The Tale Of Missing Person Through Prashna Jyotish : Amazing Results

In this article I am going to discusss the Tail of the missing husband through Prashna Jyotish and corelate with the birth chart of the Female who had put the Query and Found the Dasha in Operation was Saturn-Mars which is supposed to be most crucial dasha since the Anter dasha Lord Mars is Debilitation Lord of the Dasha Lord Saturn. Unfortunately Saturn is a Fallen Planet in the chart of the Female and placed in the 8th house  the Manglaya sthan and the house of the longevity of the spouse . Mars is Placed in the Lagna and aspects the 8th house most crucial parameter and in Transit Saturn Stationary on the Fallen Planet and Mars in Trine in the 9th house from the natal Mars proved most Venomous for the Husband. For reasons best known I will not disclose the Birth details and the Prashna Details but discuss the Analysis for the Astrology lovers and the upcoming students of Astrology .Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the Natal and Prashna chart for both the Boy and Girl create havoc

The Birth Chart of the Missing Person is below

This Chart will be used to see if the Missing person is alive or not.

Some Parameters in the Birth chart

Current Dasha of Venus-Ketu  ending on the 4th Oct. 2018. Chidra Dasha 

Venus the Karka for Marriage placed in the 7th house and hence Karko Bhava Nasashaya

Anter Dasha Lord Ketu . Planet Afflicted By Ketu should not be connected to 7th house for good and Pious Marriage . This combination is like no Marriage .

The Mid Cusp Lord of the 7th house is Rahu and also under acute affliction and ill placed from the 7th Pad of the 7th house, Venus and the 7th house . There are 3 parameters negative in the Promise hence suffering after Marriage and therefore Marriage like no Marriage.

Lagna Lord placed in the 8th house and aspected by Saturn. Saturn is placed in the 8th house from the 8th Lord Jupiter and about to fall in Transit in June in the year of Birth with in the Time of his leaving the home 

Moon afflicted badly hence suicidal tendencies . 

Let us see the Chart at the time of leaving . For reasons best known I am not disclosing the Date 

In such cases the Lagna represents the missing person and since being towards the fixed sign and the navamsha also fixed the situations will remain the same and if a person has gone on journey he will remain in this state and may not return. Jupiter and Saturn both aspect the Lagna hence the query is pertaining to the whereabouts of the missing person a jeeva and hence a human being.

The Lagna is Gemini and the Lord is Mercury Retrograde and with Adverse Rahu in the 2nd house and aspected by 6th Lord Mars from the 8th house . The Lagna is also in the nakshatra of Mars . Moon is debilitated and placed in the 6th house and having Retrograde aspect of 8th and the 9th Lord Saturn from the 7th house . Moon is also in the nakshatra of the Saturn . The above combinations are not conducive for the missing person to arrive and come back safely home , more so the Lagna is aspected by Saturn the 8th and the 9th Lord Saturn who is stationary . Hnece the Status of the missing person remains Status Quo with no change .

The parameters acquiring special dimension are the Rahu in Adverse motion and Saturn Stationary. Hence the Time frmaes most agonising for the missing person are from the 9th Sept. 2017 when Rahu ingressed in the 2nd house and Saturn went in Retrogression on the 18th April 2018

Happiness is seenfrom the 4th house of the chart and has Venus Debilitated as the 5th andd the 12th Lord hence the main reason for the person missing is pertaining to the Love marriage  and since Venus is ill placed from the Sun and the 9th house . The Father and Mother of the missing person may not give the appna-pan to the daughter-in-law  and also  to the Son since he married a girl who is not as per the expectations of the parents. Both the Sun and Moon in the Chart are afflicted .Moon is under acute affliction hence the mother-in law may not like the girl in question and number of issues may crop up in their marriage .

