of grocers.

The 8th house of the natural Zodiac Scorpio  rising at the eastern horizon at the time of Narendra Modi’s birth. Shows that the amount of hard work he will have to do throught his life to achieve his Targets, Broad shoulders is also signifying he has Scorpio  Lagna  .

The reasons for Scorpio Lagna rising could be due to the Following Parameters in his chart.

1.     The Debilitated ninth lord Moon in the Lagna and Garbshishta connected to a malefic Saturn who is functional malefic for Scorpio Lagna and in  inimical rashi , Moon  a Avyogi Planet placed in the Lagna  and  confers Vipreet rajyoga since in Debilitation . Astrologically explains  his low middle class upbringing. He used to run a tea stall with his brother in his childhood Mars Karka for coborns with Moon in Lagna and 3rd Lord Saturn in the 10th house with Venus confirms the same  .

2. Mercury 8th and 11th Lord in Retrogression totally combusted and about to fall in Leo  as a Fallen Planet will offer maximum struggles in his life after Saturn maha Dasha , it is also in close degrees with Ketu. Rahu-Ketu are also in Forward motion  and acquire a special dimension. Mercury results will be given by sun in its dasha  and strong one . how ever Dasha of mercury may not be a good one and full of struggles  Hence the most struggling period in his life will be that of  Mercury from  January 1961 to January 1978. Mercury is also  afflicted in Navamsha chart by  Debilitated  Mars .

3. Narendra  Modi has done  Post- graduation in Political Science and the combination of the Dasha Lord and Karka for Political Science is with Mercury .  10th house from Mercury is again Gemini  and as per Nadi principles the Mid Cusp Lord  of the 10th house from Mercury is  Rahu and is placed in the 5th house whose lord is Forming a Rajyoga in the 4th house of Education , 4th from Mercury is also the house of Jupiter and aspects Venus and Saturn in the 10th house.

4. Marriage  7th lord from Moon and Lagna is Venus and in own nakshatra  are combinations for remaining Bachelor. MCL of 7th house is Mars and see the degrees in Even sign is weak and Debilitated in navamsha. 7th house from Lagna and Moon are influenced by Mars and Saturn and Venus also afflicted by Saturn. Dispositor of Venus should not be in 2/12 with Venus and dipositors dispositor is also in the 2/12 position hence there will be no Benefits out of marriage for Narinder Modi. Venus in Leo sign is also not good for marriage Being a dry sign.

Analysing the Navamsha Chart 

There are lot many Horoscope in circulation for  Narinder Modi ,Different astrologers have taken different Navamsha for Narendra Modi’s chart.  My associate was advised by a very senior astrologer to work on “Scorpio” Navamsha only. Hence I am taking the Scorpio Vargottam Navamsha only .As it explains well the Placement of planets for his becoming the Prime minister . Jupiter the 2nd and 5th lord in Lagna .  Lagna Lord placed in the 9th house aspected by Jupiter by 9th strong aspect.. Jupiter controlling the Trinal houses  has a major role. Vargottam Lagna matches his qualities of hard work and Patience .

His success and fame as the Chief Minister is well explained by his dasha Period of Sun from  January 2005 to January 2011.Sun is also DK

Moon Mahadasha in Vimshottari started from 31-12-2010 and will continue till 30-12-2020. . He became the Prime Minister in the Dasha of Moon-Rahu and is well explained for the reasons. Moon gives Virpeet rajyogas, Rahu is Yoga Karka  and also Stationary in his chart  hence will give very Strong Results. More over Narinder Modi has 9th lord and Lagna Lord together in Lagna is a strong Combination ot the Trinal lords

Mid Cusp lord of the 10th house is Sun and Sun is the Lord of the 10th house and placed in the 11th house  with 11th lord whose results will also be given by Sun since Sun is combusting Mercury and Rahu-Ketu are Stationary and in Yogas.

Dasmarudh is Libra and the Lord is Venus in the 10th house with Karka for Profession Saturn , but Saturn and Sun are in very close degrees  is good.

What stars foretell for Modi in months to come ? Let us see the Vedic Progression chart as per Manu Smriti explained well on my webpage in the Article”Birth Chart of Narinder Modi and Vedic Progression Chart for 2015-2016″ link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2015/08/birth-chart-of-n…rt-for-2015-2016/ dated 31st August 2015 .

