Can Kim Jong-un Launch The Biggest Missile Of ‘North Korea’s Ever Breaking 285 day’s Silence Tonight ?

Mars and Saturn Stationary points have been activated . Mars till 31st August and Saturn till 11th Sept. 2018  and in the trik bhavas in the varga charts in the fortnight starting from Early Morning of the 10th Sept. 2019. ASTROLOGY HAD PREDICTED THIS LONG BACK Kim will never leave its love for nukes and today being the Annunal Day the Probablity is all the more for Kim launching the biggest Missile ever . 9th Sept. 2018 unfortunately all the planets are in the gripp of the nodes, Mars and Saturn and Saturn Stationary can prove to be most Venomous and Kim taking an aggressive stance cannot be ruled out

26th-27th Sept. 2018 seems to be more provovative , but Saturn Stationary in the Trik Bhavas can be most venomous also in the present scenario
Chart of North Korea as per the Book of World Horoscopes is Below 9th Sept. 1948 12-00 hrs.

The Dasha of Moon and Venus is in operation till 27th Nov. 2018 and Mars and Ketu Conjunction in Transit will be there in the 3rd house of the neighbours till 6th Nov. 2018 and in the square position from the Natal conjunction in the 12th house making the Country war prone . The Dasha Lords are connected to the 7th house . The Dasha Lord Moon is placed in debilitation in the Lagna and Venus the 7th Lord in the 9th house and Transit Venus will be over the Mars and Ketu natal conjunction till 1st Jan. 2019 and Transit Mars will be with Ketu in the 3rd House and  aspect the natal Venus in the 9th house . Rahu Transit will be over the Natal Venus  and reaching the close degrees on the 27th Sept. 2018. Mars will activate the Eclipse point on the 26th Sept. 2018 in the 7th house from Venus Natal

The Transit Nodes are over the natal navamsha Lagna, this can make the situation more complicated , more so in the Navamsha in the 7th House Mars and Ketu are conjunct  and as per Navamsha Degrees Mars is at 4.46 degrees and Transit Mars will be exactly on these degrees on the 9th Sept. 2018. Saturn Stationary in Transit in the 2nd house in Sagitarius sign at 8.35 degrees will aspect the natal Mercury at 15 degrees  Natal and in Navamsha Saturn and Mercury are together

Transit Mars and Ketu Degree conjunct at 10.00 degrees on the 26th Sept. 2018 will be in square position from the natal and Natal Mars and Ketu are at 10 and 13 degrees , this parameter is definitely of concern  and more so Saturn Stationary on the 9th Sept. 2018 on the Annual day of North Korea. This Saturn has already activated the Natal Moon degreewise till 6th Sept. 2018 by retrograde aspect . See the degrees of Moon 9.08 and Transit Saturn 8.35

If the Chart of North Korea is correct which has been taken from the Book of World Horoscopes then Kim will definitely take an aggressive stance in the show off the Military Capabilities on the 9th Sept. 2018, the Probability of Launcing the biggest ever missile cannot be ruled out but seems that 26th -27th Sept. 2018 could be more provocative in this respect .

Let us have a look at the paksha kundali of the 9th Sept. 2018  night and early Morning 10th Sept. 2018 below  

The Lunation is taking place in the 2nd house on the early 10th Sept. 2018 and both the Luminaries are aspected by Strong 8th aspect of Mars  whose dipositor is placed in the 6th house in Stationary position. Saturn is ill placed in all the Varga charts in Trik Bhavas  and owns the Lordship odf the trik bhavas, hence the Aggressive stance by Kim cannot be ruled out  which could prove disaster for the country and for him it so seems . The 7th Lord and the 8th Lord in Stationary position. The Nodes in the 1/7 axis of the Ascendant and Mars aspects the Lagna and the Luminaries . Mras reaching the MEP and the Degrees of the Nodes may prove to be venomous for the Country it so seems . Mars in the 7th house is Prone for War like condition . The Luminaries are over the Natal Saturn and Sun. Natal Sun is 23 degrees and Transit Sun at 22.53 degrees . Transit Mars aspects the Sun and Saturn in the 10th house of the Natal chart and Mars aspects the natal Saturn degree-wise on the 10th Sept. 2018 early morning hours. The worst part in this fortnight is all the planets are in the gripp of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn and Saturn activating the Trik Bhavas in all the charts in the stationary position and Mars in the Kendra may trigger the events related to Missiles and Explosions since Mars is with Ketu and aspects the Rahu in the Lagna

The Planetary positions are taking an ugly stance not it seems and seems Kim may take the most aggressive action by displaying and launch of a biggest Missile ever , but Probability seems more on the 26=27th Sept. or 25th Oct . 2018. Venus the anter dahs Lord is going to Transit for 121 days in the sign Libra the 12th house of the chart over the natal Mars and Ketu till Venus becomes Retrograde on the 5th Oct. 2018 may be a period and time frame when JKim will be most aggressive and emotional for launching the nukes it so seems . Venus is a planet of Peace and treaty and hence after 25th Oct. 2018 the Treaty with US and the Neighbours cannot be ruled out the Tensions may remain it so seems

Some Parameter below which one may keep in mind reading the above

Please note Kim  Horoscope is not available and Book of World Horoscope also takes 2 dates of 9th and 10th Sept.  for the foundation chart of the North Korea and hence in the absence of Correct details the above Predictions can also go wrong, but one things is clear from the Planetary positions that they are Venomous and we can expect the worst specially around the 26th Sept. to 4th Oct. 2018 after which when Venus goes in retrogression thre may be peace and treaty talks 

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