New Moon Chart of the 9th Oct. 2018 What It Foretells ?

The Planetary positions have been sickening  specially all the Planets in the shadow of the Nodes , Mars and Saturn  who have  cast an evil spell on the Global Events specially on the Stock , Financial Markets  Earth Quake in Indonesia and both ese 2 Parameters were PREDICTED BY ASTROLOGY WELL IN ADVANCE  AND PROVED ON DOT between the 2nd and 4th Oct. 2018

Month of Oct. 2018 also not good till the 9th Oct. 2018 but there seems to be some improvement in respect to personal levels due to the following planets in pious state since in Pushkar Navamsha  

The following planet are in Pushkar navamsha
1.Moon from 6.40 degrees to 10.0 degrees in Virgoon the 8th Oct. 2018
2.Mars from 13.20 to 16.40 degrees till 13th Oct.2018
3. Jupiter ingressing in Scorpio and in Pushkar Navamsha from the 11th Oct. to 25th Oct. 2018 is very pious .
It is considered most pious when planets are in Pushkar navamsha. Hence some relief may be expected it so seems , but one parameter asper financial Astrology is adverse that is longitudnal distance between 2 planets Venus and Mercury decreasing is crucial for Markets and till Venus changes its mode there could not be any phenomenal improvement and also till Venus becomes an Evening star after  2nd Nov and 16th Nov. 2018  when it becomes direct . The trend will be negative and Roller Coaster rides in between . 


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Let us have a look at the New Moon chart of the 9th Oct. 2018 what it Foretells ? 

The Chart is Below

The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars and in the yama of  Taurus and the Yama sign is tne 8th house of the New Moon Chart and the Lord is Placed in the Lagna with Jupiter the 6th Lord at the MEP of the Lagna is the most crucial point .Mercury is also Placed in the Lagna with Jupiter and Venus who is Retrograde and the Longitudnal difference between Venus and Mercury will be reduced to zero on the 15th Oct. 2018 when the Nodes will be in adverse motion is not good for the Stock and Financial Markets in totality . The Yama Sign Taurus the 8th house and the Lord placed in the Ascendant is a strong negative in this fortnight , it signifies events related to the 3rd and 6th house more so Jupiter 3rd and 6th Lord  at the MEP of the Lagna with 12th and the 8th Lord  indicate Accidents  and blood shed 

In the Paksha Kundali the placement of the Luminaries is most important and  the results in the fortnight will be experienced pertaing to the significations of the house and since the 12th house and the Lord Mercury in the Lagna . The Day Lord is ill placed from the 5th house and the 5th Lord Saturn  hence the significations of the 5th house will also suffer . Jupiter placement at the MEP as the 3rd Lord  and Mars and Saturn who are Karka for Accidents  placed in the 3rd and 4th house also indicate Road and Rail accidents 

Significations of the 5th House 

Educational Institutions,  Entertainment Industry, Speculations , Hotel Industry,weather conditions, Volcanic Eruptions , Trade and Agriculture , The Trade wars will also not be solved it so seems in this Fortnight though Venus Retrograde may help in the same after it becomes an Evening Star as indicated in this article .Bollywood Stars could suffer Marital Disputes and may become the breaking news.  Kendra and Kona from Venus afflicted badly in this fortnight , in fact from the 1st Sept. 2018 onwards . Shastra says Venus has to be seen as a separate planet and  when the Kendra and Kona from Venus are afflicted then Luck and Fortune are missing also when Kona are afflicted then the Women does not get the apnapan and the security . In the present Scenario till Venus is in Libra till 1st Jan. 2019 the Kendras are afflicted badly by Mars, Ketu and Rahu and Kona by Saturn , hence the Luck, Fortune, Apnapan and Security of the women suffers to a great extent . The Marriage taking place in this time frame is there for critical specially for those Men and Women who have entered into relationships and also have such afflictions can there suffer to a great extent . Such cases will also be exposed in the Entertainment Industry and Bollywood from the  Sept. 2018 to 1st Jan 2019. Women blaming Men for Exploitations and could be breaking news for some  and in some case Marital Relations Break by some Bollywod Actress

Significations of the 12th house 

War and Losses, espoinage, secret plots, military hospitals,assassinations arson, lot,kidnapping, conspiracy, gambling, prostitution , imprisonment , scandles, misfortunes, epidemics, since the 12th Lord is in the Lagna foreign powers will try to influence  policy of the Country. Hence Spies, and Conspiracies will be on the cards . Day Lord Mars is ill placed from Saturn and the 5th house  hence the 5th house will also be advertsely influences  which also signifies speculations, Entertainment industry, more so the Placement of Venus in the Lagna and 4th and the 10th house from Venus under affliction, marriages will be influenced adversely those going through strained relations  specially from the 16th to 18th Oct. 2018. Women have to be careful this fornight 

Earthquakes also cannot be ruled out since affliction in the Rashi and the navamsha chart in Eartty signs by Mars and Luminaries also in the Earty signin Virgo

The Lagna in Dagdha Rashi and Venus Avyogi add to the negatives in this fortnight  more so Venus is evening star  till 1st Nov. 2018 and also Retrograde till 16th Nov. 2018. The Bollywood Stars could suffer  on account of Venus the prime planet for the Film Industry and Marital Relations . A Bollywood  relationship break may be on the cards and Breaking News . The Stock Market could also observe some sudden change  in the scenario

The nodes in the 4/10 axis is a strong malefic placement and tug of War in the Political scenario of the Country 

Nut Shell

The Planetary positions may be good till they are in Pushkar Navamsha at personal levels but Globally speaking there will be little respite . Mars and Jupiter in Pushkar Navamsha are very good Parameters for Cancer Lagna and those who have these Planets owning good houses , Mars and the 6th or the 8th Lord in Pushkar Navamsha is supposed to be extremely good and like Amrit till 13th Oct. 2018. Jupiter from 11th to 25th Oct. 2108 most pious . But soon will become attichari . I will write a separate Article on the Ingress of Jupiter in Scorpio on the 11th Oct. 2018. In totality the Fortnight starting from the 9th Oct. 2018 is an enigmatic one 


Written on 8th Oct. 2018 13.25 Hrs. New Delhi

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