Progression chart of Sept 2013 after 63rd  year of completion till Sept. 2014 

Let us see the combinations which Made Narinder modi the  Prime Minister

Chart below

Year of PM

  1. Lagna is in the Nakshatra of Shravana and the Moon Lord is with Rahu in the 3rd house  Eclipsed by Rahu . 3rd house is also Ear and Left Ear. Shravana Lord Moon is eclipsed, when Moon goes in the nakshatra of Ketu after 2 years ,  that means from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2017 Narinder modi will have Problems pertaining to Ears Since Shravana also signifies Ears and Ketu is Roga Karnam and Rahu Rog harnam. Since Lagna Lord Saturn is also with Ketu, there may be surgical intervention as mentioned above  for the Ears .

2. Moon in the nakshatra of Saturn the Lagna Lord  in the 9th house Placed in the house of Fame and Bhagya at close degrees of Moon , Saturn is in the nakshatra of Sun and aspecting Sun in the 11th house  who is with Yogkarka Venus and Mercury forming a Rajyoga . Venus is combusted  and hence Results will be given by Sun unexpected .

3. Sun. Moon ,and  Venus have a benefic Ithasla Yoga with Lagna Lord and Moon

4. Dasha Lords are Moon -Rahu . Moon and Rahu will give strong Results regarding the 3rd house in relation to the  Lagna Lord Saturn since both in the nakshatra of Saturn  the Lagna Lord and placed in the 9th house .

5. Saturn Placed in Virgo in the Vedic Progression chart in a Good house is most rewarding .

6. 3rd House of the natal chart is rising hence there will be lot of contemporaries and lot of hard work required to achieve the Results.

7. Yogi Planet is Moon and with Rahu the two Dasha Lords are well placed . Gives Status Rise. 3rd house has Nakshatra Lord of Lagna Moon, some disease is  liable to crop up  and May be there is Surgical intervention more likely in the year from Sept. 2016 to Sept 2017.

Let us have a Look at the Progression chart of the Sept 2017 to Sept 2018  the running year in operation

Chart Below 

The Current Dasha running in the Natal chart of Narendra Modi is Moon-Mercury

In the Natal Chart the 10th Lord is Sun and in the 10th house from Moon the 10th Lord is Saturn , they are 3/11 is a good Parameter , but the 10th Lord in the Progression chart is Venus and combusted by Sun and aspects By Saturn and ill placed from the Moon in the Progression chart indicates the Year staring from 17th Sept. 2017 will be full of Obstacles, no concrete results  and efforts going in vain, it could be a bad year as well.

8th Lord Sun in Vishghati and also has aspects of Saturn who is also in Rahu-Ketu axis , hence physical discomfort to the native

10th Lord of the Progression chart Venus is  Combusted  and aspects by Saturn is the most malefic Parameter in the Progression chart

The Yoga Karka Planets in the Natal chart are the 9th Lord Moon and the 10th Lord Sun they are in 6/8 axis  , there are no planets in Kendra from Moon and the Lagna 

Affliction to the 6th, 3rd and the 11th house is another malefic Parameter in the Progression chart for Narendra Modi. 2nd Lord and Saturn also afflicted , Physical discomfort 

All the Above indicates Anguish, Pain . I don’t want to write any more for the reasons best known.

The Dasha Lords are Moon and Mercury they are 6/8 axis and Mercury in the Natal chart is also in Vish Ghati , the Dasha Lords are connected to the Kendra and the 11th house but 6/8 axis may not confer good results for him anguish and Pain and efforts going in vain . A difficult year for N Modi till Sept. 2018

Rahu getting connected to the 3rd house and having aspect of Mars and Saturn in the Progression chart cure of Ailments by Surgical interventions , specially when the 6th Lord Mercury is in vishghati and is with Sun

The Dashamsha Chart 

The 10th House of the Progression chart is in the 8th house of the Dashamasha  and Moon is also  Debilitated 

The above Predictions will hold good if the time of Birth is correct and depends upon the Authenticity . Birth Details of the Celebrities are seldom correct 

Let us Now Have a Look at the Transit Chart of Narendra Modi the 17th Sept. 2017  as per the Progression chart

As per the Progression chart the Saturn Fallen on the Sun in Transit and Sun Transit over the Natal Saturn and Saturn aspects Sun at same 7 degrees and depositor of Sun in the 8th house.

