Oath Charts Of Narinder Modi & Rahul Gandhi: What They Foretell ?

The Sun and Saturn conjunction for the 2nd Time since Saturn has joined in Sagitarius may acquire an important dimension in the Politics and shows Rahul Ghandhi may Suffer on account of the same as per his Oath Taking Chart.Unfortunately this Sun and Saturn conjunction was also there at the time of the 31st Oct.1984 at the of Indira Gandhi assassination and the Sikh-Rioits of 84.This conjunction also shows a Tug of War between the Political Parties with dimension in the near future


Please refer to my Article “Oath Taking Chart of Narinder Modi and Present Transit : What it Foretells ?” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2015/08/oath-taking-char…hat-it-foretells/ dated 30th August 2015. Let me reproduce the same here for ready reference 

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday. PTI Photo by Kamal Kishore(PTI6_8_2016_000205A)

Let us study the Oath taking chart of Narinder Modi of 26th May 2014 18-11 hrs.


The Day is Monday and the Lord Moon is placed in the 5th yama of Scorpio and is the 2nd house of the chart, whose Lord is placed in the sign of Virgo in the 12th house , The lord is not connected to Lagna Lord or the 10th Lord Moon rather Mars by 8th aspect is aspecting the 7th house where Lagna Lord Venus and Moon the 10th Lord are placed . As per Prashna Classics Mars 8th aspect has only 75 % strength  Mars is not aspected by any Planet  and being the dispositor of the Day Lord in the yama chart , his efforts will go invain more so since  Moon is placed in 6/8 axis in the Muhurat chart both from Scorpio and Mars the Lord of Scorpio. The Day Lord in Depression in the Yama chart, afflicted badly in the Muhurat chart, by Mars, Saturn Retrograde and conjunct with Ketu are signs of non fructification of the Muhurat Chart. The Saving is Moon the Day Lord is also 10th Lord placed in the 10th from 10th the shokshama house of the 10th house with Lagna Lord Venus. For Good Fructification the Var Lord should not be afflicted in the Muhurat chart and the Yama Chart. The worst is Moon is very close to  Mrityu Bhag    since Degrees of 14 ,46 minutes  20 minutes and 4 ghati before are malefic . Moon in the chart is 14.18 very close to Mrityu Bhag

Tithi  KP -13 Second half. 1st part is malefic

Nakshatra  Bharini  1st Pada and Narinder Modi has Moon in Scorpio 9.34 degrees and 3rd pada  of Anuradha , hence till 3rd Pada of Bharini it is Sampat Tara . Bharini Tara is Ugra and Kroora and not good for Oath Taking Chart . It is only good for aggressive acts  like killing , cheating , works involving fire etc. The Luck Factor and Fate is seen from Nakshatra. moon and Nakkshatra Lord both are well placed from the 9th house, 9th Lord , 10th house 10th Lord, but a malefic nakshatra for the Oath Ceremony, hence The Luck factor may not help him with strength.

Karna Vanija  it is a movable Karna and connected to the 10th house/Lord  Lagnesh, Karyesh is good.  The Lord of Karna is Venus and connected to Moon the 10th lord but there is also Ketu  who is Friendly to both Moon and Ketu but Venus is not Friendly to Moon and since both are conjunct in the Sign of Mars  and Mars is not Friendly to Moon and these planets Placed in the 7th house of Oppositions shows the performance will  be adversely opposed by the opposition  Parties . Narinder Modi may not be able to Perform Properly since Venus the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord are not Friendly.  Karna Lord connected to the 10th Lord in the 7th house of oppositions hence Narinder Modi has to take the Opposition Parties in confidence else he will have hurdles at every stage to Full fill his Promises.  Karya siddhi entirely depends upon this feature in the chart.

Yoga  Shobhana  Lord is Sun and Placed in the 8th house . Sun is neither placed well from the 6th Lord nor Ketu hence  Narinder modi has to Keep a Track on his health issues also .

