Astrology Research Shows Ray Of Hope For Sonali Bendre’s Cancer

by anil aggarwala

Read My Article “‘Rahu Rog Harnam And Ketu Rog Karnam’ Using This Principle for Cancer Disease”…r-cancer-disease/ ‎ dated 7th July 2018
Read the Last Para for the Possibility of Some Ray of Hope for the Cure from the disease 

Let us also see on the day of  Diagnosis  4th July 2018  the D8 Chart to see the possibility of any cure from Cancer disease 


The following parameters are to be seen for Cure in the Transit in the D8 Ashtamsha Chart  of the 4th July 2018 12.19 hrs when Sonali Tweeted

Sign Scorpio and Mars are the main planets to be seen from Mars  and Scorpio, all the Planets giving disease should be well placed from these 2 Parameters  

1.The 6th Lord of the Rashi Chart is Saturn  connected to Ketu or a planet giving disease then one will have lingering disease , Here  Mars and Mercury are connected to Ketu an as I have mentioned above Mercury and Mars are very important for Cancer disease the Native has lingering disease .

2. Association of Moon-Rahu,, Rahu-Mercury,or Rahu-Mars  gives cancer and she has got Rahu and Mars conjunct in the natal Chart in the sign Scorpio the signs which gives Cancer .

3. In D8 In transit the Connection of these Planets to be seen from Mars and the Scorpio sign. Here Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Ketu connected in the sign Cancer  hence Cancerous Growth , But these Planets Mars, Ketu, Rahu, Mercury and the 6th Lord Saturn  are well placed from Mars and the Sign Scorpio, hence chances of some relief  though the disease may linger on for some time . This prediction is as per the Transit D8 planets

God Bless her

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