As Per the Transit chart the Rajyoga in the 8th house of the 9th,10th and the 11th Lord  and asper the above not good  . When Sun goes in the Debilitation sign and combusts the Jupiter and Venus the 10th Lord is Debilitated after 18th Oct.to 27th Oct. 2017 will be a struggling time for the native and all efforts going in vain. Sun Transit in Scorpio with Venus will be a struggling Period in Nov. 2017

As Per Natal Chart after 27th Oct. 2017 Transit Saturn will aspect Natal Jupiter in the Birth chart along with Sun could give relief   as per my Research and may give some relief in the Struggling period as mentioned above, more over the coming next 2 years are years for his Achievements and may rise to the occasion and win the Elections between Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019 in the General Elections . ‘2020-2021 My India ‘ Modi is Bound to bring phenomenal changes and Make India Transparent , when Dasha of Moon-Venus will be in operation and Forming a Rajyoga in the Vedic Progression chart of the Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019. Even the Year Sept. 2019 -Sept 2020  will be excellent for him. The Worry is till Sept. 2018 only for Hurdles and efforts going in vain, which it seems he will over come in the following 2 years as explained above 

The Above Predictions are on the basis of the Birth Chart of 7th Sept. 1950 12.07 hrs. Mehsana . Any change will change the Predictions but for One Parameter will not change is the Saturn aspect on the Natal Sun and Transit over the Natal Jupiter will give him lots of Power till 2020 Jan 25th and even after wards , hence N Modi is Bound to Rise to the Occasion in the General elections in Sept2018-Sept 2019  General Elections Period 

 Let us have a look at the Progression chart of Narendra Modi for the Year 2018 to Sept. 2019

The analysis as per the above chart as per Tamil Texts and not Parsshar

1. Lagna is in Mrityu Bhag  and Moon though Exalted is in Vish Ghati , hence physical harm possible but since Moon is Exhalted and Lagna Lord Saturn in Amrit Bhag may save him . He has to be careful for himself against any untoward happening  in the year starting from Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019.

2. The Dasha in operation will be Moon-Venus from the 26th Oct. 2018 to 26th June 2020. This Dasha is Rajyoga giving Dasha. ,  due to the following reasons .

Since the Dasha is related to Sun and Moon.

Venus and Moon the dasha Lords in Rajyoga specially Venus being the Yoga Karka for Capricorn Lagna and 10th Lord with 9th Lord Mercury  and with Sun in the 11th house.

10th Lord Venus in Amrit Bhag

Saturn the Lagna Lord in the 9th house and also in Amrit Bhag. ,

10th Lord from the Moon and the 10th Lord of the Natal chart both are placed well from each other .

Dasha Lords Connected to the 11th house. From the above it is crystal clear that the Vedic Progression chart of the year Sept 2018to Sept. 2019 will be a good one and Rajyoga giving year  to a Position  and the coming year Sept 2019 to Sept. 2020 will also be Rewarding it so seems .

Let us also have a look at the chart of Congress and the progression chart to see what could emerge in the 2019 Polls

Chart of Congress of the 2-1-1978 12-00 hrs New Delhi 

Needless to discuss that Congress lost the power in the General election of the 2014 when it was under the Dasha of Jupiter Mercury who are in the 6/8 axis in the rashi chart ,Mercury  debilitated in the navamsha  and in the dashamsha chart Mercury is in the sign of Mars and Mars is Debilitated in the rashi Chart and in Dashamsha Mercury is in Rahu-Ketu axis in the Lagna . The Dasha of Jupiter-Venus is no better for Congress to do better  till Jupiter-Sun dasha starts from the 15-9-2019. The Dasha of Jupiter-Venus is not a good one due to the fact that Venus the 8th Lord placed in the 10th house combusted will exactly follow the path what they have adopted in the Karnataka elections

Transit of The Planets in 2018 of the Planets Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu will bring lot of changes in the Party it so seems . Let us study the same

