Heart Throbbing Predictions Using North Node Without Birth Or Prashna Chart For Marital Discord

In this Article I am going to discuss some Heart throbbing Predictions made by me with out Birth and Prashna chart, but the Prashna chart was latter opened by me and what ever was predicted without the Birth or Prashna charts proved on dot using the North Node Rahu who is the Main Planet for any Query when afflicted in Transit 

Some Heart Throbbing Predictions on Marital Discord . On the 28th Nov. 2018 around 12.30 hrs. when I was walking and chatting  with an old friend who is also a Car enthusiast like and we both had gone to purchase some parts for our Cars, just then he got a phone call regarding some problems.   I could sense some Marital discord for a couple . After the Call I asked the Following questions

1. Any Dispute for Marital Discord started between the 13th July to 28th July 2018. ——– The Answer was Yes
2. Is the Age Group of the Boy and Girl Multiple of 9—- The Answer was—– Yes
3, I asked is the Boy Born in 1989—– The Answer was Yes
4. Has the dispute Escalated Between the 26th to 28th Nov. 2018——- The Answer Was Yes

My Friend Was Stunned how I could pinpoint all the details of the problem when I had absolutely no knowledge or the whereabouts of the Boy and Girl involved in the Marital Discord

Can Anybody Tell me how I did It , when I had no chart, no computer with me and I answered immedaitely.. Ofcourse  I applied Prashna Jyotish and Planetary positions on the hour of the Day what I remembered then .

I had put this on the Facebook and wanted the Learners of Astrology to answer how I did It. Some  Astrology Lovers and  Astrologers attempted  and answered I used the Hours , Hora of the Day.
Let me know open the secret how I reached the  so much accuracy when I had nothing with me .  The following Parameters were applied

  1. I applied the very fact that since we had gone to buy parts expensive ones for the Car the Query iof dispute is related to Venus and Marriage , Venus in Transit in the sign Libra from the 1st Sept. 2018 till 1st Jan. 2019 for 121 days as against normal stay in one sign for just 18 days . Venus in Transit was  vargottam till 27th Nov. 2018 and on 28th Nov. 2018 changes navamsha to Scorpio indicating some issues related to marital discord , Kendra from Venus are nodes  not good for any marital discord 
  2. Nodes Rahu and Ketu in adverse motion from the 26th Nov.  to 2nd Dec. 2018
  3. Mercury Retrograde , hence Rahu is not only Upkarka for Marriage but also Dara Karka as per Jaimini Shastra in Astrology  and is significator of Marriage at the time of the Call
  4. Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury and in Retrogression  and there have been earlier occassions also for the Marital discord for the couple and this may be the third time of the discord and a serious one 
  5. Wednesday there is no Abhijeet Muhurat and at the time of Abhijeet Muhurat there is Rahu-Kaal. This was the Prime Parameter for my analysis along with Nodes in adverse motion, specially when Rahu is also Dara Karka and poison. I did not know the exact time of Rahu-Kaal but knew the Phone call came when it was Rahu-Kaal for sure. ( I did not apply the Hora which was of Venus then ) 
  6. I knew on the 28th Nov. 2018 Moon was with Rahu in its own sign Cancer as an Astrologer , this Parameter immediately signaled me that the Dispute must have started when Rahu and Ketu were very strong in Transit , hence near the Eclipses in July 2018 and Hence between 13th July and 28th July 2018 the Dates for Solar and Lunar Eclipse respectively . I have already written so many articles on the Nodes on my webpage and have also written an Article  which has been published  also in the World most Esteemed Astrology Magzine  “EXPRESS STAR TELLER’ in the Sept. 2018 edition on the page 38 “North Node: The Key Planet for Rise and Fall” and given so many predictions on Marriage and even how i reached the Year of Birth for such people who have Affliction for Significations of Venus related events in life.  Here I applied Rahu and Ketu play roles at the age of Multiples of 9 and specially when Rahu is Dara Karka in Transit the age Bracket of 27 plus minus 1 year , Hence !989 year.                                                                                                                                              After  reaching home I analysed the chart of the 12-30 hrs on the 28th Nov. 2018 and got even more amazing details for the date of the Event and  even the birth details of the boy from the Prashna chart .This chart confirms that the Marital discord started on the 14th July 2018 the Chart is belowI will not discuss any other parameter except the Date  14th July 2018  which Proves on dot as per the Prashna Chart and how I reached the Date 13th July 2018 without using any Charts
  7. Mars on the 28th Nov. 2018 at 13.37 degrees aspects the the 7th house of Marriage in the Prashna chart and the Venus at close degrees at the time of Fight at the time of 1st Marital discord and fight  Mars on the 14th July 2018 was 13.09 with Ketu and aspected Venus in the 7th house who was at 10.58 degrees , This Venus is again aspected By Mars at the same degrees from the Lagna at the time of the call , Moon was with Rahu again in the sign Cancer and hence Rahu and Ketu were even adverse on the day of the first fight , Moon is also with 8th Lord Mercury and close ithasla in unfavourable house 
  8. Now See the Birth Chart generated by me from the above 2 charts which is below In Prashna chart the 8th house Aquarius from the Natal chart is rising . Natal Mars aspects the Mars in the 8th house who is over the natal Rahu in the 8th house as the Dara Karka . Natal Chart 7th house in Paap Kartari yoga
  9. Moon again afflicted in Rahu-Ketu axis and Rahu in the 8th house as the Dars Karka and Up karka for Marriabe afflicted badly by Mars and Saturn in the natal chart . Rahu acquires a special dimension in the chart as at the time of the Call. . Mars in Transit on the 28th Nov. 2018 in 6/8 axis from Natal Venus at the same degrees
  10. Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Transit aspect the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus in the natal chart and  Mercury aspects Mercury almost at same degrees . Jupiter Combusted in both cases in the natal and the time of the Call. My Friend Confirmed that the Boy is born on the same date but time of Birth he does not know                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ASTROLOGY IS MOST AMAZINGWritten on 30th Nov.. 2018 08.00 Hrs. New DelhiJyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
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