No-Confidence Motion Against Modi Govt. Debate Voting On Friday : What Stars Fortell ?

Lok Sabha speaker accepts no-confidence motion against Modi Govt,debate and voting of Friday  at 11.00 am 

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Wednesday accepted a no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi-led government and announced that a debate followed by voting on it would take place on Friday. However, the no-trust motion should not be much of a concern for the NDA government as the BJP has 273 members in the Lok Sabha, one above the halfway mark, besides its allies. This was the first time in 15 years that a no-confidence motion against the government was moved and accepted in Lok Sabha.

While accepting the notice, Mahajan said, “More than 50 members are supporting the motion, so the leave is granted (to bring in no-confidence motion).” The parties who backed the no-confidence motion are Congress, Trinamool Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, Samajwadi Party, Aam Aadmi Party and CPI-M.

Let us see what Stars Foretell for the no confidence motion. 


Let me first draw the chart of India Foundation chart  of the 15th August 1947 of 00-00-01 hrs. New Delhi


The Present Dasha Running as per the Foundation chart is of  Moon-Rahu till 10th August 2018.

As per the Transot of the Planets on the 20th July 2018 the Planets which acquire a special dimension are as follows 

1. Dasha Lord Moon is placed in the own house in the 3rd at 3.59 degrees  and Transit Sun will be exactly over it at these degrees 

2. Anter dasha Lord Rahu in the Lagna of the Foundation chart and in Transit has just crossed the Natal Mercury the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th. See the degrees of Mercury 13.40 and the Transit Rahu at 11.49 degrees . Rahu Crossed the Natal Mercury on the 30th May 2018.

3. Transit Mercury over the Natal Sun . Natal Sun is 27.56 degrees and Transit Mercury over it at 27.55. 

4. Transit Jupiter over the Natal Jupiter the Lord of the 8th and the 11th house . Transit Moon will also be over the Jupiter in the 6th house 

5.The Rahu-Ketu and Retrograde Mars the 7th and the 12th Lord influencing the Mercury most  see the degrees of transit Mars and Mercury . 

6. Transit Saturn in the 8th house and in the 6/8 axis with the natal Saturn and also with Sun. Transit Sun and Transit Saturn are also in the 6/8 axis . The is Parameter is most venomous since on the 27th June 2018 the Transit Saturn was closest to Earth and Sun has shifted to Cancer sign on the 16th July 2018 and ever since that day the matter of the no confidence has started . Read my article “Solar Ingress In Cancer On16th July 2018 Seems Enigmatic” link…-seems-enigmatic/ 

Read this in the Article —- The Matters pertaining to the house where Sun is located  would figure prominently during the period it is in that sign. In the Solar ingeress chart of Cancer sign the Sun is in the 5th house and with Rahu and aspected by Mars Retrograde is the most malefic parameter more so since the 5th Lord Moon is placed in the 6th house with 8th Lord Venus , Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord Jupiter placed in the 8th house and the day Lord Moon placed in the Yama of the sign Sagitarius where Saturn is placed and the Yama Lord Jupiter Placed in the 8th house . This seems this ingress is most enigmatic . Let us have a look at the Significations of the 5th house 


5th house Significations 

All forms of National pleasure, enjoyments, entertainments theatre, cinema halls, community parks, actor and actresses, artistic activity in the nation Sports, public parks, Speculations, stock exchange, morals, immorality, scandles, crimes relating to immorality, upper house of parliment, Rajya Sabha, Schools and Place of Education, Ambassadors and Diplomates from foreign country, danger to the Ruler as it is the 8th house from the 10th house . Crime according to B V Raman and the mentality of the Rulers , There seems to be all these will be under severe affliction since Sun is with Rahu and aspected By Mars in Retrogression and the Lunar Eclipse is just round the Corner . This also indicates that since Mars and Rahu are connected to Sun and Mercury the significations of the 5, 6th and 7th would be predominant in this ingress for 3 months . Mars is connected to 5 Planets and Mars 8th aspect on the 6th house is also most venomous one . This Period seems most difficult for the Nation and the Ruler of the Nation. At the time of Ingress of Sun in Cancer Rahu will be in Forward motion till 21st July 2018 could be most explosive parameter for this ingress pertaining to the 5th house activities . Suicide, death by suffocation  and due to wrong medication are all on the Cards. On the Positive side research and innovations pertaining to the 5th house cannot be ruled out since Rahu is placed in the 5th house. The Karna Lord is also Sun and Saturn was closest to Earth on the 27th June 2018 180 degrees from Sun , Now in this ingress Sun has gone in the 8th house from Saturn who is placed in the 10th house , hence all those alliances which took place when there was opposition of Sun and Saturn may break and the Ruler may have a fall. I am specially pointing to wards the Karnataka Elections and Kumaraswamy. The differences have started to escalate even before Sun has gone in the Sign Cancer where it will be in miserable condition.

