‘Rahu Rog Harnam And Ketu Rog Karnam’ Using This Principle for Cancer Disease

Shastra Says ‘Rahu Rog Harnam And Ketu Rog Karnam’ As taught to me by my Esteemed Guru.  For Cancer Disease the Sign Scorpio, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Planets in the Sarp Dreshkanne along with Kharesh lord of 22DK  most important.  Rahu is the one who drank Amrit first and hence Rahu is Rog Harnam , but in the dasha of Rahu the disease sprouts , Ketu is Rog Karnam and a Disease giverHence both the nodesacquire an important dimension .Couple of days back when I read the news of Sonali Bendre Cancer “Sonali Bendre diagnosed with metastatic cancer. What does it mean? ” link https://www.indiatoday.in/lifestyle/health/story/sonali-bendre-cancer-metastised-what-does-it-mean-1277072-2018-07-04. I immedaitely could place that she has planets in the sign cancer since Rahu the Planet for Rogharnam is transitting over that sign since 9th Sept. 2017. I immedaitely pulled out the Birth Day from the google https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonali_Bendre . Latter I checked other Astrology sites and confirmed the Day of Birth. The Problem was absence of the correct time of birth ,so first I wrote down the Important Parameters for Cance  and also the day on which she was born. We all know the slow moving planets are not the main concern but Moon is the main concern along with the navamsha. In analysisng a chart and I kept in mind the Basic Parameters for Cancer disease which are as follows.

1. Scorpio Sign is the Prime sign for Cancer, though the word ‘Cancer’ indicates the 4th house, Scorpio sign has the greatest relation with Cancer disease. Moon debilitates in the sign Scorpio which is the 8th house of the natural Zodiac and deals with chronic and incurable diseases.

2. Scorpio sign has 3 nakshatra of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury and Mercury being the Lord of the 3rd and the 6th house of the natural Zodiac is and coming in the 8th house as the nakshatra Lord also the gandantha nakshatra lord becomes extremely malefic and a dreadful planet. Therefore Rahu in Scorpio gives Cancer disease, hence association of  Moon-Rahu, Rahu-Mercury, or Rahu-Mars  shall give Cancer . These Planets if Connected in the Ashtamsha chart then it gives Cancer growth.

3. 6th Lord of the Birth chart connected to Ketu or a disease giving planet in the D8 Ashtamahsa chart , one will have lingering diseases. If placed in good houses from sign Scprpio or Mars who is also well placed  from Scorpio, may be in the Sign Scorpio, Kendra or Trikona then one will have lingering disease and may be Cancer 

4. Afflicted Saturn as 6th Lord placed in the 10th house possibility of Cancer disease , more so if aspected by 8th Lord Mars , since Mars is also the 8th Lord of the natural Zodiac.

5. Planets in Sarp Dreshkanne, or planets placed in the 22DK, 64N and 85D Planets placed in these signs  give physical harm. Transit of Lord of 22DK is most fearful

6.  8th Lord in Lagna and Lord of 22DK in the 8th house 

7.  In the D6 Shashtamsha Ketu or the 6th Lord of D1 or Dispositor of 6th Lord of D1 in the Dreshkanne chart any malefic connection , one will be diseased through out life . There are Karka for diseases  and if any one of them with Mars or Saturn person will have amputations. Mars as a independent planet should not lose strength in the D6 chart. Mars , Mercury and Moon good relations in the D6 chart then Glow on the skin and the face till the age of 60 or even beyond.

