Astrology Speaks Loud and Clear ! Eclipses May Escalate ‘Wars Brawls Break In Financial Markets’

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Chart of US 

The Dasha Running for US is Mars -Moon till 14th Oct. 2018 and Since the Mars connection with the house which makes the Country war mongering hence till the Dasha of Mars Moon which is also a chidra dasha will be the Country will be involved in War Mongering activities either with other countries or there could also be war with in the Country may be by Terrorism , Political Tug of War . Moon Placed in the 7th house  the focus will be on the wars and International Trade and Buisness. Trandit Mars and Ketu over the natal Ketu in the 6th house could  prove most malefic since Mars will be Stationary  between the 24th August to 31st August  and then activate the Natal Rahu- Ketu the third time in close degrees . On the 27th June 2018 Transit Mars has already activated the Natal Rahu and Ketu along with Transit Rahu and Ketu in the same axis . The Transit Rahu and Ketu have activated the Natal Rahu and Ketu on the 26th April when they crossed the Natal degrees 16.52. The Rahu Dasha Starting from the 14th Oct. 2018  could prove worst for US it so seems and  the Country may face losses from all directions may be it is Trade , Natural and Unnatural untoward happenings. The time till Rahu dasha is also an enigmatic one and US cannot eacape the venomous effect of the Eclipses  and the Planet Mars for the Wars of all types .

Significations of Rahu 

Crimes, War, Violence and Disasters of the worst kind. It is a Planet of aggressiveness and stands for rebellion and Mutiny. Aerial navaigation Electronics and Radio. Roits and Political plots. Death by Suffocation, Anti religious and anti social. Muslim and immigration to Foreign Countries. Cancer disease since Rahu is also in the Sarp Dreshkanne and Present Rahu over the natal Rahu till 25th March 2019 . It is akin to Saturn in Hindu Astrology  Since Rahu is Afflicetd in Transit and Over the Natal Rahu may create the worst kind of enemies . It is a very Potent evil in the 6, th, 8th and the 12th house.

K N Rao take the Lagna of US as Leo and some other Astrologer Take the Lagna at Sagitarus  and in both cases the Rahu will be placed in the trik Bhavas  hence the Rahu Dasha could Prove most malefic and Venomous for US

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Nut shell

 As per the above analysis US  being a War mongering Country and a Chidra dasha in operation will be the first to take aggressive steps for Wars of all kind , may be it is Trade ,or any Escalation of Brawl with other countries. Terrorism is not ruled   and since Rahu dasha is on the Brink US  seems to suffer the most since as per Varahamihra the Sign for Mundane events is Gemini sign and the Eclipses are taking place in the 8th house as per Gemini sign and in the 6th house over the natal Ketu as per the Foundation chart. It seems US is Trapped from all sides and may be the main reason for Crisis in the Financial and Stosk Markets . China will be aggressive but he anter dasha of Jupiter is not of an Aggressive planet , but may be involved in Wars and Untoward happenings  specially the Natural Disasters since the Eclipse is taking place on the Janam Nakshatra at exact degrees in the Lagna hence the Nation as a whole could be influenced . The Nakshatra is not 3.5 or 7th which are worst hence the Untoward happenings also may not be of the worst kind , but could definitely there . For US the Eclipse is also in the 12th house from the Natal Moon and in the Atimitra Tara which is supposed to be neutral and not good as the Mitra Tara , It could behave like 2 people fighting  and no help but when some is injured he is taken to the Hospital and till then they are spectators , unlike the Mitra Tara who also joins the fight and helps the native to fight against all ods and helps in every respect . Hence US could  suffer the Most it so seems. 


Parallel situations are there in the present context as per the Past when Even Saturn has been in Fiery signs and the Trade wars have escalated and with the Eclipses on brink they can get ugly. The seeds for Global Economy slide will be sown now it so seems and finally when Saturn completes it 90 year cycle from Oct 1929 and also 30 year cycle from the Oct 2008 when we had the Big Break in the Financial and Stock Markets we could experience a parallel situations around the Time frame of April to July 2019. This could even be worst then the earlier experiences it so seems . Saturn has already completed it s 60 year cycle from 1958 when the Financial Markets zoomed beyond expectations and we also have experienced the same now after Saturn fell from Sagitarius to Scorpio from 21st June to Oct 26th 2017 onwards and since then the Markets are behaving in a similair fashon touching new highs . I fear the future of the Financial and Stock Markets is Fogy as the the north node is in Adverse motion. Such a Rahu is most venomous and has the capacity to turn the tables upside down. Ever since Mars is conjunct with Ketu and turned Retrograde and Rahu in most afflicted condition the Trade wars have escalated . Mars is known for its triggering the events and when it activates the Eclipse points and when goes in Stationary mode can trigger the Global events to the highest ugly positions. Unfortunately Saturn is also retrograde and will also be Stationary around the 6th Sept. 2018 and can also trigger the Trade wars more so Saturn was nearest to Earth on the 27th June 2018 when Mars Turned Retrograde and was Stationary , these parameter will go long for the ugly situations till Saturn is Retrograde and when he turns Direct can sprout the final results and indications for the future for 2019 time frame when Ketu Joins Saturn on the 25th March 2019 .
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I have already pointed out that when Rahu the North node is adverse can turn the table upside down and in my Articles i have also mentioned the time frames 

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