Sun and Saturn Opposition and Connection with 8th House Proves Most Venomous For ‘Messi Football Player’

The Idea of writing this Article is not postmortum but to prove my Theory of Sun and Saturn opposition and  Saturn and Sun activating the natal Sun and Saturn and Saturn also aspecting the 8th house ,Lord and specially Mercury also . See the Chart of the Football player Messi from Argentnia and the above Principle proves on dot

Have a Look at the Chart of a ‘Footbal player Messi’ 24th June 1987 05-55 hrs Argentnia Rosario and the Transit Planets on the 23rd Moring when I open the Laptop . Sun and Saturn playing with him also and the Transit shows clearly that he will not be able to perform in his Game , No need to go in any details , Just Draw the chart D1 and the Transit at the time of the Day when any event is going to take place and you would know what will happen specoally in the transit now due the Sun and Saturn opposition  , Here Sun and Saturn opposition again playing on him

Transit Date is 23rd June 2018  and the Game was on the 22nd June 2018

Chart of ‘Messi ‘ 24th June 1987 05-55 hrs Argentnia Rosario 

The following Parameters acquire a special dimension
1. Sun and Mercury Transit influencing the Natal Sun and Mercury degreewise on the day of the Game of Footbal
2. Transit Saturn in the 8th house aspecting the 8th house and connection with Sun and also influencing the Natal Saturn by retrograde aspect .
3. Moon the Postman on the 8th Lord Jupiter in the 6th house and both Transit Jupiter and Moon aspecting the Natal Jupiter placed in the 12th house

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My main idea of writing this article is when ever any event is going to happen just compare the Birth chart and the Transit chart and the Moon Placement will show the event
This Article is for Research Purpose . In yet another case of Disease I could exactly Predict what would happen to the Person suffering by the Moon Transit on the 6th Lord Jupiter in the Prashna chart . The Sun and Saturn opposition took place on the 15th June 2018 and the native was hospitalised on the 16th June 2018 at 09-30 hrs .The Natal Sun and Saturn were also activated and in the Prashna chart with Moon in the Lagna with Cancer sign with Venus and as per the Jyotish Shastra Budh -Chandra Tare- tare means the results are in the pipe line and results will be soon when the Lagna Lord or the Moon touches the 6th house or the 6th Lord which so ever is earlier for the disease and the results for the query of disease  may be known. Amazingly even the time of Moon touching the 6th Lord Jupiter in Transit in the sign Libra yesterday Proved in Dot and was most Venomous for the diseased person.

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Have a Look at this chart with Govinda Birth details but no time of birth. I just opened the chart of the time when I saw the news early morning even before 4.00 am and then I opened the link to see his birth details  together with the Transit Planets 

and This Media News “It’s over! We have broken all ties with Krushna and Kashmera: Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja ” link…/its-over-we-have-broken-a…/ar-AAyZIYf…

Also See Chart 2 of Krushna Abhishek

The Sun Saturn opposition Transit influence on Govinda is more than Krushna Abhishek , hence very simple Govinda has broken ties with Krushna Abhishek . In the case of Krushna Saturn Transit is over the natal Moon and Ketu and aspecting his Rahu and Venus . In Transit Saturn was aspecting even Venus till 8th June 2018 and now 6/8 relation of Saturn and Venus

Yet another case of Sunny Leone Hospitalised Birth details link chart below of Comparasion of the Planets in Transit and Birth date 

Just have a look at the Birth planets and the Transit planets and you would appreciate yourself . 

My Research principle of Transit of Rahu-Ketu over the natal Rahy-Ketu bring some event  my link Research article The above charts are making every thing crystal clear , Mars and Ketu activated along with Natal Jupiter and similair to the above disese case , here also the Planet Jupiter is most important since activated by Saturn Transit and in the natal chart Saturn and Jupiter are in Virgo and Transit Moon first activates the natal Jupiter then the Transit Jupiter hence the Mail Planet is Jupiterand may be the 6th Lord of the chart it so seems . Astrology speaks loudly every time an event happens 

Vishal Sikka  InfosysCase Reference

Rahu Over the natal Jupiter in Cancer  very close degrees  and when reaches the degrees will be a bolt from the blue for him . My Article Proves on dot 

The Central Idea is donot Break relations with Near and Dear one in this Transit , Be careful in taking decisions, I donot mean any way Govinda decision is wrong . I want to bring home the Transit influence after 15th June of the Sun and Saturn opposition together with Venus and Rahu afflictions are most Dangerous for Marital and Extra Marital Relations also. The Rapists and eve teasers will be also punished  .
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God Bless all


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