Missing Person Dead Or Alive ?

Missing Person Dead Or Alive ?

I get lot of queries for missing persons whereabout’s and thought to write an article on this. It is almost impossible to find from the birth chart the day to day activities  and to find if a person was alive or not due to the fact that the Time of Birth is seldom correct and day to day activities can only be seen from the Prashna chart. Prashna Jyotish gives amazing correct results what ever may be the query , since we know the exact time of the Query and also know what direction the person is facing  to give accurate results . Dasha and Disha are 2 Important Parameters in Astrology . Basically Dasha for the Birth chart and Disha for the Prashna chart to Find the Arudha Lagna  which gives amazing Results . Also in the Birth chart only 11 houses are activated and the 10th house is not activated in the Birth chart  which indicates our Karmas and this can only be seen from the Prashna chart  by our Present Karmas . Hence Prashna Jyotish is the back bone of Astrology Predictions . Let me eloborate the ways to find if a Person is alive or not by first Prashna Jyotish and Birth Chart and then alone by Prashna Charts  and other Methods


Person is Dead or alive to be seen as follows  from the Birth chart and the Prashna Chart 

The important parameters are 

Lagna sign, 8th House sign, Lagna Lord sign and 8th Lord sign 

Supposing some one comes to you with the Following Birth chart with Sagitarius Lagna ,8th Lord Moon in sign Libra and the Lagna Lord Jupiter in the sign Leo

 And the Prashna chart is of the Libra Lagna when the Person has approached you or the Astrologer 


The Calculation very simple to find whether the man is alive or not 

 Janam Lagna is =  9 

8th House sign is = 4

Prashna Lagna sign is Libra =7

Adding  the sign of Lagna and the 8th house   9+4 = 13 

Adding the Lagna of the Prashna Kundali  13+7 = 20 —— (a )

Now Lagnesh Sign is Leo = 5

8th Lord sign is Libra =7

Then where the Lagnesh is placed see the Rashi  Here it is 5  Multiply the above Figure a with 5  hence 20×5  =100

Now divide by the the digit occupied by the 8th Lord in the Natal chart   which is Libra  100/7 The Janam Kundali is only taken for the first Addition only 

Now see if the Remainder is Odd or even 2,4,6,8,10 the Dead 

And when the remainder is 1.3.5 then the Person is alive 

Person is dead or Alive by Prashna chart

1.Supposing in the Prashna chart above of Libra Lagna If Sun is in the Sign Libra in the Dwadamsha Chart  D12  the the Missing Person is not alive or nearing death with in 2.5 days . In the D12 chart each amsha = 30/12 = 2.5 degrees  and hence Sun stays in one amsha in the D12 chart for 2.5 days since Sun moves 0.98 degrees every day. In case of Person hospitalised and the Prashna Lagna is same as the sign of Sun in the D12 chart called the Dwadamsha chart then  the Person death is near or he has died and if alive when Sun changes to the next amsha he can die.

2. Moon in the 8th house and 8th Lord in the 8th from Moon. Alone Moon in the 8th house for Missing persons indicates he is arriving back soon the moment Moon goes in the 9th house  person arrives , with other Parameters for Return

3. Lagna Lord or Moon  Debilitated or Combust  posited in the 4th 6th, 8th house  having ithasla with 8th lord  and no benefic connection and query for Missing person, the person is dead 

4. 8th house not only indicates obstacles but also cases of Unfortunate death. Prishtodayo Lagna aspected by malefics and malefics in the 6th and the 8th house indicate the missing person is not alive 

5. Karka for Longevity Saturn in the 8th house with Malefics or aspected by Malefics 

6. Moon unaspected by benefics and  and posited in 1,2, 3rd house having ithasal with retrograde planet , missing person is dead 

7. Consider the 3 conditions . Moon in ithasla with retrograde planet , 8th Lord in ithasla with Retrograde planet  and Lagna Lord in ithasla with Retrograde planet , when either of the 3 conditions is in the Kendra the missing person is dead 

8. When Ever the Sign Leo is rising in case of Missing Persons the efforts will go waste and fixed results and hence no chnage in the results to find the Missing Person the Results are reserved and fixed and what ever is lost is lost for ever .

9. When ever the signs of Mars and Saturn are rising in the Prashna  Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius the Efforts will go in vain in searching the missing person or Articles the objects will jump like a frog from one place to other and you will only  trying to catch the Frog. Like the Fight of the Cat and Mouse or the Thief and the Police and all efforts will go waste the results achieved will be less then 50 % only  and no satisfaction

10 It is said that when Sagitarius Lagna is rising in the Prashna then only divine blessings can bring the missing person back and hence no hope of the person coming back otherwise .

11. As per the Principles of Andha, Mandha, Madhya and Sulochana  of 28 Nakshatras including the Abhijjet  the Nakshatra falling in the 7,11,15,19,23,27 or 3 the Missing person may not return and may have gone in the north direction

12. Use the Breath of the Querist to find the particular Nostril Left or Right on a Particular day  to find good or Bad Results  for the Longevity of the Missing Person

13. We can also use the Sphutas and Gulika  to find the Missing Person is dead or alive  If the Mrityu Sputa has the Greatest Longetude  or Falling in Pieces  or out of  the Navamsha of gulika, Moon or the Navamsha Lagna  the Mrityu Sputha is of the Greatest Longitude then the Person may not live long and Missing Person will die soon 


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