Full Moon Chart of 25th Sept. 2018: Mars Activating Eclipse Point Of Lunar Eclipse Most Venomous

Mars and Rahu Affliction from 26th Sept. to 4th Oct. 2018 may act as Ammunition dump in this fortnight 

For Mundane Predictions a very experienced and Expert Astrologers use the paksha or the lunar charts for brilliant short term predictions. Instances have shown of Hardeo Sharma Trivedi’s prediction about the wall street collaspeof Oct. 1987 one year in advance , the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was hinted  at by reffering  to communal tension in Uttar Pradesh and the dismissal of the Govt. of Kalyan Singh in the first fortnight  of Dec. 1992. Attention is paid to the house where the lunation takes place . Mars and Saturn Stationary points and Mars activation of the Eclipse point on the 26th Sept. 2018 is most venomous time frame  and Sept. Month seems to be most Venomous  as already Predicted by ASTROLOGY. The Stock and The Financial Markets have exactly behaved as predicted till the wrting of this Article 

Let us have a glimpse of the Full Moon chart of the 25th Sept. 2018 08-22 hrs what is has up its sleeves . The chart is below 

The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars and Placed in the yama of  Taurus the 8th house of the Chart and the yama Lord is Venus the 8th Lord from Lagna placed in the 8th from Moon is the most malefic parameter in this Full Moon chart. The Day Lord Mars is Avyogi and in Exhaltation but totally eclipsed by Ketu in the 4th house  and at very close degrees of Ketu which is placed at the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018. Mars is also the 2nd Lord from the Lagna and the 2nd From Moon and having Ishraaf Yoga with the Yama Lord Venus and differerence is 4 degrees and shows that 4 days back there was a Rollercoaster rides in the Financial and the Stock Markets. In this Lunation chart Moon is the Main Planet placed in the 6th house and 6th Lord in the Lagna with Yama Lord Venus  and is having complete Ithasla with Saturn and Mars is another Malefic component in this Full Moon chart.

The following parameters are most malefic in this fortnight.

1.Yama Lord Venus and  the 8th Lord from the lagna is placed in the 8th from Moon.  Most malefic parameter. 

2. Moon has ithasla with Mars , Saturn , Sun and Mercury  and Mercury in the nakshatra of Moon and Moon will be in the nakshatra of Mercury shortly  when Moon crosses the 16.40 degrees on the 26th Sept. 2018 after the midnight of the 25th Sept and early Morning of 26th Sept. 2018 at 01-03 hrs . At this point Mars will also activate the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 at 10 degrees . The chart is below

There is will be exchange of Nakshatra of Mercury and Moon on the 26th Sept. 2018 which is another parameter for Earthquakes, Untoward Happenings Natural and Unnatural.

3.In the Paksha Kundali the Affliction in the 4/10 axis is most venomous for a strong Earthquake. Planets in the Earthy signs in the Rashi and the navamsha are responsible for the same .When Moon goes in the 7th Navamsha of Capricorn after 5-6 hrs from the above chart time there may a strong Earthquake in the North and the North West Part of the Country as per the Koorma Chakra , since the Nakshatra Shravana is activated 

4. Mars activating the Eclipse point of 10 degrees in Capricorn of the Lunar Eclipse may prove ammunition dump and the effects of the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018

5. Asper Theory of Inevitability as per the Book of Nehru Dynasty  the Mars activation of the Eclipse point and anter dasha of Rahu or a planet which has the capacity to kil may bring disaster  and a downfall in the life of the native or a Nation. In this Connection China will be worst hit since the Eclipses took place in the 1/7 axis of the Asvendant and the Natal Moon and Debilitated Mars . A strong Earthquake is not ruled out . Already disaster by super Typhoon Mangkhut has taken place and at least 50 killed in south China . Rahu in the watery sign and adverse may bring Jal Pralay after 25th Sept. to 6th Oct. 2018


6. Wait and Watch the 26th-27th Sept. 2018, but Rahu is not adverse on this date but under acute affliction hence possibility of a Strong Typhoon or an Earthquake in India in the North and North west Part of the Country 

7.Mars will be out of the Cluthes of Ketu will become strong after 26th Sept. 2018

8. Moon is Placed in the 6th house hence the significations of the 6th house will be more predominent in this fortnight . Moon is Not afflicted hence the Stocks can again take a Roller-Coaster ride . North Node Rahu will be stationary from the 2nd Oct. to 6th Oct. 2018 This will be Most Crucial Period for the Global events when Mars will also activate the Eclipse point and same Navamsha with Ketu and Rahu Adverse . This Time frame  seems to be most Venomous for the Natiral and Unnatural Calamities 

9 . As per the natal chart of India the 6th house will be rising in this Full Moon chart and the Dasha in operation is of Moon-Jupiter . The Dasha Lords are in 6/8 axis in the Paksha Kundali  and Jupiter over the Natal Jupiter along with Lagna Lord who is also the 6th Lord . Hence the significations of the 6th house will be more prevalent in this fortnight . Political Tug of War More so the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord are in Square position hence stife and Quarrels between the Ruling Govt. and the oppositions Parties . Since Mars is behind Ketu there may also be split in the Oppositions Parties trying to unite with each other to oppose the ruling Govt. The Good thing is Venus will remain in Libra till 1st Jan 2019 and Mars will leave the sign of Exaltation on the 6th Nov. 2018 hence Ruling Govt. will be strong till this date although may face all type of allegations and mud slingings 

10 Kendras from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord there are malefics hence the good fructifiactions may not be  long lived . Affliction to Mars in the 4th House, Mining disasters, earthquakes, trouble to Govt. and extremely bad for the Real Estate Market

11. Placement of the Luminaries in the trik Bhavas and Ithasla with Mars and Saturn is also a Venomous Parameter 

12. Stock and  Financial Markets may see parallel situations of a Roller Coaster Ride and may be abreak specially after 26th Sept. 2018 and then between the 2nd to 6th Oct. 2018. 2nd Lord from Lagna and Moon Mars is under Affliction hence the Financial Condition of the Country, National Exchangerand Economy of the Country will be adversely influenced 

13.For India the Eclipse point is activated in the 9th house  and in the sign Capricorn which is the sign of India as per Varahamihra and will be under affliction hence the Period from the 26th Sept. to 6th Oct. 2018 will be most Venomous for the Political Scenario, Religious Issues, Natural and Unnatural Calamities. Rahu in the watery sign and adverse may bring Jal Pralay after 25th Sept. to 6th Oct. 2018 in the North and North west of the Country as per Koorma Chakra due to Shravana nakshatra affliction 

14. Venus and Jupiter in the Lagna will also bring Peace and Prosperity after a rough Ride.specially when Mars leaves the Sign Capricorn and Venus becomes retrograde after 5th Oct. and 25th Oct. 2018

15. All those Nations who had the eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna, Moon and Sun will be the influenced most by the Eclipse point activated in this fortnight . Needless to mention the Countries, Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Iran etc.. The Brawl between the nations may also take a ugly shape. Jal Pralay is not ruled out as per the time frma ementioned above and with magnitude when Rahu is adverse till 6th Oct. 2018. In totality till Mars in Capricorn till 6th Nov. 2018 will be a period of untoward happenings since Rahu and Ketu  will be afflicted by Mars .

16. Gold How Long it settles higher is a big question ? specially after Jupiter goes in Scorpio and is fallen after 23rd April to 9th Nov. 2019. I have already predicted it may surge in Sept. 2018 but the future is bleakafter Middle Oct. 2018 and specially as per the time frame mentioned above  webpage www.astrodocanil.com

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