Could US and Russian Troops ‘Start War By MISTAKE’ in ‘War Prone Torn Syria’

This is reference to my earlier Article “Could Syrian War Escalate The Brawl Between US-Russia ?” link…etween-us-russia/ dated 15th April 2018 I am Reproducing the Article here below

ASTROLOGY PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR as per the above article .The 30 year cycle of Saturn from  June 1990 when we had the Gulf War is getting completed in the present Scenario. Saturn is Stationary in the present context in the 5th house of US and Trump and in the 4th house of Russia in the foundation charts and till 11th Sept. 2018 most provocative period for the Brawl between the 2 nations to take ugly shape  .
The Dates 26th Sept . and 25th Oct. 2018 are also most sensitive since on these dates Mars will be activating the Eclipse points of the Lunar and the Solar eclipses of the July and August 2018 respectively

Now Read this “Could Syrian War Escalate The Brawl Between US-Russia ?” link…etween-us-russia/ dated 15th April 2018 I am Reproducing the Article here below


As per Media Reports “U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack” Dated 13th April 2018. Shortly after the attack, the Syrian presidency posted on Twitter, “Honorable souls cannot be humiliated.” The Attack took place around the 18.56hrs. The strikes risked pulling the United States deeper into the complex, multisided war in Syria and raised the possibility of confrontation with Russia and Iran, both of which were supporting Mr. Assad with military forces. Within 90 minutes, the Russian ambassador to the United States warned of “consequences” for the allied attacks.

While Mr. Trump vowed as recently as last week to pull American troops out of Syria, he said he would remain committed to the goal of preventing further chemical attacks.

 2 Sites were Targeted

Let us have a look at the chart of the Time of Attack to see the future of the Brawl Between the US and the Syrian Regime 

The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus placed in the 8th house of the event chart and is placed in the yama of Scorpio and the Lord is Mars  the 3rd and the 8th Lord laced with Saturn the 5th and the 6th Lord In Stationary Motion. The Yama Lord also aspects the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord  Mercury who is Debilitated and in Retrogression and attained Stationary mode , Hence it seems that the Results will be status Quo till Saturn is the Sign Sagitarius till 25th Jan. 2020 and More so till it attains back the Normal Motion on the 6thSep. 2018 . Since Saturn will go in Retrogression on the 18th April and its Stationary Motion as Retrograde will finish on the 23rd April 2018 there is possibility of US attacking Syria again on these dates and the Brawl will continue between the Nations . Both the  Life giving sources Sun and Moon are afflicted , hence there could also be loss of Lives in the attack. Moon connected to the 6th house and the 6th Lord in Stationary motion indicates the same . The Karna Lord is also Venus and placed in the 8th house and after  2nd May Mars the Yama Lord will aspect 8th house , but by then the Karna Lord and the Day Lord will ingress in Taurus  on the 19th April 2018 , Hence till 19th April 2018 the planetary positions may not be good in the present scenario. Though the Escalation in the Brawl between the Countries can take an ugly dimension from 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 for 187 days and specially around the July Eclipses in 2018, when Mars and Saturn are in Stationary mode between the 28th August to 11th Sept. 2018 and more likely when Mars activates the Eclipse points of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses on the 26th Sept and 25th Oct. 2018 respectively . This Time frame could be most venomous for the Brawl Between the US and the Russia 

The 10th house from the Lagna is stronger than the 10th house from the 7th house also the Lagna Lord will Gain strength after it Moves out of Debilitation on the 9th May 2018 and the 7th Lord of opponents remains in Retrogression till 10th July 2018. hence US is Stronger here then Syria regime and Russia may come to the rescue of its Friend Assad and join the Brawl with US . As per the timing  Mercury and Mars  attain special dimension and Mars is in the 7th Navamsha, hence the Brawl will be in the present scenario for 7 days  with Magnitude and as per Mercury for 3x4x2 =24 months total Tension between the Nations involved upto 13th April 2020 . The Tension is for 7 days and Russia joining the Syria against US cannot be ruled out  in the time frames mentioned above  


Let us also have a look at the charts of US, Russia and Syria

US Chart 

The above is the Foundation chart of US 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs as Taken By K N Rao