Lagna Lord Mercury in Retrogression and exact tajik aspect with Venus the Karka for Marriage and Debilitated in the 4th house is the major concern for his missing from the home . There is exact degree Tajik aspect of Mercury , Venus and also with Debilitated Moon . This combination reveals that the native may not return, more so Moon has aspect of Retrograde Saturn who also aspects the Lagna  There is difference of 9 degrees from Moon hence the coming 9 days , but Saturn Retrograde aspecting the Moon by retrograde aspect at the same degrees may force the native to take a extreme step due to the fact that Saturn is also aspected by Mars Retrograde in the 8th house and there is afflcition to the Mars in the 8th house 

From the above it seems that every thing happened immediately after he left home after a tiff with his parents on the Marriage issue  and  was in extreme depressive state . Saturn and Mars in the 7th and the 8th house and Moon afflicted in the 4th house indicates that the Person on jopurney may have come across thieves who looted  money what ever he had in possession and in the multiple of 4 since in this Chart Mars has a Prominent role in the 8th house and has a Ray of 4 . Latter I was tols by the querist that the missing husband in possession Rs 4 Lakhs. Mtas in the 8th house and afflicted and as the lord of the Sign Aries and the Scorpio and and in affliction in the 8th house indicates that the thieves after robbing the missing husband hit him on the head with a weapon or rod and threw him on the railtracks in the western side from his home and at a distance around 5-9 kms  in an isolated place . Mars aspects the 3rd house and also the 11th house hence this also shows that the Elder sister was also not on good terms with the missing person. Latter a Body was found on the rail tracks alond with his mobile as well.

The Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord and Jupiter the Karka for Husband have a inimical tajik aspect and shows that there were repeated quarrels between the Missing person and his wife 

There are no combinations for Return and the most Malefic Parameters are 

. Mercury and Rahu in the 2nd house . Rahu Adverse 

Mercury, Venus and Moon Ithasla and Moon and Venus Debilitated  4th House and the Moon  hence Mother of the Missing person was not on good terms with the daughter-in law. 

Moon in the 6th house Debilitated aspected By Saturn degree-wise by retrograde aspect and Saturn aspected by Mars from the 8th house by retrograde aspect 

Poorna Ithasla of  Mercury and Venus, Saturn and Moon indicates what ever happened was immediate  aftyer his leaving the home after a tiff with his parents .The Missing person met some Thieves and was beaten badly since he resisted the thieves and met with evil circumstances 

The Bhandan Saham is Aries sign and the Lord is Mars under affliction and placed in the 8th house with Ketu

8th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord and Moon —- Most Crucial 

Let us confirm the death by other principles  since  to predict Death is not good with out confirmation

1. The Above Planetary positions are not condicive for his return

2. At the time of the Prashna raised in Sept. 2018  the Dwadamsha of Sun is Gemini which is the Lagna at thetime of his leaving the Parents after a tiff.

3. Janam Lagna of the missing Person is Leo = 5  8th house of the Birth chart is Pieces = 12  adding the 2= 5+12= 17

Adding the Prashna Lagna at the time of Leaving is Gemini = 3  Hence 17+3 = 20 , Now Lagnesh is Placed in the sign Pieces in the natal chart .Now Multiplyinf the 12 with 20 = 20X12 = 240. Now the 8th Lord in the natal chart is Placed in the sign 3  hence dividing the figure 240 by 3  the remainder is zero . Similair Results are also obtained taking the Prashna chart raised in Sept. 2018. Hence the Native is no More.

Now see the Natal chart of the querist .


On the day of Disappearance the Native was under the dasha of Saturn-Mars-Saturn  when the husband went missing . It is self xplainatory. Saturn is Fallen in the 8th house and on the day of the Prashna between the 6th to 11th Sept. 2018 Saturn was stationary over the natal Fallen Saturn and also direct. Mars and Ketu over the Natal Rahu near very close degrees . Rahu over the Natal Jupiter karka for Husband and Moon Debilitated in the 7th house at the time of Leaving the Parents clearly points out that the Marriage of the Couple was not a healthy one and Marriage was like a no Marriage inspite of the fact the 2 were liking each other but due to Parents interference the tragedy took place . *rth house of the female is the mangalaya sthan and should not be afflicted since it indicates the Longevity of the husband and Saturn is also the Karka for Longevity and since Fallen proved most venomous for the Querist 

Boy is manglik from Moon and Venus 

Girl is Manglik from the Lagna and Moon

8th Lord of the Birth chart of the Boy Jupiter is afflicted in the chart of the Girl in Rahu-Ketu axis and 8th house afflicted badly

In the Case of the Boy the Lagna is Leo and has no affliction in th chart of the Girl

Sun in the case of the Boy is in Pieces and is aspected by Debilitated Venus from the girls chart

Moon in the sign Cancer in the case of the Boy and afflicted by Ketu from the girls chart and Moon is also afflicted badly in the case of the Boy. Hence the adverse situations took place for the Husband

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