  1. Saturn over the Natal Sun and Venus  will be closest to Earth on the 27th June 2018 at 11.47 degrees. Sun is 17.48 and Venus 13.05 . On the 8th June 2018 Saturn will be over the natal Venus at exact degrees  and in Transit also Saturn and Venus will be in Rudda yoga degree wise on the 27th May 2018, Hence from 27th May to 8th June will be a Malefic One since the Party is running the Dasha of Jupiter-Venus . We all know that when Saturn activated the natal Sun there are changes in the work station. May be Negative or Positive depending upon the Planet since here Venus is the 8th Lord  combusted it may not give good results . Saturn is in the trine from the Natal Saturn and 4th from natal Moon and also aspect the Natal Moon at the same degrees during the Period mentioned above since Moon is also 15.06 degrees  and totally eclipsed by Rahu in the 7th house . Saturn has already activated the Rahu amd Moon conjunction which is most malefic in the 7th house on the 25th April 2018. In the Case of Congress Rahu is in forward motion and most malefic and afflicts the Moon totally  and is exactly depicts the Party Behaviour. as depicted by the Karnataka elections. Moon, Rahu-Ketu , Sun , Venus and Mars very close to MEP of Lagna at 15.20 degrees . Saturn and Mars both will be at these points  when they go in Retrogression . Saturn on the 18th April 2018 and Mars on the 27th June 2018
  2. Transit Mars  will activate the Natal Mars who is debilitated and Retrograde at 15.20 degrees on the 27th June 2018 when Mars will go in Retrogression and will also be stationary motion  at 15.06 degrees . The Mars and Ketu Transit in the 5th house of the Natal chart shows the  Malefic Results. Ketu has already crossed the Natal Mars on the 15th May 2018 
  3. Lagna Lord Jupiter in Transit is in the 8th house and the 2nd from Moon and Retrograde  and Bad yoga with Mercury at the time of the Karnataka Elections , these parameters are crystal clear for the future of the Party

Now let have a look at the Vedic Progression chart to see what could emerge in 2019 Polls for the Congress Party from the year Jan 2018 to Jan 2019

As per Tamil Shastra the above chart is not indicating any success , rather it shows what ever will be achieved will be lost and all efforts will go in vain. Jupiter the 8th and the 11th Lord in Mrityu Bhag and aspects the Dasha Lord Venus in the 10th house . See the Degrees of Saturn and Venus and in Transit both similar position . Venus in the 2nd House and Saturn the Lord of the 9th and 10th house in the 8th house struggling at 14 degrees  on the 27th May 2018 in Transit may bring some negative results for the Party, It seems some untoward happenings in the Party specially related to Venus significations . Venus is also the Lagna Lord and a Female sign .Transit Mars and Ketu over the Natal Sun and Mercury  not good  The 10th Lord Jupiter is in Mrityu Bhag and the 10th from Moon here is again Jupiter and this combination is not good for the Party  and the Leaders of the Party. In the above chart as the Natal Chart Moon is totally eclipsed and Rahu-Ketu are in Forward motion like the Natal chart and most Malefic  

Next Year Vedic Progression chart  from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020 is also not a good one , but shows some improvements since the Sun and Mercury Budh Aditya Yoga may give some betterment in the status but not as expected to  form a Govt. in the centre certainly ,since the 10th Lord from the Moon and the Natal chart is in Mrityu bhag and Retrograde , evne the 8th and the 11th Lord of the Progression chart is in affliction

From the above we can clearly point out that although N Modi and BJP may face a tuff tome in the Present Scenario specially till 27th August and more so till 6th Nov. 2018 BJP in the hands of Narendra Modi will come out with Flying colours in the 2019 Polls. The above Predictions are purely based on the Time of Birth of Narendra Modi on the 17th Sept. 1950 12.05 PM Mehsana , if there is any change  which does not seems so then there will be change in the Predictions. As Per the Vedic Progression chart of the Sept 2017 to Sept. 2018 seems to be a very tuff time  for Modi as explained in my articles much before they are actually happening . Till Venus is in affliction is another Parameter which is most malefic for India and till it reaches the sign Libra may pose issues for the Ruling Govt. BJP. Congress will not earn any mileage from the Present Elections of the Karnataka it so seems

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