Read this ” H D Kumaraswamy breaks down at event, expresses unhappiness at heading Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka ASTROLOGY SPEAKS LOUD AND CLEAR and the predictions will come true soon 

It seems lot of scandals will come to light relating to the entertainment sector and mishappenings pertaing to Educational institutions . Women have to be alert and keep indoors after late hours of the day. Cinema Halls have to keep their fire fighting equipments in tact. Rahu and Mars influencing the 5th house is not good at all in this respect Scandales and War of all types Explosions cannot be ruled out  . Scandales pertaing to love affairs . Kidnappings for Ransom . Immorality will be on the Cards . The General condition of the Country will also not be good 

Mercury affliction is not good for the Significations of Mercury , hence weather, earthquakes, rains, stock markets will be influenced adversely .

The Solar ingress is taking place in the 3rd house of the India Foundation chart and the also the boarders of the Country  and Moon -Rahu dasha in operation is not good for the 3rd house significations for boarder issues, rail, media ect.

7. Read My Article “Horoscope Of Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada Pieces New Moon Chart: What It Foretells ?” link…hat-it-foretells/  

As per Mundane astrology principles The Hindu New Moon Pieces Chart sets the trend for the full year on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada when The Luminaries will be in the sign Pieces. In the year 2018 it is falling on the 17th March 2018 at 18.42 hrs . The chart is below 


The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Saturday and the Lord is Saturn placed in the 4th house of the chart with Mars in affliction. Mars is the Debilitation Lord of Saturn and Saturn is the Exhaltation Lord of Mars hence Mars acquires a special dimension more so he is the 3rd and the 8th Lord / The Day Lord Saturn is also placed in the malefic Yama of Scorpio is not good at all since the Yama Lord Mars is Placed in the 4th house afflicting Saturn. The Connection of the 3rd and the 8th Lord Mars in the 4th house is the most malefic parameter in the chart. The Placement of the 6th and the 8th Lord in the Kendra is the Most malefic  parameter in the chart. Being the 3rd and the 8th there could be tensions and brawl with the neighbours. Sun laced in the 7th house receiving the malefic aspect of  Mars the 8th Lord indicates that there could be war  with the Neighbouring Countries and specially with China, Pakistan and also difficult time for the Ruler of the Country 

Read this—— 

The King of the Year is Sun as the Pratipada falls at the time of Sunrise on the 18th March which is Sunday is good for the royalty , but unfortunately the Luminaries are under affliction by Mars, hence not an auspicious sign for this year.

The Prime Minister of the Planetary cabinet will be Saturn since the Day Lord is Saturn on the day of Sun ingress in Aries  on the 14th April 2018. This combination of the King of the year Sun and the Prime Minister as Saturn are HARD ENEMIES and shows difficulties for the ruling Govt. during the operation of the  Horoscope.

The Dasha in operation till 10th August 2018 is Moon-Rahu  and Rahu is Placed in the Lagna and Moon in the 3rd house as the 3rd Lord . The Transit of Rahu over the 5 planets in the 3rd house of Boarders  and Eclipses taking place in the 1/7 axis of the Luminaries is the most malefic parameter till Moon Rahu dasha is in operation according to the Theory of Inevitability as per Chapter XI of the Book Of Nehru Dynasty . The Transit of the Saturn 9th and the 10th Lord in the 8th house and the 8th Lord Jupiter transit in the 6th house is the most malefic parameter till 11th Oct. 2018 and to be more precise till Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 8th house  from the 7th March to 2nd May 2018 could be an explosive parameter . The Natal Mars will be activated in the 2nd house where it has very weak strength of 18 BAV .Political scandals death of a celebrity cannot be ruled out. After 2nd May Mars transit  for 187 days in the 9th house where Ketu is placed in the sign Capricorn where again the SAV are only 18  may give Religious provocations and Tensions and the Eclipses in the 3/9 axis  could escalate the tensions with the neighbouring countries  Specially in the Solar and the Lunar Eclipses on the 13th and the 28th July 2018. The worst Paramete is the Mars activating the Eclipse point again and again since Mars will be then in Retrogression at almost the eclipse point . This also indicates the Hurdles for the Present Govt. Unfortunately Narendra Modi Horoscope and the Vedic Progression chart also shows efforts going in vain till Sept. 2018, but the Saturn aspecting his natal Sun  and Jupiter will bless him and he will be able to go through since in the Next year of the Vedic Progressionchart of Narendra Modi from Sept 2018 onwards there is another Rajyoga forming. It seems the Opposition Party Congress may gain some momentum till Sept. 2018 but after this date the Ruling Party seem to gear up again to win the 2019 Elections which may take place in April 2019 it so seems from the Planetary configurations .

8. The Most Critical component in the Transit is the Sun and Saturn in 6/8 axis , affliction to Mercury the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th of the Foundation chart and there willTug of War with the Opposition party and Opposition party may do mudslinging and may go invain

Let us now see the Planetary positions on the 20th July 2018 at 11.00 am the time when the No confidence motion starts and what do the planetary configurations indicate during the 7 hour debate and the no confidence motion

The Day is friday and the Lord is Venus and at the time of the start of the event at 11-00 am the Lagna rising will be Virgo till 12.18 hrs and the day lord will be placed in the yama of Mercury who will be placed in the 11th house with Rahu and Sun. 

