Amazing Results By Prashna Jyotish For Query of Car Theft

Venus the Karka for Vehicles and kendra from Venus under affliction  from the 1st Sept. 2018 to 1st Jan. 2019, One has to be even careful for the Vehicles Purchased during this time since there is  affliction to the kendras from Venus and if Venus is also afflicted any way in the chart of a person then there is also possibility of Vehicles theft and breaking on the road due to some defects .Special care to be taken in such cases till 6th Nov. 2018 since Mars is in Kendra from Venus and afflicts Rahu.and Ketu both. We have already seen the state of affairs as ASTROLOGY PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR FOR THE BOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES REVEALING ADVANCES MADE BY MEN as per my previous article “New Moon Chart of the 9th Oct. 2018 What It Foretells ?” link…hat-it-foretells/ 

In this Article I am discussing the Theft of a Vehicle what Bhattopala says as per Prashna Gyan and hits the nail on the head for the Predictions . Mars, Saturn and the 7th Lord are the main Parameters . The Chor Graha has to be afflicted but the 7th Lord has also to be given due importance . In the Article of the theft discussed below Mars Placed in the 6th house is the Chor Planet and Saturn as the 7th Lord has to be given due importance for the Predictions 

Yesterday evening  on the 11th Oct. 2018 some people knocked at my door and  informed me that their New Car was stolen from the Park adjoining to my house  and since I have CCTV installed they wanted to see the recordings if they could give some clue and the exact time of Theft . The Clippings could not be seen due to incorrect password fed . Hence I asked the owner the rough time of the theft and he disclosed that the Car is missing since early Morning of 11th Oct. 2018 around 04-30 am . Since the Morning Walkers  noticed some Broken Glasses of window pans on the Road .Also the owner of the Car went to another neighbour and according to the clippings he got a time between 04-00 am to 04-25 am. I disclosed the Owner that Since I was an Astrologer I could help him give some vital clues . I immedaitely opened the Laptop and started to make the Charts from 4.25 am and found Leo Lagna which did  suite the Parameters laid by Bhattopala.

The Following Parameters acquire important dimension for Theft as per Prashna Gyan of Bhattopala

1. Leo Sign rising and Mars and Saturn 7th Lord placed in the houses 3,6,8,or 12 or Marsor Saturn placed in the 6th house . In the chart Mars is placed in the 6th house in exalation and aspects the Lagna and  Saturn is the 7th Lord 

2. As per Mook Prashna when odd sign is rising for Car Theft the Navamsha has to be 1,4 or 7th for Dhatu Query.  I immediately constructed the chart of the Leo Lagna with 7th Navamsha of Libra . of 04.06 hrs of the 11th Oct. 2018 and got vital details 

See the Prashna chart below 


3. With this chart in view it clearly points out that the query is pertaining to Car theft 

4. Navamsha rising of Libra  which is owned by Venus Karka for Vehicles and Libra in the Rashi Chart 4 Planets are placed viz Venus, Moon .2nd Lord  Mercury and 8th Lord Jupiter . There is also Poorna Ithasla of Venus, Mars and Moon at 16 degrees and since there is a square aspect  it is an inimical ithasla and Venus being Retrograde the Ithasla is a Radda Yoga and a strong negative parameter to get back the Car in a good state  . There is also a Ithasla of the 2nd Lord Mercury (Money of the Owner ) with 7th Lord Saturn (Thief) very close degrees and shows a difference of 2 degrees and hence after 2 days the Car may be removed to a distant place , since the 7th Lord is placed in a dual sign and not in the kendra the distance may be 13+26 = 39 Km from the place of theft , since the 7th Navamsha is rising  and till 5th Namasha the distance is 13 Km and every increase of Navamsha adds 13 Kms . The Lagna Nakshatra Lord is of Poorva Phulgani and hence Lord is Venus and the Car may be moved to South East Direction. Arudha Lagna is Libra the Vehicle has moved away far off and as explained above 39 Km from the place of Theft. Jupiter is also entering the 4th house as the Lord of the 5th and the 8th house on the 11th Oct. Evening  and hence gains from the theft after 19.20 hrs , since Jupiter is the 2nd Lord from the 4th house and 4th house is the Property of the the Owner .   

5. Value Of Car The Lagna Lord Sun  of the Prashna is in own sign  in Navamsha indicates that the Article Lost is Expensive and was almost new . 

6.  Mode Of Theft Mars aspects the Rahu in the 12th house  and Rahu is significator for Glass and since Placed in the Left side of the Chart the Left Rear Class would be broken to enter the Car , Why Rear is because the 3rd Dreshkanne is rising in the Lagna and which signifies the rear. 12th house is also loss. 

7. Size of Car Leo is Medium Ascension hence the Car is of Medium size .The Car in Question is Medium size

8.  Color of Car Leo Sign is rising the Car has to be Pale white or Smoky. The Car is Question is white

9. Who is the Thief  As a Rule 7th Lord Saturn is the Thief , But Mars placed in the 6th house aspecting the Lagna Mars is the Thief, hence a Servant  wearing Dark Clothes . 

