Astrology Predicted Loud And Clear Japan Earthquake 6th Sept. 2018

by anil aggarwala

This is with reference to my Article “28th June 2018 Lunation Sagitarius Sun-Saturn Opposition Mars Stationary : Japan Prone To Earthquakes” link…e-to-earthquakes/ dated 19th June 2018. ASTROLOGY PREDICTED THE JAPAN EARTHQUAKE OF THE 6TH SEPT. 2018 LOUD AND CLEAR

Let me reproduce the Essential part of the Article here 

Let us first have a look at the Foundation chart of the Country of 28th April 1952 of 22.30 hrs Tokyo to see if there are more strong Earthquakes on the cards


The Country is running the Dasha of Mer-Jupiter-Saturn till 24th Aug. 2018 and all Planets under the Malefic influence in the natal chart and In transit in malefic Nakshatras . For Earthquake Earthy signs in the Rashi and Navamsha are essential and in the Lunation chart the same is happening specially Mars Retrograde and Stationary with Ketu and afflicting the planets as explained below 

Mercury is the 7th and the 10th Lord of the Chart and is Debilitated , it is first Rate killer in the Chart , for the 3 Reasons, 7th Lord is marak, Bhadak and also has Kendraadipatidosh. Mercury is also the Lagna Lord of Navamsha and a Bhadak sthan is rising in the Lagna and it has again gone in the Bhadak sthan of the Navamsha and aspected by the Lord of the House is  explosive dasha for Japan. Rahu in the MT house of Saturn who is placed in MY sign of Mercury and in 8th from Rahu and Dispositor of Saturn is Debilitated and Strong killer. Affliction to Mercury is also indicative of Earthquakes 


Apart from the Paksha Kundali time frame the Following Time frame is also most venomous for Japan and specially those countries who have Sagitarius Ascendant 

14th to 21st July 2018

27th to 30th July 2018

7th August to 11th August 2018

19th August to 25th August 2018

28th August to 31st August Mars will be in Stationary position and aspect Rahu in the 8th house in the watery sign Jal Pralaya

6th Sept. to 11th Sept. 2018 Saturn will be stationary in the Ascendant of Japan at almost same degrees and at the MEP  could bring disaster for Japan. A Strong Earthquake along with Tornado cannot be ruled out

China is also prone to similair disasters around the eclipses , shall write an article on this also.

Now Read this News

“Powerful Quake Hits Northern Japan, Triggering Landslides and Power Outages” dated 

Updated on

Sapporo, Japan (AP) — A powerful earthquake Thursday on Japan’s northernmost main island of Hokkaido triggered dozens of landslides that crushed houses under torrents of dirt, rocks and timber, prompting frantic efforts to unearth any survivors.

At least nine people were killed, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said. Officials said at least 366 were injured, five of them seriously, and about 30 people were unaccounted for after the magnitude 6.7 earthquake jolted residents from their beds at 3:08 a.m.

Nearly 3 million households were left without power by the quake — the latest in an exhausting run of natural disasters for Japan. It paralyzed normal business on the island, as blackouts cut off water to homes, immobilized trains and airports, causing hundreds of flight cancellations, and shut down phone systems

In the town of Atsuma, where entire hillsides collapsed, rescuers used small backhoes and shovels to search for survivors under the tons of earth that tumbled down steep mountainsides, burying houses and farm buildings below. The area’s deep green hills were marred by reddish-brown gashes where the soil tore loose under the violent tremors.

Twenty-eight people remained unaccounted for in the town, Atsuma Mayor Shoichiro Miyasaka told public broadcaster NHK. We will carry on searching for them,” he said. Miyasaka said the town had emergency meals for up to 2,000 people and that more than 500 had sought refuge in its emergency shelters. The landslides ripped through some homes and buried others. Some residents described awakening to find their next-door neighbors gone.

“The entire thing just collapsed,” said one. “It’s unbelievable.” The island’s only nuclear power plant, which was offline for routine safety checks, temporarily switched to a backup generator to keep its spent fuel cool. Nuclear regulators said there was no sign of abnormal radiation — a concern after a massive quake and tsunami in March 2011 that hit northeast Japan destroyed both external and backup power to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, causing meltdowns. Japan’s Meteorological Agency said the quake’s epicenter was 40 kilometers (24 miles) deep. But it still wreaked havoc across much of the relatively sparsely inhabited island. Many roads were closed and some were impassable. NHK showed workers rushing to clean up shattered glass and reinstall ceiling panels that had fallen in the region’s biggest airport at Chitose.

Japan is used to dealing with disasters, but the last few months have brought a string of calamities. The quake came on the heels of a typhoon that lifted heavy trucks off their wheels and triggered major flooding in western Japan, leaving the main airport near Osaka and Kobe closed after a tanker rammed a bridge connecting the facility to the mainland. The summer also brought devastating floods and landslides from torrential rains in Hiroshima and deadly hot temperatures across the country.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that up to 25,000 troops and other personnel would be dispatched to Hokkaido to help with rescue operations.


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