Yama  Day Lord Moon is placed in the 5th Yama of Scorpio, since the Sun rise is at 05-30 hrs . Muhurat Moon and Yama Moon are in 6/8 axis is the most malefic combination  specially Moon in the inimical Yama and debilitated and Dispositor placed in the 12th house . This Parameter will pose maximum Hurdles in the Tenure of the Narinder Modi as Prime Minister

Hora of Sun  The Horesh and Varesh are Neutral. Hora of Sun generally offers obstacles, hinderances  and failures to achieve the results, but good for the significations  of the planet. Horesh is placed in the 8th house and 2/12  position with Varesh Moon. They are not placed well from each other.

Uday Lagna is in Amrit Bhaga at 29.13 in Vishaka nakshatra , but Avyogi planet Saturn in the Lagna is also a strong Negative in the chart when it is extremely close to MEP. The Positives are influenced  adversely. 

Saturn should not be connected to the Lagna, Lagna Lord, Moon, Moon Lord  and Moon should not be connected to 8th house /lord . Now in the Chart lagna , Lagna Lord both along with Moon are connected to Saturn and that also Retrograde, but being a Yogkarka will be good, but not as in retrogression and there may have to be repeated efforts to complete the task with lot of Hurdles and Resistence from the oppositions .

Uday Lagna is shirshodayo but having Prishtodayo Saturn in the Lagna at very close to MEP is not good,  Rahu is shirshodayo Planet is good , Hence mixed results and repeated efforts will have to be done at every stage. Rahu ingresses in the 12th house over Mars after 14th July 2014. Afflicting the Yama Lord of the Day. till 9th Jan. 2016 will be crucial  when Mars also Joins this sign on the 3rd Nov. 2015

Arudha Lagna is again Libra and the same effects as above. Having Malefics in both Uday and Arudha Lagna  is not good for fructification of the Muhurat chart. Both are aspected by 5th aspect of Jupiter is definitely a saving but Jupiter aspect will only be 50% influence only. Aspect of Venus on the Uday and Arudha Lagna is also good, Venus will cast 100% effect , Hence mixed results. Placement of malefics in any case is not good in these signs .

Chaitra Rashi is Aries  and having Ketu is not good at all, more so since Aries sign is Prishtodayo, Shastra says  such a Muhurat should be avoided at all costs  since Chaitra Rashi is Future and hidden things sprouting unexpectedly.  Even the Positives  Uday lagna , Arudha Lagna and Chaitra Rashi are in 1/7 axis along with Moon are adversely  influenced since All the 4  Parameters vital for the Muhurat are in Rahu-Ketu axis. Chaitra Rashi has only one Benefic Venus and KP Moon , hence there will be lot of things which will take a very important dimension all of a sudden and untoward happenings again and again . More So since Mars also aspects the Chaitra Rashi Aries , Prishtodayo Sign during the day and aspected by Prishtodayo Saturn and Mars is extremely bad more so since it has Ketu, hence untoward happenings during the future specially when Saturn is in Scorpio sign till 28th Jan 2017. Mars and Saturn in Scorpio after 20th Feb. 2016 since the 8th from Chaitra sign will be most sensative in the future.

Saturn ingressed in Scorpio sign in Nov 2014 the sign of the Day Lord at the time of Oathtaking as per the Yama chart hence there will be maximum Troubles to the Modi  Govt. till Saturn is there in Scorpio and specially when Mars Joins Scorpio on the 20th Feb 2016 and Mars remains there for 211 days in which Mars will also be in Fallen Stage in the Libra Lagna from 17th June 2016 to 12th July 2016 will be the most crucial period For Narinder Modi Govt.  

Saturn was Stationary 5 days before and 5 days after 14th March 2015 when it was Stationary at 10.56 degrees and aspected Sun at 11.08 degrees  in the 8th house with 100 % aspect . Sun is the Most royal planet in the chart and has to be placed well. Placed in the 8th house and aspected by Stationary Saturn on the 14th March will definitely bring Strong results,   Specially near the Eclipses on the 13th and the 28th Sept. 2015  There will be agitations , Terrorism, and Tug of War and Oppositions from the Other political parties Saturn will reach these Degrees of Retrogression on the 8th Nov. 2015 and 27-28th Nov. 2015 when Saturn will be conjunct in Scorpio with Sun in Transit and both at same Degrees aspecting the Sun in the 8th house. Failures . Sun  should not be ill placed along with moon since they are life giving Planets  and Saturn a Planet of Destruction.

