Sun-Saturn Opposition In Solar Ingrees In Gemini May Prove Historic

It sometimes becomes necessary  to find out which particular month in the life of the nation is likely to become historic in terms of  achievement or disaster. This is depicted by the Surya Veedhi or the Solar ingress charts  prepared for the 12 signs . Special consideration is given  to entry of Sun in Cardinal signs 1,4,7,10 (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) It is believed that these Solar ingress charts in the cardinal signs give results for the coming 3 months . Special consideration is also given to those Ingress of Sun when it receives benefic or malefic aspect . The Matters pertaining to the house where Sun is located  would figure prominently during the period it is in that sign. In the Solar ingeress chart of  Gemini the Sun and Saturn opposition is the  most venomous parameter, since Sun is also connected to the 6,8 and the 12th Lord . The Solar ingress chart of the 15th June 11.37 hrs . is below  

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus and is placed in the yama of Leo the Lagna of the Ingress chart and aspected by Mars from the 6th house , The Yama lord is placed in the 11th house and has aspect of the 8th Lord is a malefic Parameter in the Chart , more so the Day Lord Venus is also placed in the 12th house with Rahu and has aspects of Mars .The Day Lord is ill placed from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord Sun, It is also ill placed from the 7th house and the 7th Lord Saturn and Both Sun and Saturn aspecting each other.Saturn in Retrogression and aspecting the Sun and coming close to earth on the 27th June will be most Venomous  for Tug of War in the Political Scenario . The Head of the States, Head of the Country may face odd situations  and opposition from all side, Protests , Mass Rallies to show their anger, since Sun is influenced by the 6th, 8th and the 12th Lord in the 11th house with the 11th Lord Mercury . The Planets which are very strong to give results are Jupiter, Moon since they are at the MEP of the Lagna , see the Lagna degrees , Moon and Jupiter  they are the same and 20 degrees . The Yama Lord Sun has aspects of the 6th and the 7th Lord Saturn in Retrogression and coming very close to earth as explained above is the most malefic parameter . The opposition parties it seems may not leave any stone unturned  for there protest against the ruling Govt.  The Ruling Govt. will there fore adopt there own way to come out of the odd Political scenario. The Lagna , Lagna Lord and Moon are all afflicted hence Political Tug of War and Since Saturn opposes Sun this ingress may become historic for the 11th house significations with magnitude. Sun, Moon and Mercury are influenced by the 8th Lord Jupiter from the Lagna  and also the 8th Lord Saturn  from the Sign  Gemini occupied by Sun, Moon and Mercury , hence these Planets suffer immensely in this ingress and also influence the weather and the Financial and Stock Markets   

Significations of the 11th house 

Agreements and Contracts  with Foreign Govt., alliance with Foreign Countries, National Mint,Treasures,Ambassador sent to Foreign Countries, National aims and goals, International Relations, Gain from Foreign Trade, Legislations will all be adversely influenced , since the 2nd and the 11th Lord are also influenced along with Karka  Mercury for the Stock Market may also suffer on account of the same and Ups and downs in the Stock and the Financial Markets  may be on the cards .

Significations of the Sun, Mars, Ketu and Saturn 


 Persons in power, Kings, Prime Ministers , Govt. Heads of States, Big Commercial firms,, new undertakings, Cabinet Ministers of the States and persons holding high political power. It also represents the bureaucracy, political, religious and influential buisness people, Temples and religious places . In minerals  it represents Gold and Copper 

As per Varahamihira the Sandstorms and outbreak of war is not ruled out specially when Sun spots , when Sun is afflicted the nation becomes arogant  and self centred and people become morally debased and of ill repute  and hence Politics becomes most filthy and dirty 

Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies  and this combination suggests that the Trouble to the Govt through depressed class and oppositions , those Politicians who have Sun and Saturn conjunction or opposition may suffer from this ingress and may result in the fall of their status, Typical case of CM of the Karnataka  Kumarswamy, since he has Sun and Saturn in the 7th house of Sagitarius 


Mars is God of War , famously known as the Red Planet , it represents violence in every form including fires,explosions, armed conflicts , coup, assasinations,  Rape abductions, it also represents proxy war, manufacturing and and industrial progress and with Ketu can be most violent and venomous and in the 6th house Territorial attacks, strikes and clashes with labour , medical and other paramedical services . National Food Supplies , service class and Servants will all be adversely influenced in this ingress


Like Mars it is also the karka for destruction and Karka for diseases , sudden success and failure , non hindus, epidemics , skin eruptions , bankruptcies, war , , secret plots  Mars and Ketu Conjunction most explosive for Blasts , war and specially when Mars is also Retrograde .


Agriculture, land, realestate,underground mines, strikes, discontentment and revolution. Draught, emergencies, famines, tragedies like earthquakes, intoduction of rationing , duties in foreign exchange ,overthrow of the rulers,. Saturn is designated by Kalidas as Dukh Karka  and untoward happenings  Saturn is in the 3/11 axis with Jupiter  and Jupiter is not able to give its protection as per Mundane astrology . Saturn also influencing the Moon and Mercury in the 11th house hence the weather and the Stock markets will also be adversely influenced . Some Places in the country may have rain since  Venus in Watery sign alonf with Mars in the Watery part and 1st half and some parts there may be less rain  and  Heat wave in those Parts of the Country specially in the North India , Rajastan, UP, There may be scarcity of water 


The Sun is also in the Lagna of the Navamsha and in debilitation with Rahu further indicates the strength of Sun has further reduced and in affliction . The day Lord and the 10th Lord of the Rashi Chart is also in debilitation in this chart further indicates that this Ingress of Sun in the sign Gemini may prove to be Historic it so seems 

In the foundation chart of India the Dasha of Moon-Rahu-Moon is in operation and during the Period when moon will be close to Rahu will give worst results , since the Transit Rahu is over the natal Moon and Moon coming close to the Nodes may prove to be most venomous as per the Time frame mentioned in my Article “Lunation Chart Of June 2018 and Eclipses In 2018 Bane Or Boon” link…018-bane-or-boon/ as below 

17th to 21st June North node will be in adverse motion

1st July to 8th July 2018

14th to 21st July 2018 The Time frame for this Solar Ingress

This Sun-Saturn opposition will bring a split in any Political Parties , specially those Leaders who have Sun and Saturn conjunction or opposition in their chart like the CM of Karnataka Kumaraswamy and Ex CM of UP Aklilesh Yadav fromthe 15th June 2018  and may take an ugly shape around the 27th-28th June when Saturn comes closest to Earth and Near the Eclipses in the Month of July on the 13th and the 28th July 2018. Mars activation of the eclipse point may add fuel to the fire on the 27th July, 26th Sept. 2018. There will be no permanancy in the Political parties forming alliances after Mars goes in Retrogression on the 27th June 2018. Arvind Kejriwal has ther Lagna Lord and the Mars in the sign Cancer and both in the sarp dreshkanne , he is bound for immotional hurdles since the Transit Mars is getting aloser to his natal Mars, Saturn and Moon  and Eclipses over the 1/7 axis of the Sun and Mars may bring hurdles then any mileage in the Political Scenario in the Present Context. The Foundation chart of Congress also has Mars Debilitated in Retrogression and at 15 degrees and at this point Mars will be stationary in Transit on the 27th June and aspecting the natal Mars . The Eclipses are also taking place over the 1/7 axis of Mars the 2nd and the 9th Lord  . Transit Saturn over the Natal Sunand Transit Sun ingress in the sign Gemini activating the Natal Sun  will be a game changer it so seems . 


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