A Glimpse On The Stock and The Financial Markets Of The Globe in 2019: What Stars Foretell ?

The Key Parameter in the Global Economy in the future scenario will be the effect of the Nodes in the Dual signs , Jupiter will be Marak, Bhadak and having Kendraadhipati dosh for Gemini  where Eclipses would be taking place in the 1/7 axis in 2019 and Jupiter under affliction will be like a mad elephant who has the capacity to ruin the Jungle  specially when Jupiter will join Sagitarius on the 29th March 2019 and go in Retrogression and Fall Back in Scorpio from the 23rd April 2019 to 5th Nov. 2019, Rahu and Ketu will then be on the driving wheel specially Ketu in Sagitarius and the Lord of the Sign in Fallen and in the 12th from Ketu . We all know Jupiter is Karka for wealth and Prosperity and its affliction would be most Venomous  and Sine Curves in the Global Financial Markets cannot be ruled out.

This is with reference to my n number of Articles written on the Stock and The Financial Markets of the Globe. Please refer to my earlier Articles on the link https://www.astrodocanil.com/?s=Stock+and+Financial+Markets+ or go on the search coloumn and write Stock and Financial Markets and you would see all the Recent Articles written on the world Economy .

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What ever is happening in the Global Financial Markets has been Predicted Loud and Clear in the above Article . Let me Reproduce  some part of the Predictions here for your ready reference .


Mars and Ketu Conjunction for a long stay for 187 was 205 years back in the sign Capricorn and  Solar Eclipse took place on the 27th July 1813 at 19.57 hrs IST and the Month of August 1813 was Month of Wars as per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1813   The Degrees of the Luminaries were 12.49 and Mars and Ketu were 17 and 19 respectively.

The most crucial parameters at the time of the Lunar Eclipse are as follows 

1.Kaal Sarpa Yoga on the 28th July 2018 . if the readers remember on the 20th Sept. 2017 there was Kaal Sarpa yoga in the Paksha Kundali and it influenced the stock market .  Here the Lunar Eclipse is also forming a Kaal Sarpa yoga most malefic for the Global Financial and Storck Markets 

2. Mars the Planet which gives ups and down in the Financial Market influencing the Rahu for Speculation , Cheating and capable of turning the glass full of water upside down is badly influenced by Mars degreewise on the 27th-28th July 2018.

3.Ketu gives bearish trends and unfortunately Mercury also with this combination and also turns Retrograde on the 26th July 2018 at 10.30 am. Mercury controls the Trades and is Karka for Stock Markets, Weather, Earthquakes . This Parameter is a risky one for the Trade wars to escalate and take ugly turn and in turn influence the Stock and the Financial Markets strongly for a negative trend after crossing a new high till 2nd Sept. 2018 .

4.Saturn 60 year cycle from the 1958-1959 is also running and when the stock Market reached new highs when Saturn was in Sagitarius 60 years back and a parallel trend being followed by the financial Markets till 30th July 2018 . Unfortunately the Saturn cycle of 90 years from the 1929 will also be completed in the early 2019 and in the Time Frame of the 25th March to 11th June 2019, this Time Frame will be the worst of its kind and absolutely like the 20th Oct 1929 it so seems . The Bearish Trends and break in the Markets will start Now and take the most ugly shape in 2019 as explained above 

3. 28th July 2018  is Friday since before sunrise and placed in the Yama of Aquarius the 10th house of the Eclipse chart and the Lord is placed in the 8th house is most malefic component in the Eclipse chart and Mars is Placed in the North Direction will strongly influence the North Part of India and also the World Economy . For India this Eclispe is most malefic since the same Lagna rising . We can also say that from the Monday the 30th July 2018 onwards may  be the most important time frame for the Global Economy of the world. ASTROLOGY PREDICTED ON DOT THIS PARAMETER

4. Since there is a Kaal Sarpa yoga being formed at the time of the Eclipse , Mars afflicting Mercury and also Sun and Moon badly afflicted in close degrees and the Nodes in Forward motion till 30th July 2018 could prove to be most explosive 

5. There is a saving in the chart which is Jupiter is not afflicted and can save the Market to some extent only but unfortunately Jupiter will also behave like Rahu since in the Nakshatra of Rahu and mislead the people by first flaring the market and then break the same . Venus is also afflicted by 8th Aspect of Mars , which shows that this is crucial point for the Global activities and also the Stock markets .

