Rahu North Node Dasha for US May Prove Most Enigmatic Starting Nov. 2018

Rahu North Node Dasha for US May Prove Most Enigmatic Starting Nov. 2018. Rahu in Transit over the Natal Mercury degree-wise Most Venomous

As already mentioned in all my articles that the Lunation charts are most important for the Mundane and the events for a Particular Country . US is going through a change as per the Foundation chart of the 4th July 1776 of 10-20-30 hrs. and the Dasha of Rahu has begun on the 14th Nov. 2018 and as per  K. N Rao he considers the Leo Lagna to be more appropriate for the Country where as other Astrologers use a Sagitarius Lagna . As per the  Foundation chart with Leo Lagna the Rahu is placed in the 12th house with Retrograde Mercury and indicates losses in the Dasha of Rahu. Unfortunately at the time of writing the Article  as per the New Moon chart of the 7th Dec. 2018 of 2.21 hrs the Transit Rahu is over the Natal Rahu and placed over the Natal Mercury degree-wise at 3.35 degrees . The Transit Mercury is also at 3.35 degrees in the sign Scorpio where the Lunation is taking place and Rahu transit will also influence the same by its aspect . Mercury being the Lord of the 2nd and the 11th will be under the influence of Rahu, this calls for an analysis on the Financial and Stock Market analysis after this New Moon chart and seems it may not be a healthy one. I still remember when we were in the Research Classes taken By K N Rao he had pointed out that the Rahu Dasha for US will be most enigmatic  and US could face a Financial Recession as well 

Foundation chart of US of the 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs  Pheladelphia

Now Have a look at the New Moon chart of the 7th Dec. 2018 of 2-21 hrs  below

The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter placed in the sign Scorpio and the dispositor is placed in the 6th house . The Day Lord is also placed in the yama of Aquarius the 6th house of the chart where the 8th Lord is placed , this parameter is most enigmatic, more so the Day Lord is ill placed from the 2nd house and the 2nd Lord which shows  concern for the 2nd house significations and hence the economy of the Country .

The Nakshatra is Jyestha

The Yoga  Dhrit Inauspicious 

The Karna Kinstughana is most malefic , hence Sun and the 10th Lord Mercury are most malefic in this Fortnight , unfortunately Mercury is also the Lagna Lord hence this fortnight can be most enigmatic for the Country , more so there are no bemefics in the Kendra and trikona and Malefic Saturn in the 4th house and aspecting the 8th Lord in the 6th house are another malefic combinations. Between the Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord Moon Mercury is stronger and hence the Significations of the 1st house will also be predominant in this fortnight and aspected By Saturn controlling the Trade wars, hence it seems that the Trade war between the US and China may continue . Mercury is also Stationary and as the Karna Lord and the 10th Lord in stationary condition may prove to be most malefic Parameter  in this fortnight . There may be Volatility in the Stock and the Financial Markets .

ASTROLOGY HAS PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THE  “Trump To Host Dinner With Xi At G20 Summit On Saturday : What Stars ForeTell ?” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/11/trump-to-host-di…t-stars-foretell/
Read this analysis “The Day is Saturday and the Lord is Saturn and a Malefic day. The Day Lord is the 8th and the 9th Lord of the above chart placed in the 7th house in the sign Sagitarius in Nakshatra Gandantha at 13.47 degrees . The Day Lord is also Placed in the yama of Sagitarius and the Yama Lord is placed in the 6th house with the Lagna Lord Mercury in Retrogression and Sun . The Yama Lord is behind Sun and Combusted is Most Malefic Parameter along with the Yama sign Sagitarius having the 8th and the 9th Lord in Gandantha ” this sums up apart from the fact that Rahu and Ketu are in adverse motion and all the planets are in the shadow of the Rahu and Mars . In the Navamsha Chart Jupiter is Placed in the Lagna and is combusted in the Rashi chartt shows that the though It may look that there is a some break through there will be smoky relations between Trump and Xi . In the navamsha chart the Karksa for Trade wars Saturn is placed in inimical and a fiery sign in Rahu-Ketu axis and also aspected by Mars
Till Mars in Aquarius till 23rd Dec. 2018 and Specially Saturn till in Gandantha the Oil Price may take a downward trend . Saturn at 13.20 Degrees + 0.24 Degrees = 13.44 Degrees and Maximum till 14.00 degrees on the 4th Dec. 2018. Hence we can say the Trade war may escalate and Oil Prices may fall till these dates
Taking a positive stance there may be some positive after 24 days since the Navamsha Lord is Venus and in the 1.6 navamsha hence 1.6×15= 24 days and around the 26th Dec. 2018 when Mars leaves the sign Aquarius and there is exchange of Mars and Jupiter , but mind you the relations can still be smoky since Rahu and Ketu the Prime Planets are in adverse motion and may not let a good frucifications out of the summit . As per my reading The Trade war can escalate , The above is only taking a positive stance

Let us also have look at the Vedic Progression chart of the US for the year starting from the July 2018 to July 2018 below

The Lagna in the Vedic Progression chart is the 10th ohouse of the Natal chart  is good but the Lord is placed in the 12th house aspected by 2 malefics and both Retrograde , the influence of Mars is not good since it is the 7th and the 12th Lord and also in Vish Ghati . Since the Lagna is not aspected by Benefics and the Lord is placed in the 12th house aspected by malefics , the Lagna and the Lagna Lord are weak , in the navamsha and Dashamsha it has improved and in a benefic Varga

