Mars Activating the Eclipse Point Today And First Ever Fed September Interest -Rate Hike: Could Set Stocks Reeling

Mars out of the Clutches of Ketu and activating the Eclipse points of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses on the 26th Sept. and 25th Oct. 2018 respectively would be most crucial in this respect specially from the 2nd to 6th Oct. 2018 when Mars will also aspect Rahu the north node who will be in adverse motion and has the capacity to turn the tables upside down and give unexpected results beyond anybodies imaginations . Venus Turning Retrograde on the 5th Oct. 2018 is good for peace and treaty but Mars activating the Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse on the 25th Oct. 2018 may not allow the same till Mars in Capricorn till 6th Nov. 2018 , hence the Peace and Treaty  for Trade wars only possible by Venus after 6th Nov. to 16th Nov. 2018.  Hence till this time frame till 6th Nov. 2018 in this year will be a very volatile period for the Global events 

Now Read this “A first-ever Fed September interest-rate hike could set stocks reeling Wednesday ” link  

“Fed interest-rate decision days tend to be volatile, and of late a downer, for stock markets”

With the Federal Reserve all but certain to raise interest rates on Wednesday, investors may need to brace for sudden, unexpected market volatility as stocks have been underperforming on Fed Days in recent months.

Data published by Bespoke Investment Group Tuesday indicate that stocks, on average, fell 0.13% on the last 10 times the central bank held its policy meetings.

Adding to potential trouble, George Goncalves, head of U.S. rates strategy at Nomura, notes that a Wednesday rate hike would mark the first time that the Fed has tightened in September, a month in which the stock market historically has not performed well. Longer-term, stocks have done well on Fed Days with the S&P 500 rising an average of 0.28% since 1994 versus the average 0.03% for all trading days. Not surprisingly, the market tends to get an extra lift when the Fed cuts rates, logging gains of 0.44%, compared with 0.25% when it tightens monetary policy, according to Justin Walters, strategist and co-founder of Bespoke, in a note to clients.



Absolutely correct ,specially when Mars reaches the Eclipse point of the Luner Eclipse and North Node adverse from the 2nd to 6th Oct. 2018 and then Again Mars activates the Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse on the 25th Oct. 2018 are crucial parameters and Jupiter also ingressing in Scorpio and becoming attichari are most crucial parameters . Mars Aspects the Day Lord Mercury by strong 8th aspect as per the Transit positions
ASTROLOGY PREDICTED THIS LOUD AND CLEAR. It is obvious what the future is set for when the planetary positions are getting worse day by day

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ASTROLOGY PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THE STOCK AND FINANCIAL MARKETS . The Spikes disappeared after 28th August as Astrology predicted and not a single day the market has behaved with any spikes. Wait for some more news on this in Sept. 2018. Mars, Saturn and the Nodes acquire a special dinmension in the present scenario due to their changing their state of Motion . Rahu adverse and Gripping all the planets after 9th Sept. could prove venomous.
What ever is happening in the Stock and the Financial Markets is exactly in line . Wait for some more time and you will see more of this happening specially between the 6th to 11th Sept. 2018 and when Mars activates the Eclipse points of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the 28th July and 11th August 2018 on the 26th Sept and 25th Oct 2018 respectively. The worst will be when Saturn Stationary from 6th Sept. to 11th Sept. 2018 when Rahu will also be adverse till 8th Sept. 2018 and then again Rahu adverse just before the Mars activates the Eclipse point of ther Lunar Eclipse. Rahu can be most venomous from the 17th Sept. to 22nd Sept. 2018. As mentioned below the Paksha Kundalis of the 9th Sept. 2018 is most enigmatic due to the fact that there is Aroha Kaal Sarpa yoga from the 9th Sept. 2018.
This is with reference to my Article “Paksha Kundali of the 26th August, 9th Sept. 2018 Most Venomous: What They Foretell ?” link…at-they-foretell/

Mars and Saturn are now in Normal motion and Saturn and the Nodes reaching a point of Concern after the 25th-29th March 2019 and Saturn completing its 90 year cycle from 1929 after March 2019 can be a bolt from the blue for the Stock and the Financial Markets
In the present Scenario the worst time starts from the 17th Sept. to 4th Oct. 2018 for the Natural and Unnatural Calamities with magnitude . The Stock Markets could be impacted as well as already pointed out. This Proves on dot as ASTROLOGY predicted . The Nifty even broke the 11000 mark 

Nut shell

There could be a Roller-Coaster rides in the present scenario specially between 26th Sept. to 6th Oct. 2018 with Magnitude . The North Node Rahu will be instrumental to turn the glass of water upside down , more so since it will be adverse from the 2nd to 6th Oct. 2018. I have already mentioned in by other articles  that all the Planets are in the shadow of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn and now Mars will take the lead and even grip the Nodes and afflict them with magnitude . It is like what ever was under the curtain will be exposed and the ultimate in these terms till 6th Nov. 2018 till Mars leaves the sign Capricorn. The above time frame is also for all Global events written as discussed on my webpage

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