6.Jupiter will also be attichari after its ingress in Scorpio on the 11th Oct. 2018 and cover its journey to Sagitarius in just  5.5 months. On the 1st April 2019 and ingress in Sagitarius and then become retrograde on the 10th April 2019 and fall back in Scorpio will be the most crucial and explosive parameter for the Stock Market ,here Jupiter will join Ketu in Sagitarius where Saturn is already there  and  could be like a bolt from the blue for the Financial Markets of the Globe .

7.Ketu joins Saturn and Mars Joins Rahu in Gemini and again a kaal Sarpa Yoga with an Eclipse could prove to be the Most Venomous Time and one almost parallel to the great depression of the 24th Oct. 1929. Hence after 25th March 2019 till 23rd April 2019 will be the worst time fram till 11th Jule 2019 for the Financial Markets.

8. The Time Frames after 28th July 2018, specially when Rahu is most venomous in August and Sept 2018 will be instrumental for a big break in the Financial sector .

9.The Eclipses in the Month of June 2019 may further escalate the the troubles in the Financial Markets of the World it so seems. The troubles may start from Countries like US, Greece, Venezeula, India apart from Europe Union.

10. Donald Trump taking some decisions on the Banks may prove to be another sensitive point in the Market Crash

6. After 16th July 2018 after Sun Transit in Cancer and in Dakhnayana the Energy of Sun will be least hence this time frame till 27th August till when Mars will be retrograde will be most sensitive period for the Glodbe and also the US. The Mars Activation of the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th July, 26th Sept. 2018 and when in Stationary mode from the 27th August to 31st August and then when Saturn is also Stationary from the 6th Sept. to 11th Sept. 2018 could prove to be most Venomous for the world in terms to the Trade wars, Financial and Stock Markets. The Fall now may be after crossing new highs which have already taken place , hence the Present Situation is dicy and worst in 2019 as explained above.

7. When The North node is in adverse motion from the 28th to 30th July , 8th to 11th August , 18th to 23rd August , 4th to 7th Sept., 18th to 21st Sept. 2018 would be most crucial for the Mundane activities of the World along with major impact on the Trade, Financial and Stock Markets , Mind you there is a saving now of the Jupiter which could save the fall to some level but in June 2019 there is no saving at all . Saturn cycle of the 30th anf the 90th Year cycle will also complete then. In any caseeven the first fall could be an ugly one which is round the corner any time after Nifty crosses 11500 points the bubble can burst .

8. Since Saturn is also in the 6/ 8 axis with Sun who has the least enery in a watery sign and afflicted badly there will be Political Tug of Wars , Brawl between the nations will take ugly Turn, Prime Minister and the Presidents of the Country will be influenced negatively ,World Politics will have issue . BSE and Nifty can break but mind you some saving of Jupiter till 11th Oct 2018 , but in 2019 worst . The Global  Trade warning is rising that could sink the Economy into a recession. It is possible it could bring an end to the longest expansion in the Stock and the Financial Markets after 30th July 2018 .The situations will be clear  and indications on the Monday the 30th July 2018 and the dates mentioned above and seems even after 11th Oct. 2018 , Dec. 2018 and when Jupiter will join Scorpio where it is going to fall back from Sagitarius on the 23rd April 2019.  It seems  the Saturn Cycles of 30 years and the 90 years will also be completed then and a Parallel happenings what took place on the 29th Oct. 1929 and Oct. 2008.. It seems that some action taken by Donnald Trump concerning the Banks will be the main parameter for the Global recession it seems before Nov. 2018 and as per the Dates mentioned above which could turn more ugliest around the March-June 2019

9. Another Malefic Parameter for the US is the Rahu will ingress over the natal Jupiter in the foundation chart of US would be killing the US economy and hence the world 

Now Read the Media Reports The Stock 

Markets have started to take Hits . Facebook, Netflex and Many more….  wait and see the game of the planetary Positions 

This is a research article and if it does not happen please do not blame me , any investments made will be purly at your own risk and fancies. I donot take the responsibility in anty case where the investor suffers any loss from the Stock Markets. 