Moon is placed in the 8th house in Vish ghati aspected by Mars and Saturn , unfortunately the 8th Lord who is also in fallen condition aspects the Moon, hence Moon is in most afflicted condition. Moon is also in the nakshatra of Ketu who is placed in the 9th house with Mercury, the affliction to the  2nd house and the 2nd Lord Mercury is bad since Mercury is also the 2nd and the 11th Lord of the Foundation chart and Transit Rahu and Rahu in Progression chart is over the Natal  Mercury almost degree-wise . Further since the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu-Rahu is in operation at the time of the start of the Progression chart Rahu will be instrumental in giving loses to the Country in for  the Stock and the Financial Markets . Jupiter is fallen in this chart aspects Moon is also the most Venomous Parameter .The Country may face all kinds of Natural and Unnatural Disasters apart from the Break in the Stock and the Financial Markets it so seems .

Another Parameter which is crucial is the Rahu transit over the Natal Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mars is not good , specially over the Jupiter the Country may reel due to the Significations of Jupiter and hence wealth related and the economic condition of the Country may suffer  it so seems . Further the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the 4 planets in the sign Gemini will further give malefic effects on the country 

Hence from the above above we can say that Rahu Dasha for US may not be a Benefic one and may prove to be most enigmatic for the Country . The Country Economic Condition may also suffer  after 25th March 2019 and around the Eclipses in 2019 as below more so when it is also visible in the Country .


Eclipses During 2019
  • 2019 Jan 06: Partial Solar Eclipse.
  • 2019 Jan 21: Total Lunar Eclipse.
  • 2019 Jul 02: Total Solar Eclipse.
  • 2019 Jul 16: Partial Lunar Eclipse.
  • 2019 Dec 26: Annular Solar Eclipse. Predictions for the eclipses are summarized in Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. World maps show the regions of visibility for each eclipse. The July Eclipses may be more precarious for Venomous results for the Country it so seems 

As per media reports US and China Call Truce in Trade War https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/news/us-and-china-call-truce-in-trade-war/ar-BBQmsVg?ocid=spartanntp


In a significant concession, Mr. Trump will postpone a plan to raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent, from 10 percent, on Jan. 1. The Chinese agreed to an unspecified increase in their purchases of American industrial, energy and agricultural products, which Beijing hit with retaliatory tariffs after Mr. Trump targeted everything from steel to consumer electronics.

The countries set an ambitious deadline of 90 days to reach a broader trade agreement, with the White House warning that if they did not come to terms by then, Mr. Trump would raise the existing tariff rate to 25 percent., It seems that the  Truce is temporary  and will fall apart soon with in 90 days . The Stock Market although may show signs of Recovery and hence become Volatile from the Monday 3rd Dec. 2018. According to planetary positions the Truce may fall apart very soon  after the Eclipses specially in 2019. It is clear that till such Time frame the Stock and rthe Financial Markets may become extremely Volatile .

Nut Shell

ASTROLOGY PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THE TRUMP AND XI MEET . The results will be smoky and no clear Truce and a shady one , hence the Stock and the Financial Markets will become Volatile . The Temporary Truce is for 90 days and will be over on the 1st March 2019, unfortunately the Nodes who are most venomous and predominant will change signs. Ketu will join Saturn in Sagitarius on the 25th March 2019 and Jupiter the sign Lord of Sagitarius will also join the Sign in attichari motion on the 29th March 2019 indicates the importance of the sign Sagitarius the the significations of Jupiter. On the 10th April 2019 Jupiter will become Retrograde and fall back in Scorpio and in gandantha on the 23rd April 2019. These Planetary positions acquire a special dimension and may be responsible for the break in the temporary Truce taken place on the 1st Dec. 2018 between Trump and Xi. The Parameter which is most Venomous on the 1st Dec. 2018 for the Truce is the North Node which was in Forward motion and is considered poison and has the capacity to give unpresidented results . It has the capacity to turn the tables upside down, hence it may do so when Rahu changes the Sign to Gemini and Ketu to Sagitarius . US is under the operation of North Node dasha from the Nov. 2018 and again in the 12th house if we take the Leo Lagna and if we take Sagitarius Lagna then in the 8th house . In any case it seems US is on the Verge of a Economy break down. The Transit Rahu over the Natal Rahu and on Natal Mercury degree-wise is another parameter which cannot be ignored . China is running the Dasha of Lagna Lord Saturn who is placed in the 8th house and aspects the 10th house , hence what China plans will be most secrective and may not disclose his actual plans . This truce gives relief to China and not US, hence China will be the winner it so seems , In any case the Economy of Both Countries can suffer it so seems in the long Run and in the year 2019 after March 2019

The above analysis of the Dasha of Rahu is based on the Chart taken By K N Rao with Leo Lagna  and seems more euthentic as compared to the Sagitarius Lagna for US , But in Case My Prediction fail it will be merely on the Chart of the US as Leo Lagna  In case of Sagitarius Lagna the Lagna Lord and the 4th Lord will be in most venomous state in Fallen state  from the 23rd April to 5th Nov. 2019, hence in any case the Country has to suffer , the only thing is the time frame may falter.


Written on 2nd Dec. 2018 10.00 Hrs. New Delhi

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