10. Based on the 3rd Dreshkanne of Leo  The Thief has the following significations 

Male, Reached the spot using a chatuspad  hence a Vehicle 

Ugly Face like a bear, actions of a Monkey, long beard, short hair or may be a clean shaven head, Youthful and Stubborn, Short Stature and wearing  White and Black Clothes 

11. Based on Navamsha Lagna Libra  Young Youth

12.Based on Leo Lagna Caste of the Thief  Kshatriya 

13. 7th Lord in Male sign a Male  is the thief 

14. Direction of the Vehicle where it has gone  by the Lord of Nakshatra Venus hence South East Direction 

15. Place where the Stolen Car is Kept by the Lagna rising and the Significations of the 4th House  . 4th House is Scorpio near Water Tanks or Ponds Under ground or Caves . Leo sign is Hills , Caves and Forests in the Back Portion about 39 KMs from the place of theft  in the South Eastern direction. 7th Lord in the 5th house in Dual sign the Thief has run away from the city 

 Planet aspecting the Lagna is Mars and in the 2nd half in a Workshop e.g Blacksmith. The Vehicle may be kept in the back portion  near a Kitchen or a food joint. Since the Mars aspects the Lagna the Vehicle will change hands after 11th Oct. 2018 19.20 hrs

16. Lagna is Fixed and Kendras and Konas donot have benefics  and Navamsha movable  and in a query related to wealth loss of wealth.

The Person asking the query is seen from the Lagna , the property from the 4th house , thief from the 7th house and the police from the 10th house , here the 4th Lord is in the 6th house and in Rahu-Ketu axis . The Profession of the thief is seen from the 8th house and the 8th Lord is placed in the 3rd house with 3 more planets . Moon making perfect ithasla in the 3rd house the Property will not be recovered although the Thief may be traced , since the Lagna is aspected by Mars 

17. There is an ishraaf yoga between the 7th Lord and Moon hence the suspected person is the Thief and also involved in such acts before  and since there is a difference of 7 degrees , may have been involved in another Car theft 7 days back also  . It was disclosed latter by the owner that the Vehicle was given for servicing a day before and a person with similair  significations mentioned above had come to deliver the same . The Person really behaved like a monkey after parking the Car near the Park looking here and there and surprised that a vehicle about one year old was almost like a new one . All the above significations matched the above  and the suspicion is also on him. Moon also has Rudda Yoga with Venus and Mars the Thief Planet , hence the suspected person is the Thief

18. Name of the Thief  Since the 7th Lord is in the sign Sagitarius the Name of the Thief could be with the letters starting from  Y, B, D 

19. As per the nakshatra Swati  Few Persons are involved in the theft, Property goes to the North direction after 2 days  and no hope for recovery of the Vehicle , although the thief may be traced , Mercury is Combust being the 2nd Lord with Moon there are chances of the police tracing the culprit. Police amy also favour the Thief since the 2nd Lord and 8th Lord with 10th Lord Venus , Since Venus is Retrograde this may be the 3rd theft committed by the Theft  even since Venus has entered in the sigh Libra after the 1st Sept. 2018

20. Using the Chaturthamsha Chart D4  Jupiter is afflicted and with 12th Lord shows despair of wealth. Lagna Lord and Venus along with Moon in the 12th house and in Rahu-Ketu axis  . The D16 chart for the Vehicles also shows crystal clear that the vehicle may not be traced at all since Rahu-Ketu in the Lagna 

The Owner was surprised that we could reach to such fine details as per Prashna Jyotish and on dot. The Police is taking time but given all the details. The Person involved may be traced since the Lagna is aspected by Mars and bad for the Thief, but the vehicle may not be traced and if traced may have been dismantled by then . At the time of writing the Article 2 days have passed and no trace of any culprit and there is very little hope for the Vehicle to be traced , since it has changed hands  and untill the Police takes strong actions the Vehicle may not be traced at all. As per the combinations above there is very little hope for any good for the Owner . Venus sign is rising in the navamsha and Venus is in the 5th Navamsha and hence it may take 15×5= 75 days for some report for the Vehicle claim from the insurance . Jupiter the significator for Insurance will be in the 4th house  may give him the claim with Depreciation , since the 4th Lord Mars is placed in the 6th house. The Owner may get a Value less then the Price of a New Vehicle , since the 4th Lord is in the 6th House under affliction, hence a loss for the owner and also he will be with out a vehicle till  Venus Leaves the Sign Libra and Joins Jupiter the Karka for Insurance, hence only possible around the middle of Jan 2019. Mars joining the sign Aquarius and Saturn aspecting the Mars in Aquarius will be the time when the Culprit can be traced and hence after 6th Nov. 2018,  and after Venus joins Scorpio and aspects the 10th house after 1st Jan 2019

Latter on the 12th Oct. 2018 in the evening the Correct password was entered  and we could see clearly from the CCTV installed at my house and found a Car crossing my house at 3.55 am hrs in which Probably the Thieves were there and the Vehicle in questions went in the Eastern Direction to wards Mathura Road from Jungpura Extn at about 4.20 hrs or so and the number plates of the Car were removed  From the other fottage it could be established that the Car in which the thieves had come was parket very near to the Car in Question and the rear left window pan was broken for entry in the car 

All the Above analysis matched almost 100 %.   

Written on 13th Oct. 2018 5.25 Hrs. New Delhi 

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