8. In the D5 Panchamsha Chart we have to see Dispositor of the 6th Lord of the Rashi chart and the Bhadak planet from the 6th house , 6th Lord Dispositor of D5, Dispositor Lord or the Nakshatra Lord give good results for cure 

9. The News of the Cancer disease of Sonali Bandre came on the 4th July 2018 at 12.19 hrs when Rahu, Mercury and Venus were in Sarp Dreshkanne and Rahu was also Most Venomous since in Sarp Dreshkanne and also in Direct motion and poison and Mars went in Retrogression on the 27th June 2018 and was stationary till 2nd July 2018 were the most malefic Parameters 

Using the above Parameters I found the following birth details 1st Jan 1975 00.58.30 hrs Mumbai and the Chart below

Rahu and Mars in the sign Scorpio and Moon in Cancer and Both Rahu and Moon in Sarp Dreshkanne using the time, the dasha in operation is also Moon-Rahu from the 2nd July 2018 and Moon-Mars dasha ended on this day and all Parameters mentioned above coinciding with Virgo Lagna . and Cancer Navamsha since she is around the age of  43 years nearing 45 and Transit of Rahu-Ketu influence on the in the 1/7 axis  as per the navamasha Lagna since she is suffering from Cancer has to be there and other Parameters discussed in the Article for the Tithi Chaturthi and Lagna Nakshatra of Lord Ganesh for both and a Malefic one  . I wrote on the Facebook on the 5th July 2018 —— Astrology indicates that when a Person has a dasha or anter Dasha of Rahu the disease surfaces and specially  the dasha of  Planets in the Sarp Dreshkanne .Till this date the Dasha of Moon-Mars was in operation and in the D8 chart Mars is connected to Scorpio sign. The moment the dasha of Moon-Rahu Started the Cancer disease surfaced which was initiated by planet again in Scorpio sign.  Using these Principles she is born on the 1st Jan 1975 at 00.58.30 hrs New Delhi , her Dasha of Moon Rahu is in Operation from the 2nd July 2018 and was diagnosed for Cancer on the 4th July 2018..She has Moon and Rahu in Sarp Dreshkanne with Virgo Lagna rising by using the above principles .Transit Rahu has crossed the natal Moon in Cancer sign on the 6th Dec. 2017. On the Day of Diagnosis Moon was in the 6th house over the natal Jupiter who is also the Lord of the 22DKand the Kharesh Jupiter in Transit aspecting the natal Jupiter degree-wise and in trine from the natal Jupiter  which is a dreadful transit .Rahu is Rog Harnam and Ketu Rog Karnam and in Transit Navamsha Ketu is over the 6th Lord Saturn who is debilitated in Navamsha.

Using more parameters now once the Virgo Lagna has been fixed along with time of Birth let us analyse the chart for more parameters .

1.The Native is Born on Tuesday and the Lord is Mars and very strong since she is born at night time and in Krishna Paksha being the 8th Lord and under affliction will suffer hinderances in life , She may have good Vitality but may be on the erosion side and also have Rivals in life. Hence Difficulty in Cure 

2. She is born on a Rikta Tithi Chaturthi  and most dangerous and also called Sankat Chaturthi. The Lord for the tithi is Ganesh, no free will in life .Hence difficulty in Cure. Rikta Tithi we get only one oppurtunity in life  and hence no free will.  Hence Propitiation for Lord Lakshmi Narayana in Birla Mandir  Using Coconut and Dates  Juice with Hot water . The Lagna is also in the nakshatra of Haste Nakshatra of Lord Ganesh, hence difficulty of Chaturthi and Lagna Nakshatra Haste that of Ganeshji since the Tithis is most malefic one  .

3. She is Born in Ashlesha Nakshatra and Lord is Mercury but Ruled by Ketu most malefic , Hence Moon apart from being in Sarp Dreshkanne is not in a good Nakshatra also.Since Ketu is disease giver.

