26th Nov.- 2nd Dec. 2018 : Stock and Financial Markets May Take Strong Bumpy Rides

North node Rahu is instrumental in shaking the Financial and the Stock Markets and has the capacity to turn the Markets upside down and beyond anybodies imaginations . Rahu is smoky and when with Moon or sun becomes extremely malefic  and strong . It creates fear  from any aspect in life , more over Mercury the planet of our physocology is also Retrograde and along with Jupitet under tatal combustion. 

In this context see the chart of the 28th Nov. 2018 below as per the Article under reference “Full Moon Chart of 23rd Nov. 2018 Most Enigmatic One”

In the Paksha Kundali   of 23rd Nov. 2018Rahu and Ketu in the 1/7 axis of of the mojor Varga Charts  and when these nodes are Venomous and adverse  you can expect any thing for that purpose as mentioned in the above cited article . Hence even if the Market takes a positive trend it may end up in a negative during this time frame. This Time frame is most malefic for the global events which may influence the Financial Markets in a big way, may it be Terrorism Natural or Unnatural Calamities , Politics, Earthquakes with Magnitude . The Ketu in Paap Kartari yoga and Saturn in Nakshatra Gandantha may influence the Oil Markets as well 

I don’t want to write any thing on this . But it may be noted that till 2nd Dec. 2018 from 26th Nov. 2018 the Planetary positions will be most Venomous and events pertaining above can take place . Mars Most Predominant in all the charts  . 

This is with Reference to  ASTROLOGY ARTICLE “Full Moon Chart of 23rd Nov. 2018 Most Enigmatic One” link  https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/11/full-moon-chart-…st-enigmatic-one/  dated 19th Nov. 2018.

“The Day Lord ill placed from the 9th house and 9th house together with 3rd house and the Lord Mercury, there could be events related to the Temples, Courts, Embassies, Law and also the Boarder Classes , Terrorism, Accidents  on the rail Tracks .
2nd Lord in 12th house , Jupiter Karka for wealth combusted and with 8th Lord and Mercury Retrograde and coming close to Sun, all this could be malefic for the Stock and the Financial Markets  as aleready pointed out by me in my earlier Articles
Nodes in the 1/7 axis of the Charts and going in adverse motion from the 26th to 2nd Dec. 2018 could be explosive for what ever has been mentioned above .
The Strongest planet in the Kendra is Venus and the Direction governed by Venus is South East hence this Direction in the Country will be most prone to the above activities. There are malefic parameters for investment in the Stock and Financial Markets specially for speculations . It is advised to keep away from the above else there could be heavy losses “
Now Read this News “Grim Stock Signals Piling Up as Wall Street Mulls Recession Odds
Link on Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-25/grim-stock-signals-piling-up-as-wall-street-mulls-recession-odds?srnd=premium-asia
dated 25th Nov. 2018

Let me write another important parameter for the Trade war and Break in the oil prices 

Till Mars in Aquarius till 23rd Dec. 2018 and Specially Saturn till in Gandantha the Oil Price may take a downward trend . Saturn at 13.20 Degrees + 0.24 Degrees = 13.44 Degrees and Maximum till 14.00 degrees on the 4th Dec. 2018. Hence we can say the Trade war may escalate and Oil Prices may fall till these dates

Written on 25th Nov.. 2018 22.25 Hrs. New Delhi

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