Amritsar Train Mishap: Astrology Predicted Loud And Clear

The Yama signs and the Lords of the Yama signs along with Day Lord are the main Planets for any event to happen asper the Prashna Jyotish  and unfortunately no one pays any attention to these parameters . In this article I have also reached a research which is also eloborated in this article . ASTROLOGY  must be used for positive perspective , it is high time now . We have progressed so much but have no control on the evil happenings . If we study astrology and do research most of our Problems can be solved to quite an extent . It is like driving on the road and when we know there is a rough road ahead then we can drive with caution

A train plowed into a crowd of 500 Dussehra revellers who had spilled over to railway tracks on the outskirts of Amritsar in Punjab at 07.00 PM. Read this media news “4 lapses that killed 60 in Amritsar Train Accident ” link

ASTROLOGY SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR ABOUT TRAIN ACCIDENT  asper the Article “New Moon Chart of the 9th Oct. 2018 What It Foretells ?” link…hat-it-foretells/ 

Read this para “

The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars and in the yama of  Taurus and the Yama sign is tne 8th house of the New Moon Chart and the Lord is Placed in the Lagna with Jupiter the 6th Lord at the MEP of the Lagna is the most crucial point .Mercury is also Placed in the Lagna with Jupiter and Venus who is Retrograde and the Longitudnal difference between Venus and Mercury will be reduced to zero on the 15th Oct. 2018 when the Nodes will be in adverse motion is not good for the Stock and Financial Markets in totality . The Yama Sign Taurus the 8th house and the Lord placed in the Ascendant is a strong negative in this fortnight , it signifies events related to the 3rd and 6th house more so Jupiter 3rd and 6th Lord  at the MEP of the Lagna with 12th and the 8th Lord  indicate Accidents  and blood shed 

In the Paksha Kundali the placement of the Luminaries is most important and  the results in the fortnight will be experienced pertaing to the significations of the house and since the 12th house and the Lord Mercury in the Lagna . The Day Lord is ill placed from the 5th house and the 5th Lord Saturn  hence the significations of the 5th house will also suffer . Jupiter placement at the MEP as the 3rd Lord  and Mars and Saturn who are Karka for Accidents  placed in the 3rd and 4th house also indicate Road and Rail accidents

Let us first have a look at the chart of the 9th Oct. 2019  which indicated a Rail accident for which ASTROLOGY SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR 

The Chart is Below of the 9th Oct. 2018 09-17 hrs New Delhi

Let us have a look at the chart of the 19th Oct. 2018 at 19.00 hrs.. The Media report says the exact time of happening is 18.50 hrs.  by Zee News 

Astrology is most amazing and the above chart opens area of Research also that we can also predict the exact date of any event if the Planets are studied properly.

The Following parameters lead to the accident and the parameters acquire an important dimension for future analysis of the Paksha Kundali 

1. Note the Degrees of the Luminaries at the time of the New Moon chart of the 9th Oct. 2018  21.41 

2. There was Ishraaf yoga and a Rudda yoga between the Lagna Lord Venus and the 7th Lord Mars  , we can also say the Ishraaf yoga between the 8th Lord Venus and the 7th Lord  Mars more so the Yama sign on the New Moon day was the sign Taurus and the 8th house of the chart showing losses of all kind  and a major event where loss of lives could be there .

3. The Planet with lowest degrees is Mercury and the the 12th Lord where the Luminaries are placed acquires a special dimension in giving the results in the Fortnight . Mercury is also the 3rd and the 6th Lord of the natural Zodiac and when reaches the degrees of the Luminaries the event concerning the Losses and permanent damega could take place .

4.  The Day Lord is Mars and hold the main clue in the fortnight  and when Aries Lagna would rise would give a disaster relating to Rail and Road  since 3rd house is Road and Rail traffic and Mars the Karka for Rail Tracks 

Amazingly the Chart of the 19th Oct. 2018 at 18.50 hrs shows that the event could be predicted  for the date and the time , Although ASTROLOGY PREDICTED THE EVENT .

Now let us analyse the chart of the 19th Oct. 20-18 18.50 hrs and the following parameters acquire a special dimension

The Day was friday and the Lord is Venus , Note the Day was Tuesday in the New Moon chart earlier  . Venus is Placed in the yama of Scorpio the 8th house of the Chart on the 19th Oct. and the Lord is afflicted and placed in the 10th house . The Yama sign is exactly opposite at the time of the New Moon chart .This shows Mas death as was predicted in the New Moon chart. 8th Lord and Yama Lord placed in the 10th house and afflicted and also afflicting the Nodes 

The Lagna degrees are 21.0 the same as the Time of the New Moon chart of 21.0 degrees and the Nakshatra is of Venus  . The Planets acquiring an important dimension at the time of New Moon chart were Mars and Mercury as explained above , Now see the degrees of the Mars and Mercury both over 20 degrees and there is  Poorna ithasla between Mercury and Mars , Mercury here is the 3rd and the 6th Lord and Mars will mainly give the results of the 8th house since the day Lord is placed in the yama of Scorpio the 8th House  where the 9th Lord is placed and shows the lapse of the  law for burning the Ravana near the rail tracks 

Both the Luminaries are afflicted the life giving planets and there is also an ishraaf yoga between the Sun and the Moon , hence no one will take the responsibility of the Accident 

Written on 20th Oct. 2018 07.25 Hrs. New Delhi

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