4. She is born with Vishkumbha yoga, we have to see the Lord of this yoga is how it is placed  from Moon and the 6th house . Here the Lord is Saturn in Retrogression and ill  placed from Moon and is also the 6th Lord of Diseases . It is the Source of Energy and Positivity. Health related to be seen from this Yoga and Moon and Rahu Dasha Lords ill placed from this Lord Saturn, hence Problems from Disease sprouting , more so the Transit Rahu over the Natal Moon and Transit Saturn also aspecting the natal 6th Lord Saturn along with Jupiter aspect is not good on Saturn being activated

5. Karna is Bava and the Lord is Connected to the 10th house but Lord of Vishkumbh yoga spoils the Good Karna , hence the Profession will be extra ordinary , but disease  wise not good 

Garbshishta Planets  Mercury-Moon-Saturn. Mercury is Gulika Lord and 85D Lord , Moon and Saturn already explained 

64N  Aries and Lord is Mars  placed with Rahu in Sign Scorpio of Cancer disease 

22DK Sagitarius Lord placed in the 6th House aspects the 6th Lord and Lord of the Yoga Vishkumbh Kharesh connected to Vishkumb Lord most malefic for disease 

85 D  sign Gemini and Lord Mercury 

Gulika in the sign Gemini and 16.33 degrees 

Moon and Rahu in Sarp Dreshkanne 

Have Look at the  D3 Dreshkanne chart 

D6 Shashtamsha Chart 


For Longevity and Diseases the D3 , D6 and the D8 charts are to be seen 

Ketu, 6th Lord Saturn of the Rashi chart and 6th Lord dispositor in the Dreshkanne chart  Saturn to be seen in the D6 chart and unfortunately they are placed in the 6/8 axis  hence diseased body and since any one out of these planets connected to Mars or Saturn then there will be amputations  or loss of Body parts .Here this malefic combination exists. This parameter is crystal clear in the above 2 charts for Diseased body and also amputations . Unfortunately the Dasha at Birth is of all the malefic planets  responsible for the disease as per the D6 chart . Maximum Planets ill placed from the Karka for Disease Ketu and the Lagna is also badly afflicted  in the D6 Chart. The Moon, Mars and Mercury combination in the D6 chart shows a glow on the body and a charming face . This Parameter helped me  to correct the Lagna along with Navamsha of the Birth chart for Rahu to Transit as per the Navamnsha  Lagna cancer sign in Transit to give malefic results . 

Mars ,Lagna, Lagna Lord ,6th house and 6th Lord have to be strong to come out of the Disease . In this case the Lagna is afflicted along with Mars and the 6th house and the 6th Lord . Mars placed in Fiery sign in a good house is very good specially in the 10th house . Hence it seems difficulty for Cure . The Propitiation of Mars is essential for the Cure and Propitiation on a Shasti Tithi on Tuesday after Sun Rise  is most essential

D5 Panchamsha chart

Dispositor of 6th Lord Saturn of Rashi chart is Mercury  , and Bhadak Lord from the 6th house is of Jupiter  both these planets give relief but since they are malefic also hence poor cure

Dispositor of 6th Lord of D5 is Mercury , Dispositor Lord Mercury or the Nakshatra Lord of the Mercury is Venus  they give good results , but unfortunately  Gulika is Placed in the sign Gemini and the Lord is also Mercury . Sonali Bandre is running the dasha of Moon-Rahu and have no connection of Mercury and Jupiter , hence the Running Dasha may not be good for her cure . Also the Kharesh Jupiter the Lord of the 22DK transit is most malefic for Diseases and presently in the 2nd house in the trine from the Natal Jupiter at exact degrees and becoming Stationary from the 7th July to 15th July 2018 could be most malefic component for the Native.

D8 Ashtamsha chart 

Scorpio sign and Mars to be seen in this chart with respect to 6th Lord  Saturn of the Birth chart, Ketu  and the Dasha Lords . Dasha Lord and Ketu ill placed from the sign Scorpio and Mars In this Chart .Mars is with Kharesh Jupiter and if we take the aspect it aspects the 6th Lord of the Birth chart placed in the Lagna in own sign.  Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 1/7 axis in this chart with respect to Moon and hence shows Cancer growth and these planets are ill placed from Mars and Scorpio. Till the Dasha of Moon-Mars Mars was connected to Mars and alo Placed well from Scorpio , hence the growth took place in the Dasha of Moon -Mars and now sprouted in Moon-Rahu. The Disease is Pertaining to Mars and Controls the head, blood in the body, woulds and ulcers .

