Jupiter The Divine Planet As 6th Lord In Attichari Movement Gives Stunning Abatement From Diseases

6th Lord in Attichari state in Prashna Jyotish is most benefical and can give magical positive results. In the present Scenario Jupiter is in this state as the 6th Lord is giving magical results . In this Article I am discussing 3 cases of Prashna all with Cancer Lagna .

Sun has crossed Jupiter on the 28th Nov. 2018 in the present Transit and Jupiter as the 6th Lord is attichari and all those who are ill or suffering from diseases the cure will be very fast . As per  Prashna Astrology Principles when the 6th Lord is in slow motion the Disease is not cured or the cure takes place very slowly but when Attichari and moving fast the disease is cured very fast. 3 such cases I got very recently on the 28th Nov. 2018 with Cancer Lagna .
Query  was regarding Diseases and Child Birth  all of a sudden after 28th Nov. 2018 the Cure has started unexpectedly by the Patient and the Doctor. All  good things have started to give results very fast from the 28th Nov. 2018. Jupiter speed is extraordinary now and as the 6th Lord for the Prashna Kundali or the birth chart will give amazing results .Jupiter will cover the Travel to Sagitarius in just 5.5 months as against the normal time of 12 months.
The 2 Queries for Disease where the 6th Lord was Jupiter have recovered amazingly where the Doctors had no hope and declared hopeless.In one case there was no hope for survival and the patient has recovered  from where the Brian had stopped to work and the Patirnt has become normal.
Second case the Patient was bed ridden  for the last 6 months and has started to walk when the doctors had advised therapy and amazingly she has started to walk normally even with out any therapy.
In the third case of Delivery again with Cancer Lagna  the Delivery was planned for the 6th Dec. 2018  most auspicious day at Abhijeet Muhurat but the  Water bag bursted yesterday on 29th Nov. 2018 and the Delivery will be today on the 30th Nov. 2018 USA. ( Jupiter Karka for children and in the watery sign combusted)
The Prashna Jyotish Principles for Disease Prove on Dot and so do the Predictions . There is another confirmation that even if a Planet is in Combustion and as 6th Lord Attichari will Cure the Parient
unexpectedly .

Some most pious Planetary positions ahead  on the 6th Dec. 2018

Why 6th Dec. 2018 is most Pious Day for Aquarius Moon sign and Ascendants .
1. Sarva siddhi yoga.
2. Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon together in Scorpio sign. 4planets in a sign forming Shivraj Yoga, Gajkesri yoga
3. For Aquarius Moon sign and Aquarius Lagna very pious. 4.Mercury stationary very good as benefic.
5.Day is Thursday. AQUARIUS lagna before 12.12very pious
6. Ashta Lakshami Yoga formed By Jupiter aspect from the 10th house on Rahu in the 6th house

Amitabh Bachan Has Aquarius Lagna, hence may get Name , Fame , Honour of highest order


Written on 30th Nov.. 2018 22.00 Hrs. New Delhi

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