Longevity of the Tenure and 8th house

8th Lord is Venus  is ill placed from the 8th house since in the 12th from it and also afflicted by Rahu-Ketu Mars and Saturn Retrograde . Day Lord and 10th Lord Moon is ill placed from 8th house , but also with Lagna Lord and 8th Lord Venus  gives some relief . Further Sun Placed in the 8th house is not good. The ideal situations are when there are no malefics in the 8th and the 12th house . 7th Lord Mars in the 12th house and aspecting the Chaitra Rashi shows Espoinage by the foreign elements, opposition parties  as well, specially when Mars will be over Mars after 30th Nov. 2015. Moon affliction  in the Muhurat, Yama chart and Simhasan Chakra are indicative of Tenure of the Muhurat chart is adversely influenced

DBA Planets are Ven-Ven-Rahu, For successful oath taking the DBA should be connected to 2.6,10 houses  here it is the lagna Lord and the 8th house and Rahu Dispositor also Venus  are surely negatives and specially the Dasha Venus-Sun  from 11-4 2016  of the chart.

Rahu was in Forward motion till 25th May 2014.

Jupiter and Mercury placed in the 9th house is good but Jupiter aspect on the lagna gives only 50 % aspect and specially the 5th aspect is not very powerful. . Both Placed in the 9th house make it strong.

The strength of the Uday Lagna and the Arudha Lagna is 485 and Chaitra Rashi is 343, Hence The UdayLagna and Arudha Lagna are stronger then the Chaitra Rashi and since aspected By Jupiter and Venus is a saving in the Muhurat Chart , more so Jupiter is at the MEP of the Lagna will give him Protection . Saturn though a Malefic it is Yoga Karka for Libra and also near the MEP hence , inspite of Hurdles and obstacles and oppositions , Narendra Modi may complete its full term of 5 years , since the Day Lord Moon is not ill placed from the 8th Lord and the 10th house . The Karna Lord and the 10th Lord together is another parameter in the chart which will give Full Tenure .


 Now the Oath Taking Chart of Rahul Gandhi  “Rahul Gandhi Elevation As Congress President :What Oath Chart Reveals?”  https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/12/rahul-gandhi-ele…th-chart-reveals/

Rahul Gandhi Elevation as Congress President  link http://indianexpress.com/article/india/rahul-gandhi-congress-president-live-updates-sonia-gandhi-aicc4985046/

 Rahul Gandhi was sworn in as the 16th President of the Congress party on Saturday. Gandhi took over the reins of the grand old party from his mother, Sonia Gandhi, who had been at the helm of party affairs for nearly two decades now.

Sonia was elected Congress President in 1998 and spearheaded the party during the 10 years of UPA-I and UPA-II. As per the above link the Oath Ceemony took place at 11-07 hrs. New Delhi on the 16th Dec. 2017 

The Chart is below 

Panchang of the Day

The Day is Saturday and the Lord is Saturn and also the Lagna Lord placed in the 11th house with Sun Forming a bhandan yoga and  Saturn  is also in Combustion . Saturn is placed in the yama of Gemini the 5th house of the chart which is a dagdha rashi  and the yama lord is in Retrogression and Fallen and placed in the 10th house is the Most malefic component more so since Mercury is the Most malefic planet  for Aquarius Lagna since the 8th house falls in the Mool Trikona sign of Mercury.  Yama Lord Fallen is most Venomous and its Placement with the 9th Lord and Debilitated Moon further escalates the Malefic influence on the 10th house , although there is a strong rajyoga of the exchange of the 9th and the 10th Lord  and placed in a good house , but connection with Debilitated Moon and Fallen Mercury who is also the yama lord can bestow the most malefic influence on the Longevity of the tenure of the Native 

Placement of Mercury as the Lord of the 8th house and also the 8th Lord from the 10th house and its placement in the 10th house with Debilitated Moon spoils the significations of the 10th house  and the native may adopt all ways and means to reach his motives by hook or crook.

The decision for his becoming the Congress President was announced on the 11th Dec. 2017 the day when Mercury attained the status of a Fallen Planet  and I have explained the status of a Fallen Planet Mercury owning the 6th house of the natural zodiac and falling in the 8th house of the natural zodiac is most venomous . 