Adding More to it in the Present Scenario

Wait for some more time and you will see for yourself . The Sun and Saturn Conjunction in a Fiery sign from the 16th Dec. 2018 to 14th Jan. 2019 . Combustion of Saturn depletes the energy of Sun. Saturn is also Karka for Politics and is the 10th Lord of the Natural Zodiac and as the 11th Lord Bhadak and since the Sign Capricorn is in Paap Kartari yoga and Ketu Placed in the sign Capricorn there will be lot of Changes in the Politics and the top positions till Mars in the sign Aquarius till the 23rd Dec. 2018. This would indirectly also influence the Stock and the financial markets and a strong Roller Coaster rides cannot be ruled out . Check out your Sun and Saturn if they are in conjunction or in opposition and if in close degrees there could be health related issues and since the Karka for Blood is Mars is also under affliction who also gets debilitated in the 4th house of the natural Zodiac. Sun is Karka for Heart, hence there could be Heart issues . Keep Proper check on the Blood Pressure levels, Isolation could lead to depression. The Sign Sagitarius is coming into focus more so Ketu is also about to join the sign. The 9th and the 10th House of the Natural Zodiac will be more in focus in the Global issues. Ketu in the 10th house will give sudden changes . We have already experienced the Change in the Political Game in the State Assembly Election in the 5 states and specially in the 3 States , Unfortunately the Karna Lord is also Sun and a Malefic one till the 23rd Dec. 2018 . Hence the Sun and Saturn conjunction will be a game changer in Politics and the World Events till 23rd Dec. 2018. The Year 2019 will be most Venomous in respoect to the Financial Crisis in the globe more so the Nodes ingress in the dual signs where they will be in their own nakshatra and also under the affliction of Firstly by Saturn in Sagitarius and then Mars in Gemini with Rahu. Jupiter the Lord of the Mool Trikona Sign will be in Fallen State from the 23rd April 2019 to 5th Nov. 2019 could be most explosive for the Global Economy, more so after Ketu Ingress in Sagitarius on the 25th March 2019 and Jupiter ingress in Sagitarius on the 29th March 2019. Saturn will also be on the completion of its 90 year cycle then from Oct. 1929 when we had the Great Depression in the World.. Saturn in the Trinal Position from Leo and a fiery sign, Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus will be aspected by Transit Fallen Jupiter in Retrogression and in Fallen state . So many other Factors like US running the Dasha of Rahu posited in the 12th house over the natal Mercury and Transit Rahu just moving over it in the present Scenario. Eclipses in the year 2019 in Close degrees with the Luminaries and Mars and Saturn also influencing the Nodes is another parameter which cannot be ignored . India Dasha in the Foundation chart will also be Moon-Saturn forming a Punarfu Yoga and Moon from Nov. 2019 and before that Moon-Jupiter the Lord of the 8th and the 11th house and Transit Jupiter under affliction from April 2019 is another factor which cannot be ignored . Trump Dasha of Jupiter-Saturn is also enigmatic one as per Tamil Texts and can prove most venomous for him , may be it is his Tenure or may be it is impeachment . THE TRADE WAR BETWEEN THE US AND CHINA MAY ALSO ESCALATE  AND TAKE AN UGLY TURN CANNOT BE RULED OUT.THIS MAY ALSO BE THE MAIN CAUSE AND IS OF CONCERN.  I have written so many Articles on this also and all is happening what ASTROLOGY PREDICTED  even on the Truce  which is temporary and may dash to the ground soon . These Factors are most Venomous for US. ASTROLOGY HAS PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THIS LONG BACK AND SOON WE WILL SEE MORE SIGNS  OF ECONOMY GETTING A HIT.

Astrology predicted loud and clear and all predictions on the stock market prove on dot. Read my other Articles also where the Prediction has been made for Nov. and Dec. 2018 Predictions  Article “Astrology Predictions Of Bloodbath In The Stock And Financial Markets Proves On Dot” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/12/astrology-predic…ts-proves-on-dot/ dated 10th Dec. 2018

Written on 14th Dec. 2018  07-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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