Rahu kaal will also be prevailing between the time 10.45 to 12.27 hrs. and Rahu in the Forward motion  Hence till Virgo sign is rising it may not be very good time frame till 12.18 hrs  will be the most Venomous time for the opposition to take up the no confidence motion 

My observation is any event started at this time may not bring good results for the purpose and the no-confidence motion may not bring good results for the opposition parties , since they have initated the motion . This parameter is extremely malefic for the start of the no confidence motion, more so Rahu is also in forward motion with Sun and Mercury, this combination is taking place in the 9th house of the Narendra Modi and has similair combination in the 11th house where Sun, Mercury and Ketu are placed in the Sign Virgo which attributes a Raj yoga to him and hence Modi’s Govt. may win the no conidence motion 

Libra sign will rising from the 12.18 to 14.37 hrs.The Day Lord and the Lagna Lord Venus will be placed in the 11th house in the sign Leo and the same Yama till 14.35 hrs . The Lagna is depicted by Ruling Govt . and the opposition by the 7th house and during this Lagna of Libra the Lagna Lord will be stronger than the 7th Lorrd since the 7th Lord Mars Retrograde  will be weaker than the Lagna Lord .This Period will be good for the Ruling Govt. and hence the Modi Govt.

From 14.37 to 16.56 will be Scorpio Lagna and the Day Lord will be the Yama of again Mercury and the Yama Lord will be placed in the 10th House with Rahu and Sun .The Lagna Lord will be weaker then the 7th Lord Venus

From the above it seems that betwen the 17-00 hrs to 17.35 hrs will be a bad time , since the Yama Lord of the Day Lord will be Mercury and Placed in the 8th house and even after this time may not be good for the . Hence a Bad time after 17-00 hrs it so seems  

The Most malefic parameter is the Rahu-Kaal at the start of the debate and Rahu also in forward motion for the day and may not bring good results for the Purpose of the debate and since the opposition will put all allegations on the ruling Govt. 

Rahu has the Capacity to turn the tables and is favourable for Narendra Modi and most malefic for the opposition Party since the event is taking place at the time when Rahu-Kaal and Rahu in adverse motion. There can be break in the debate also since Rahu-Kaal and Rahu in forward motion

Since the voting of the no confidence motion has to be passed at 18.00 hrs we will be interested to see the out come at this time, but Rahu in forward motion being the main parameter and formsa strong Rajyoga for Narendra Modi he may come out with flying colors

From 16.56 to 19-00 hrs it will be Sagitarius Lagna and the Lagna Lord Jupiter will be placed in the 11th house with Moon the 11th Lord and the 6th Lord Venus in the 9th house  . and the 7th Lord Mercury will be with Rahu and Sun in the 8th house confirming that the Opposition can even use foul language and allegations of all types with no appropriate proof

The Day Lord Venus is Placed in the yama of Mars who is Placed in the 2nd house and aspects the Mercury 7th Lord opposition, Rahu and Sun crystal clear shows that the 7th Lord is under acute affliction  and weaker than the Lagna Lord who is Jupiter and placed in the 11th house of Gains . There is also Poorna Ithasla between Jupiter, Moon and the 11th Lord Venus and forming a Kambool yoga . See the Lagna Lord degrees , Moon and the 11th Lord Venus . 

The Lagna is Prishtodayo and downward looking is not good and shows althougg it is a benefic  there is Prishtodayo Saturn is not good for the strength of the Lagna . The Planet closest to Lagna Degrees is Saturn and Retrograde  posing difficulties for the Ruling Govt. But after 6th Sept. 2018 may be change the scenario. The Mercury placed in the 8th house as the 7th Lord and till 2nd Sept. 2018. Mercury will go in retrogression on the 26th July 2018 till 19th August 2018 will make the Opposition in Problems it so seems specially in the 8th house , there scams will come  to light then , since Rahu and Sun are also there 

From the above it is clear that the Time of Voting 18-00 hrs is a benefic time for the Ruling Govt. more so it is well placed and forming Kambool Yoga with 11th Lord and Moon . The Yama Lord  Retrograde and also afflicting the 7th Lord and till 27th August  is most malefic period for the opposition parties . Rahu is adverse with Mercury and Sun there may be split in the Allaince between the opposition parties to the Ruling Govt . BJP may ultimately come out with flying colors but will also face difficulties to meet the Goals it so seems 


The No Confidence Motion will be a failure it so seems since started at Rahu-Kaal  and Rahu in forward motion , hence oppositions willl suffer a defeat . Rahu in the 8th house with Mercury and Sun is most malefic Parameter for the Opposition parties for Sagitarius Lagna and after 16.56 hrs  and  mind you Rahu has the capacity to turn the tables and the Tug of War in Politics will continue till Rahu is there in the sign Cancer till 25th March 2018. Irrespective of the time of Start of the No confidence voting , Modi Govt will win the Same and a big defeat is on the cards for Opposition Party Congress

anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012 written on 20th July  2018  11.00 hrs 

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