The following parameters acquire a special dimension and are detrimental for his Tenure and Performance 

1.Lagna Aquarius through Shirshodayo a malefic sign and the Lord is Saturn placed in the 11th house but combusted , the connection of Saturn with Sun is most malefic component 

2. Day Lord Saturn

3.Karna Lord Vishti and Lord is Saturn  Most Malefic 

4. Saturn in the Nakshatra of Ketu placed in the 12th house

5. Moon Debilitated and in the nakshatra of Saturn

6. Lagna Lord Saturn placed in the 11th house in Dagdha Rashi

7. Lagna In the Nakshatra of Mars 

8. Tithi KP 14 Rikta Tithi   Malefic 

9. Planetary war between the 8th Lord and the 9th Lord , Mercury is of Lower degrees and hence Venus losses the war 

10. Moon in Debilitation and connected to Fallen Mercury 

11. The Day Lord Saturn is ill placed from the 6th house and 6th Lord Moon

12. No connection of the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord or the 11th Lord 

13. Oath Taking On a Sankranti Day when Sun is in Gandantha and connected to Lagna Lord , Day Lord , Karna Lord and Moon Nakshatra Lord is Most malefic 

14. 7th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord 

15. Sun and Moon weak in the Muhurat chart

16. For Good Tenure and Longevity of the Career , Moon should be strong along with 8th Lord and Saturn, all the 3 Parameters are weak, specially when Saturn is combust and Saturn being the Karka for Masses 

17. In the Muhurat chart Moon and Saturn affliction is most Venomous and will attribute negative results 

18. Uday Lagna is Shirshodayo  but malefic, Arudha Lagna is Libra and a Benefic and shirshodayo and Chaitra rashi is also Libra hence the Results will be mixed and good after 16th Jan. 2018, when Mars leaves the sign and Till Jupiter is Placed in the 9th house aspecting the Lagna till 11th Oct. 2018, when Sun Goes in the Sign of Saturn may produce negative results specially when it goes in the Lagna 

19. The Navamsha Lagna is Scorpio a shirshodayo but malefic and in the Rashi chart there is Planetary war and a Most Malefic Planet Mercury is placed there 

20. Comparing the above chart with AAM Adami Chart , which also had a Fallen Mercury in the 10th house and we have seen the results of the same 

21. All the Planets in the shadow of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn forming a ArohaKaal Sarpa Yoga 

Nut shell

The Chart although having some yogas are diluted due to the placement of Fallen Mercury in the 10th house , weak Moon and the Lagna Lord Saturn in Combustion and with Sun. 7th Lord is stronger then the Lagna Lord is another Malefic Parameter , hence Rahul Gandhi may not be able to achieve good results for the Congress Party and the Masses may not like his administration and the Tenure may also suffer .

The Lunation chart of the 7th Dec. 2018 although not in favour of the Party in position  but also not very good for the Opposition Party and Congress due to the fact of the Junction of the Malefic LKarne Lords on the 7rth Dec. 2018 in the Lunation chart and Karya siddi suffers like  a Tailor stitches a shirt of 36 size for a person of size 38 or 40. The Sun -Saturn Conjunction from the 16th dec. 2018 will not be a healthy one for Rahul gandhi and will face all odds  since this conjunction is also there in the 11th house of the Oath taking chart and the Lagna Lord will be combusted as Sun goes closer to Saturn and finally totally combusted  on the 1st Jan. 2019 till 14th Jan. 2019 the Conjunction of Sun and Saturn will be ther . This also shows a Tug of War with the Ruling Party in position, but mind you the Sun and Saturn conjunction in Libra was also there at the time of the 31st Oct. 1984 34 years back and Saturn after completing the 30 year cyclwe when Congress lost the elections Saturn at the time of BJP success aspects the Transit Saturn by 3rd eye  and the 3rd aspect most malefic one . The Congeress may suffer on account of the Sikh Roits of the 84. Hence What seems from the above The Oath chart of Rahul Gandhi is weaker than Narinder Modi though till 23rd Dec. 2018 a Tough Period for the Party in Power as well as the Oppositions  

Written on 17th Dec. 2018  22-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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