Astrology Predicted Loud And Clear For Venus Affliction In Natal and Transit From 1st Sept. to 1st Jan 2019 : Venomous


I wrote in the morning on my facebook page Astrologer-astrodocanil- at 07-00 hrs  Regarding the Sex Scandles coming out of the bags of Celebrities and Bollywood actors  due to affliction to Venus in the kendra and kona  by Malefics in Transit  and if the same is there in the natal chart person will be exposed of the same between 1st Sept to 1st Jan 2019 

ASTROLOGY PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR on the Bollywood Stories of Women exploitation
Article “New Moon Chart of the 9th Oct. 2018 What It Foretells ?” link…hat-it-foretells/
Read this Para
“Significations of the 5th House
Educational Institutions, Entertainment Industry, Speculations , Hotel Industry,weather conditions, Volcanic Eruptions , Trade and Agriculture , The Trade wars will also not be solved it so seems in this Fortnight though Venus Retrograde may help in the same after it becomes an Evening Star as indicated in this article .Bollywood Stars could suffer Marital Disputes and may become the breaking news. Kendra and Kona from Venus afflicted badly in this fortnight , in fact from the 1st Sept. 2018 onwards . Shastra says Venus has to be seen as a separate planet and when the Kendra and Kona from Venus are afflicted then Luck and Fortune are missing also when Kona are afflicted then the Women does not get the apnapan and the security . In the present Scenario till Venus is in Libra till 1st Jan. 2019 the Kendras are afflicted badly by Mars, Ketu and Rahu and Kona by Saturn , hence the Luck, Fortune, Apnapan and Security of the women suffers to a great extent. The Marriage taking place in this time frame is therefore critical specially for those Men and Women who have entered into relationships and also have such afflictions can there suffer to a great extent . Such cases will also be exposed in the Entertainment Industry and Bollywood from the Sept. 2018 to 1st Jan 2019. Women blaming Men for Exploitations and could be breaking news for some Marital Relations Break by some Bollywod Actress”

N Number of Cases reported by media All having afflictions as explained above 

Now Analyse your self and you would appreciate that the Parameters of Astrology are Replicable  and Authentic as per the  Nadi Shastra 


Disclaimer Clause may be applicale in this case and the writer is not responsible for the news given by media 


Written on 10th Oct. 2018 18.25 Hrs. New Delhi 

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