Lunation Chart Of June 2018 and Eclipses In 2018 Bane Or Boon

Varahamihira in his monumental work Brihat Samita has said  that”Just as the night devoid of lights is utterly blind and Sun dark,even so willa King grope in life in dark lika a blind man on the way, if he is not guided by a good Astrologer” He had also said that a single astrologer is one who studies the course of destiny can  achieve what a thousand elephants and four times as many horses cannot do. This shows the great importance of astrology to guide the Politicians and leaders to do a better and prosperous future and to be aware of the pitfalls that may lie ahead.

A very experienced and an expert astrologer makes the use of the lunation charts  for brilliant and short time predictions . Late Hardeo Sharma Trivedi’s prediction about the Wall Street collapse of the Oct 1987 one year in advance , demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was hinted at by reffering to communal tension in Urrar Pradesh. 

Lunation charts can also be made use to Predict the Stock Markets and the Financial Markets . Horoscopes of the New Moon and Full Moon charts  are helpful in this respect . Particularly attention is paid to the house where the Lunation takes place as the matters pertaining to this house would figure prominently . For example if the lunation takes place in the sign Capricorn and this sign is influenced by Satrun, Mars  Rahu, Ketu then Country represented by the sign Capricorn suffers immensely.

In this Article I will discuss the Lunation charts of the 28th June ,13th July and 28th July 2018  to see what could be in strore for the  Mundane activities for the Globe . The Lunation is Taking Place in the sign Sagitarius on the 28th June, Gemini and on the 28th July 2018 in Capricorn sign .Now the Signs represent the Countries as follows. 

  1. Sign Sagitarius : Spain, Saudi Arabia, Hungry, Australia, Nottingham (UK) Toronto (Canada) Bradford (UK), Japan. Sagitarius is the 8th house of the India Foundation chart 12th house of the China, Lagna of US if we take the Ascendant as Sagitarius of US, 4th house of Russia. The Influence can be there fore worst for above Countries and specially India, US in Particular apart from the Countries having the Sagitarius Lagna . Let us have a Look at the Chart as per the IST at 10.23 hrs IST

The day is Thursday and Jupiter the Lord is in the sign Libra. The Parameters which acquire a special dimension are as follows.

1. The Lunation takes place in the sign Sagitarius and Moon and Saturn are placed in this sign. Have a look at the degrees of the Planets .

2. Saturn the planet in the sign Sagitarius is closest to earth and aspects and influences both the Lumanires degree-wise.

3. Mars Stationary and has turned Retrograde in Capricorn and very close degrees with Ketu and aspects Rahu, Venus and Mercury 

4. All the Planets are in the perview of the Nodes , Mars and Saturn 

5. Jupiter the only Planet which is not afflicted  but with in the above constraints 

6. Moon, Saturn in Ketu Nakshatra, Jupiter and Sun in Rahu Nakshatra, Mercury and Rahu in Saturn Nakshatra, Mars and Ketu in Moon nakshatra and Venus in Mercury Nakshatra , hence out of the 9  planets 6 are in the Malefic Nakshatra 

7. 27th -28th June 2018 Saturn will be nearext to Earth, 27th July Mars will be nearest to Earth  and we all know what these 2 Planets are capable of when nearest to Earth and both Retrograde, specially Mars at the Point of The Lunar Eclipse can be most explosive for Bloodshed on earth  and its significations may sprout with dimension 205 years back it happened on the 28th July 1813 and there were war like conditions in the month of August 1813  The Global adverse events as mentioned may sprout with dimension .From the Day Sun enters the Ardra nakshatra and till the Lunation of the 28th June 2018 there may be very hot Summer it so seems 

8. The Planets which acquire a special dimension are the Lumanires  since both are afflicted , Saturn and Mars . Mars Retrograde and Stationary is most Malefic and may behave like a debilitated planet  and as a ststionary planet influencing Rahu-Ketu,Mercury and Venus is the Most venomous parameters in this Lunation chart . Saturn closest to earth and influencing the Lumanires is another malefic Parameter , Hence the significations of the Mars and Saturn both in Retrogression will sprout with dimension , Politicians, Head of the States, Head of the Nations may be influenced by Saturn and issues regarding agriculture may also be seen apart from Religon, Courts etc. Political Tug of Wars  . Mars may sprout blood shed, fire, earthquakes, Brawl between nations taking ugly shape.. There may be unforseen and unexpected happenings.  Real Estate may be a Focus and natural calamities regarding the same specially the Old Buildings . Mars Getting Retrograde does not give stability. Mars as the Lagna Lordand 8th Lord and Saturn as the 10th and the 11th Lord of the Natural Zodiac both in Retrogression and as per the Parameters mentioned above is most Crucail for Trade, Buisness, Stock and Financial Markets . Air crashes and Electronic  component failure cannot be ruled out apart from torture on women