The present dasha running is Mars -Moon till 14-10-2018 and a Chidra Dasha and Moon placed in the 7th house of Wars  and Mars making the nation war mongering as per Principles of K N Rao. There is high probability of the Country taking Aggressive steps against the other Countries may be it is Trade war  or Escalation of Brawl between the Nations and in the Present context with Russia, Iran, China and other countries  . The Dasha of Rahu starting from the 14th Oct. 2018 will further put the Country at daggers drawn with other countries since Rahu is Placed in the 12th house and the Transit Rahu is also over the Natal Rahu till 25th March 2019

Present Scenario Satrurn Stationary aspecting 4 planets in the sign Gemini in the 11th house  could be most Crucial factor till 11th Sept. 2018 and then when Mars activates the Eclipse points in the Sign Capricorn over the natal Ketu on the 26th Sept and 25th Oct. 2018  

Asper the Article “Vedic Progression Chart Of US : What Stars Foretell from July 2017 to July 2019 ?”…017-to-july-2019/

The Next Year as per Vedic Progression of the Year July 2018 to July 2019 will be most Catastrophic. The Date 25th to 28th July  2018 will be explosive for the Country and the President . Terrorism, War, Natural and Unnatural Calamities will be most Catastrophic . US and Trump may be in a war mood specially In Sept. and Oct. 2018 when Mars activates the Eclipse points of the Lunar and Solar Eclipse on the 26th Sept. and 25th Oct. 2018 respoectively


July 2018

The Vedic Progression chart of this Year is worst from July 2018 and Moon in the 8th house aspected by  8th Lord Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, most Venomous for Wars 

Russia Foundation chart 


The Dasha in Operation is Rahu-Venus . The Eclipses over the Natal Saturn, Moon and Rahu could Bring downfall for Russia, Venus is placed in the 8th house . Saturn with Rahu and Connected to the 7th house , Dispositor of Venus in the 7th house .In the D11 Rudramasha Chart rhe Rahu and Venus are ill placed from the 10th Lord hence no success


The Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 over the natal Moon at 11.46 degrees in the nakshatra of Sharavana at the same degrees is most Venomous for Russia  and Russia can also take an aggressive stance and get into war like condition. The Transit of Rahu over natal Ketu and Ketu over Rahu are the most sensitive parameters along with the Moon Nakshatra and the Eclipse taking Place at 10 .56 degrees and Natal Moon is 11.46 and Rahu at 14.20 degrees . The 26th Sept. 2018 therefore could prove most venomous and the Brawl between Russia and Us could take an ugly dimension and then Mars activation of the Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse on the 25th Oct. 2018 is another time Venomous in the Present Scenario


Please refer to my earlier Article “WW3 Fears With Russia And US, As Trump On Door Step To Strike Syria” link…-to-strike-syria/  




Present Dasha Jupiter-Saturn  till 14-11-2020 both  the Dasha Lords are connected to the 7th house of Wars and crystal clear of the Happenings in the country from the chart. Please also read my Article on Syria “Syria War Prone ,Torn By ISIS:Will Stars Tear the Future ?”…l-for-the-future/ 


Saturn Stationary in the 3rd house of Neighbours  aspecting Rahu in the 5th house almost same degrees and the Eclipses of the July and August in the 4/10 axis  and Anter dasha of Saturn placed in the 7th house of Wars in Debilitation is a crucial Parameter for Syria. Transit Mars in Stationary position has already activated the Natal Ketu in the 11th house at close degrees today at the time of writing the Article . Mars today is 5.19 degrees  and 8th aspect of Mars is very powerful and that to from the 4th house where Mars is Placed with Ketu in Transit 

Vedic Progression chart Running Year till Nov. 2018

Moon  Connected to the Planets aspects the 7th house and the 7th Lord Mercury  and ill Placed from Moon and Mars and Saturn over the Natal Sun and Mercury for the disaster and the down fall of the Country 

Hence from the above it seems that US will take an Aggressive stance and attack any Moment with Dimension and the Brawl between Russia and  US may Take an ugly dimension and Syria  and the Gulf  Middle east Countries may become the Arena of War. The Time frame from the 6th Sept. to 25th Oct. 2018 seems to be most Venomous in this respect . This is indicative from the Venomous Parameters. The War like situations it so seems but Venus when becomes Retrograde and after 25th Oct. 2018 may also bring treaties it so seems to some extent though the tension may remain between the Countries  for a long time. The worst parameter is that in the paksha kundali of the 9th Sept. 2018 all the planets are in the perview of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn and Saturn Stationary till 11th Sept. 2018 for the Global events in all respects  

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