Gulika Lord is Mercury and in Transit will be over the natal Moon as per the below Chart from the 25th June to 2nd Sept 2018. Hence the cure or expansion of disease will take place in this period only .The Most malefic component From Mars and Scorpio sign Mercury and Jupiter are placed in the Kendra and Trine are malefic for the Cancer disease and Rahu and Moon are ill placed from these signs  and Moon is placed in the 1/7 axis of Rahu and Ketu 

Have a Look at the Transit chart as per the Lagna Virgo Below today on the 7th July 2018  and compare the Transits with the Rashi Chart of Sonali

The Following Parameters are most Venomous for Sonali for the Cancer disease specially the transit planets 

1.Lord of 22DK Dreshkanne is Jupiter since the sign is Sagitarius  and placed in the 6th house in the Rashi chart at 19.46 degrees and Transit Jupiter Kharesh for her at 19.14 degrees and becomg Stationary from the 7th July 2018 and becoming direct on the 11th July 2018 is most Venomous till Stationary till 15th July 2018

2. Transit Sun reaching the Degrees of Saturn the 6th Lord placed in the 10th house in Rashi Chart on the 8th -9th  July 2018

3. Transit Saturn over the natal Sun and Transit Sun and Saturn were at 180 degrees on the 27th June 2018 when Mars also turned Retrograde  most malefic Transit for her . 

4. Transit Mercury  Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord over the natal Moon  from 25th June 2018 to 2nd Sept. 2018 most Venomous since Mercury will also be in Sarp Dreshkanne  and become retrograde on the July 26th to 19th August 2018 Mercury will cross the Moon 3 times can be most malefic. Since as per the bhav Siddhi nkaal the Lagna Lord will show the results pertaining to the House and Moon is in the Sarp Dreshkanne and in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha and the Significator Lord is Ketu the Disease Karka . Mercury will also touch the gandanths point on the 26th July 2018  most malefic Day 

5. The Dasha of Moon Mars has just eneded on the 2nd July as per the chart taken and in the D8 chart Mars is connected to the sign Scorpio with Kharesh Jupiter the Most malefic Parameter for cancer 

6.Mars and Ketu are in the sign Capricorn the 5th house of the natal chart and Mars aspects the 8th house as the 8th Lord . Saturn is placed in the 4th house and aspects the 6th house his own lordship. Mars will be ststionary 3 dys before the 27th August and 4 days after 27th August 2018, If the Native passes the critical dates then we can expect some relief .  

Let us also see on the day of  Diagnosis  4th July 2018  the D8 Chart to see the possibility of any cure from Cancer disease 


The following parameters are to be seen for Cure in the Transit  of the 4th July 2018 12.19 hrs when Sonali Tweeted in the D8 Ashtamsha Chart 

1.The 6th Lord of the Rashi Chart is Saturn  connected to Ketu or a planet giving disease then one will have lingering disease , Here  Mars and Mercury are connected to Ketu an as I have mentioned above Mercury and Mars are very importangt for Cancer disease the Native has lingering disease .

2. Association of Moon-Rahu,, Rahu-Mercury,or Rahu-Mars  gives cancer and she has got Rahu and Mars conjunct in the natal Chart in the sign Scorpio the signs which gives Cancer .

3. In D8 In transit the Connection of these Planets to be seen from Mars and the Scorpio sign. Here Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Ketu connected in the sign Cancer  hence Cancerous Growth , But these Planets Mars, Ketu, Rahu, Mercury and the 6th Lord Saturn  are well placed from Mars and the Sign Scorpio, hence chances of some relief  though the disease may linger on for some time .



The idea of writing this Article was that we can reach the Lagna even it we dont have the Time of Birth according to an event  along with Transit ,if  the Time taken is not correct at least the Students of Astrology and the Lovers of Astrology can follow the Principles to analyse the disease and Cure and know about lingering diseases.

God Bless her 

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