9. Please refer to my Article “Trump and Kim to Meet on Singapore’s Sentosa Island Resort: What Stars Have Up Their Sleeves ?” link…up-their-sleeves/       

I had mentioned that the Planetary positions are extremely malefic for the summit but I had mentioend that due to 2 Planets Mars and Moon in Exaltation could bring about a compromise and as per my Predictions the Compromise took place . Unfortunately Both the Planets Mars and Moon are badly affocyed in the Lunation chart of the 28th June 2018. As per the timing I had mentioned that 27-28th June could give some resultd regarding the same and it seems the real effects of the Summit may surface now. Reproducing some text of the Article here

The most malefic Parameters at the time of the Event

1.Day Lord Mars placed in the 8th house totally eclipsed by Ketu and aspects the Yama Lord Venus  who has exchange with Moon in the 12th house.

2. Day Lord Mars ill placed from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord Mercury, and also ill placed from the 9th house and the 9th Lord Saturn

3. Moon has poorna ithasla with Venus the 12th Lord Venus and they also have exchange .

4. Moon is placed in the yama of Sagitarius  and e placed in the sign Taurus . The Yama Moon and the Event Moon is in 6/8 axis is the most malefic parameter in the event chart. As per Tamil Texts of Prashna Jyotish it is a failure of the Query.

5. Lagnesh Mercury  and Moon are in 2/12  axis and 7th Lord  Jupiter and Moon are also in 6/8 axis the dispute will prolong

6. Lagna Lord Mercury and the 9th and the 8th Lord has ithasla with Saturn  openly ithasla and a Rudda yoga  which shows cancellation of the event .

7. Ul and AL same has Mercury is Good but aspected by 8th and 9th Lord Saturn from the 7th house , Chaitra Rashi is Aries a prishtodayo and aspects of Jupiter is good shows only 30% results but Lord is placed in the 8th house and  Jupiter and Mars are in Kendra and forming a Rudda Yoga again, hence even if there is some compromise for which thin chances the future is not good .

8. 8th Lord from Lagna is Saturn and Retrograde and placed in the 8th from Moon the Planet of Compromise in the summit may  open the effects of the Summit after Moon joins Saturn in the Lunation chart of the 28th June 2018

9. Mars is also Exalted and eclipsed by Ketu in the 8th house again may give erractive  effects when it turns Retrograde on the 28th June 2018 for the Summit


 Let us see if there are Parameters for some compromise .

  1. Compromise between the Trump and Kim can be bought by the Planets in Exaltation. In the Chart there are 2 Planets in Exaltation  Moon and Mars .
  2. If the summit had taken place after 09-24 then a compromise could have been possible for the time being sincethen Cancer sign would have risen and Venus placed in it .
  3. No Benefics aspect the Lagna Lord or the 7th house , rather the Lagna Lord has aspect of the 8th and the 9th Lord Saturn who is also in Retrogression the most malefic Parameter in the chart
  4. There are thin chances of Compromise but cannot be ruled out since Moon is also an Exalted Planet and significations of Moon  and a Person with the significations of Moon or Mars can bring about a compromise.

Nut shell 

Timing of the event

Since the Navamsha of Venus is rising at the time of the event and Venus is in the 2nd Navamsha and just completed the 1st Navamsha the Time period which is important is 15to 30 Days  from the event on the 12th June 2018, unfortunately  adding 15 days taking Completion of 1 navamsha of Venus  adding 15 days is 27th June 2018 and a most Venomous Planetary positions as stated above and adding 2 Navamsha then it is 13th July 2018 the day of Solar Eclipse.

When Sun the Nakshatra Lord of Moon reaches the Punarvasu Nakshatra on the 7th August to 11th August 2018  Crucial dates

There may be some compromises, but the outcome of the above may not be as expected and more such summit may be on the Cards . The Most malefic Component in the event chart is the Yama Moon and the event Moon and in 6/8 axis hence the Brawl between Trump and Kim may continue though some compromises may also be there . The Day Lord Mars is in Exaltation and when it turns Stationary on the 28th june 2018 when Saturn will be nearest to earth may be the point of the Brawl taking ugly shape  and specially when the Eclipses take place in the month of July on the 13th and 28th July and when Mars Activates the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th July and 26th Sept. 2018.

Eclipse on the 13th July 2018 the Lunation takes place in Gemini hence the Countries signifying this sign may be adversely influenced . The Countries are  USA, Canada, South west of England, Belbium, Italy, Egypt, London, Melborne, San Francisco.

Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 Lunation takes place in Capricorn and  most malefic for India, China,North India, Punjab, Bosnia, Bulgaria,Greece. Mexico,  Part of Iran Afganistan, Bangladesh A Strong Earthquake with higher intensity in this area is not ruled out 

Eclipse on the 11th August the Lunation is taking place in Cancer sign  The Countries which will be influenced will be Amsterdam, Manchester

But the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July is most Venomous one for the Globe 

Lunation chart of the 13th July 2018 and 28th July 2018 . In this connection read my Article “Eclipses And The Theory Of Astrological Inevitability : What They Foretell ?” link…at-they-foretell/  

Reproducing some text here The Details of the Eclipses are as follows 

13th July 2018                   Partial Solar Eclipse              26.35 degree Punarvasu         South In Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean, East Part of India

27-28th July 2018       Total Lunar Eclipse       10.38 degree Sravana          Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa,  North /South America

Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica, North West Part of India as per Koorma Chakra

11th August 2018              Partial Solar Eclipse    24.34 degree Asleasha     North/East Europe, North/ West Asia, North America

                                                                                                                                                                Atlantic, Arctic, South East India as Per Korma Chakra

The  Lunar Eclipse  of the 28th July 2018 is important in the year 2018. The Lunar Eclipse in the sign Capricorn and with Malefic Mars influence on the Eclipse is a dreaded one in the Earthy sign. The Influence will be on the fishes, Ministers and their Families, Men of Low class, those who are old, those who live by weapons. In a nut shell there will be drought , famines, Earthquakes, Political Tug of War, Mining disasters. Natural and Unnatural calamities including man-made disasters

Here I am referring to the Book of “The Nehru Dynasty “by K N Rao Astrological Inevitability

The Theory

Eclipses falling on the 1/7 axis of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon close to their Degrees may prove fatal if the following Parameters are fulfilled 

Dasha of a Major Planet and Sub dasha of a Planet who is malefic and has the potentiality to kill, what can happen is—-

The Native may fall from power

If this Point is the 10th house , the native may fall and if the life span  has come to its terminal point , die

If the Major or Sub Period happens to be that of Rahu-Ketu, then such a Fall is inevitable .

The Eclipse Nakshatra Falling in the 3rd, 5th, 7th  from the natal Moon nakshatra could be most venomous provided they are also activating the other parameters as mentioned above , for others the effect may not be phenomenal. Those Countries and Natives who have a Rajyoga in the Chart formed by the Eclipses may not be bad for them provided the Eclipses are taking place in good houses .


For India the Nakshatra is Shravana for Capricorn Lagna and as per the Foundation chart it is Pushya

Dr. Raman has explained in an easier way in the Book “Man and Mission”

Every Country has been allotted a Sign in the Natural Zodiac .

India it is Capricorn, Hence the Eclipses falling in the Sign Capricorn and Cancer can be detrimental for India specially the 28th July 2018 Lunar Eclipse, specially when Mars activates the Eclipse Point in the Transit .

USA the sign Gemini and Mars and Saturn Ingress in the 7th house from Gemini after 7th March can Prove detrimental for the Country  and then the Eclipses in the sign Capricorn the 8th house could prove to be most venomous  as per the Solar Eclipses on the 13th July . and the 28th July 2018and when Mars activates the Eclipse point .

Noting the Vimshottari dasha as mentioned above

Finally Mars the Ammunition dump reaches the Eclipse point will trigger the event with dimension

These are the basic Parameters for Predicting the Natural, Unnatural and Man-Made Disasters 

USSR Aquarius, Aries For England, Cancer or Libra for China

Recollecting historically in the year 1962 5th Feb. 5.40 hrs , have a look at the chart below 

Mars and Saturn Degree conjunct and influencing the Solar Eclipse  and Mars with Ketu in the sign Capricorn. 8 Planets were in the Sign Capricorn the darkest sign of the Zodiac. Capricorn is also the West Asia allotted Region since the days of Varahamihira

For USA it is the 8th house  mass death, disease, feverish preparation for a possible war with China, North Korea and hence agony

Capricorn is the 12th house of USSR.

For India 

Such Planetary combinations were occurring on the 20th Oct. 1962 when we had the Indo -China War . The Point here to be noted is on the 28th July 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse is occurring over the natal Sun and Moon in the 7th house from the Capricorn sign and in the 3rd house of Boarder of the Foundation chart of the Country and both are most sensitive houses . Train accidents could take place and tension at the Boarder and foreign relation may be strained and war like situations can sprout specially when Mars ignites the eclipse point could prove an ammunition dump. Boarder issues and Blood shed in J& Kashmir may take an ugly shape, along with Ram mandir issues, 

Hence from the Above we can say that the dates 28th June, 28th July, 27th August, 26th Sept. 2018 are most sensitive dates for the Global happenings . The 28th July is the Most sensitive date apart from the following time frames .

17th to 21st June North node will be in adverse motion

1st July to 8th July 2018

14th to 21st July 2018

27th to 30th July 2018

7th August to 11th August 2018

19th August to 25th August 2018

Mind you the north Node has the capacity to turn the Glass full of Water upside down, hence what ever is happening it can turn the tables in the case of the Financial markets , if Bulish they will turn Bearish, if Bearish it can turn to Bullish  and also capable to give results unexpectedly . Please keep this in mind 

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