NRC Row: 5 Cases Registered Against Mamata Banerjee : What Stars Have Up Their Sleeves for Her ?

This is with reference to the media report “NRC Row: 5 Cases Registered Against Mamata Banerjee ” link  .

Asper link Her Birth details 5th Jan 1955. There is no correct time of birth, never the less I will compare the Planetary positions taking place from the Natal Moon in Taurus  and compare the same and try to give the results . The Transit  Jupiter and the Natal Jupiter in the Progression chart are  Fallen in Scorpio and Gemini respectively and in 6/8 axis  most venomous Parameter  to give her any divine blessings
Mamata Banerjee is chief minister of West Bengal since 2011. She is the first woman chief minister of the state. Mamata is born on 5th January 1955. Her correct birth time is not available. Pavitra Jyotish tries to explore what is in store for her in the year 2018 -19. Planets here portend eventful time for Mamata Banerjee on basis of her Surya Kundali.
Besides being an active politician she is a poet, painter, miscellanies as well. She has done Ph.D. on Muslim history and has other degrees as well. A well learned and well-read person Mamata is. It was sheer guts and strong motivation on her part to overthrow thirty years of communist rule and establish her own. She has tremendous hold in the rural area. Her simplicity has won her many hearts. Sun is placed in the fiery Sagittarius sign along with Mercury and Rahu. This planetary combination has turned her into a charismatic firebrand political leader as per Mamata Banerjee horoscope. She is a leader with a clear vision and finds the solutions to the problems with her pro-active approach. Mamata Banerjee has risen in career because of her dynamism and pro-active approach
There is no correct time of Birth available.
The Following Parameters are crucial for her in the Present and Future
As per the Transit Planets and the Planets at the time of Birth
1. Transit Saturn over the Natal Sun Rahu and Mercury may prove Venomous for her , more so the Natal Saturn also aspects the Sun , Mercury and Rahu with 3rd Eye in Sagitarius.
2. Transit Rahu over the natal Jupiter Retrograde at 3.04 degrees Could give Venomous results after 6th Dec. 2018
3.Transit Of Saturn , Jupiter and Ketu in Sagitarius in the 8th from Natal Moon over the natal Sun, Mercury and Rahu would be most Venomous from the 1st April 2019 to 23rd April 2019

4. In the Vedic Progression chart for the year Jan 2019 Jupiter is Fallen in Gemini where Ketu is placed in the Natal chart and Ketu and Jupiter in the 1/7 axis in Transit from 1st April to 23rd April 2019 and then 11th June 2019 could prove most venomous for her

5. I also have her Oath Taking chart of the 27th May 2016 12.45 hrs Calcutta and will write a detailed Article on her
There are no good Planetary positions for her to rise to any Strong and Important Position as aspired By the Congress Party
I will also Study the Horoscope of her Party and write on it soon . My dear Friends it seems MODi will still be the winner in the 2019 Elections
Mamta Banerjee has no Divine Blessings from Saturn in Transit as N Modi

Birth chart Taking the Natural Zodiac Aries with Date of Birth 5th Jan 1955 Born in Kolkatta and todays Transit is given in the Horoscope below 

The Vedic Progression chart for the year Jan 2019 to Jan 2020 is below 

Jupiter Fallen in the above chart in Retrogression and in Transit also Jupiter will be fallen in Scorpio from the 23rd April 2019 to 5th Nov. 2019 Most Malefic Parameter for Mamta Banerjee for Divine Blessions on her . Most Crucial time from Jan 2018 to Jan 2020 it so seems 

Now Have a Look at the Planetary Positions in 2019 after 25th March 2019 

1. Jupiter is a fallen Planet and the 7th and the 10th Lord placed in the 6th house 

2. Rahu over the Natal Jupiter degree wise in the Progression chart above  See the Degrees of the Planets Saturn  and Rahu influencing the Natal Jupiter in the Lagna 

3. There are Rajyogas in the 10th house but the dispositor and the 10th Lord from Lagna and the 10th Lord from Moon is placed in the 6th house as a Fallen Planet and in 6/8 axis from the Natal Jupiter will be the most malefic parameter for Mamta Banerjee it so seems , irrespective of any Lagna  since we donot have the correct time of Birth the Rajyogas strong ones are losing strength . 

4. I will discuss the Oath Chart in a separate Article 

From the above it seems that from Jan 2018 there will be tuff positions for her and planetary positions may not be in her favour at the time of the 2019 General Elections of India .

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I expect Modi Will be the winner and a tuff time for Mamta Banerjee the aspirations of the Congress party to unite with her and to  offer her the post of Prime Minister in the General Elections of the year 2019

Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

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