Sun-Saturn Opposition Gift’s Mallya With ‘Arrest In Money Laundering Case’

Saturn opposing the Sun and Activing the Natal Saturn and Sun Proves havoc is the Cental idea of this Article with other palnetary combiantions as per the analysis below 

Reference to the News ”  Court orders Vijay Mallya’s arrest in money laundering case ” link’s-arrest-in-money-laundering-case/ar-AAyVjNZ?li=AAaeRVN&ocid=spartandhp#image=2

I am writing this article  to see the beauty of Astrology to show the event even without the time of Birth  I am purely using the Birth details as per Google and found amazing planetary combinations. Saturn Kaal is most important in the Transit specially when is activates the Natal Saturn, Sun and the 8th Lord . As per Theory of inevitability of K N Rao when Eclipses take place over the Lagna, Sun or Moon in the 1/7 axis and anter dasha of a palnet who has the capacity to kill , then there is a fall in the life of the native . It seems these principles are exactly activating the Natal chart of Vijay Mallya .  Please also Read My 3 Articles

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Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies and exactly what ever is happening is depicted in my articles
  where in I have pointed out the Big Guns will be brought to book by Saturn coming close to Earth and in opposition with Saturn  and if this Saturn is also influencing your Natal Saturn and the Sun together with 8th Lord then it may prove a Bolt from the Blue. This is what seems to happen with Vijay Mallya