Mars, Saturn and Nodes Play Nasty for Bloodbath In Financial Markets and Earthquake In Indonesia As Astrology Predicted Loud and Clear

by anil aggarwala

Astrology Hits The Nail On the Head : Stock Market and Earthquake Predictions Between 2nd Oct. to 4th Oct. 2018 On Dot  



Predictions By ASTROLOGY MAINLY ON THE Earthquake , Stock and the Financial Markets hit the nail on the head , Sorry for people who have suffered
Articles Prove Astrology can Predict any thing

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Mars, Saturn , and the Nodes play the nasty game as predicted and even the Date is on Dot

Long Live My Guru. I stand up to give him ovation for inculcating high skills in ASTROLOGY
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Sensex Tanks about 800 points; 4 factors weighing on the market , Rupee

In the forthcoming sessions, if Nifty doesn’t stabilise around its 200-days EMA of 10,785 levels, traders should prepare themselves to see the index heading towards 10,557 levels, said Mazhar Mohammad of
As predicted the Mars, Saturn and the Nodes have played the nasty game and there does not seems to be good in the near future for any major improvement  in the Stock and the Financial Markets . Venus will play the role for Peace and Treaty after 5th Oct. 2018, but mind you Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Soplar Eclipse on the 25th Oct. 2018, hence we cannot expect any major improvement till Mars in the sign Capricorn hence any improvement can only be expected after 6th Nov to 16th Nov. 2018 if any in the year 2018
Indian rupee slips 24 paise to hit new record low of 73.58/USD
Read the Nut shell written in the earlier Article below 
Nut shell
There could be a Roller-Coaster rides in the present scenario specially between 26th Sept. to 6th Oct. 2018 with Magnitude . The North Node Rahu will be instrumental to turn the glass of water upside down , more so since it will be adverse from the 2nd to 6th Oct. 2018. I have already mentioned in by other articles that all the Planets are in the shadow of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn and now Mars will take the lead and even grip the Nodes and afflict them with magnitude . It is like what ever was under the curtain will be exposed and the ultimate in these terms till 6th Nov. 2018 till Mars leaves the sign Capricorn. The above time frame is also for all Global events written as discussed on my webpage
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