The Importance Of Arudha & Arudha Navamsha Chakra In Prashna Jyotish

‘Arudha and Arudha Navamsha Chakra the Backbone of Prashna

Arudha is the most important component in the Prashna Astrology. The Sanskrit word Arudha means mounted upon or occupying. Here at the time of the query the Querist occupies a sign, that sign is named as the Arudha . There are many methods to finsd the Arudha – very simple to sophisticated. The Swarnaaroodta is the most sopisticated and elaborate. The Following are the simple methods 

1. Ask the querist to give a number between 108, divide the number by 12 , the remainder indicates the Arudha sign

2. Divide the above number given by the querist by 9, here the remainder gives the number of navamsha and the Quotent the sign , if the number is 57 then the sign is Virgo  the Arudha  and the remainder is 3  hence the the Navamsha will be Pieces

3. Finding the Arudha by cowries by the astrologer himself. When the querist approaches the Astrologer , he pick a bundle of cowries and divides the same by 12, the remainder number indicates the Arudha sign .

4. Finding the Arudha by Spristanga Rashi. Finding the Arudha from the bodily parts touched by the Querist at the time of the Query .

5. Finding the Chaitraarudha . This is found  from the Chaitra Rashi which is calculated from the Veedi Rashi of Sun at the time of the Query . In this Case the Direction faced by the querist is taken as the Arudha and then using the Arudha and the Veedi rashi to find the Chaitraarudha is done . This is most important in giving the Future predictions and any hidden things in the query

6. Akshararudha. This Arudha is found by the first syllable uttered by the querist when the astrologer has agreed to answer the query .

7. The Most important Arudha is the one found out by placing the gold coin in the South Indian Chart with 12th house and each house marked with 9 navamsha signs . This chart is also called the Arudha Navamsha Chakra . The House selected is the Arudha sign and the number selected in the house is the Arudha Navamsha. 

From Arudha Navamsha chakra we can get one Navamsha out of the total  12 x9 = 108 types of  Arudha Navamsha  and thus from the 108 type of Arudha Navamsha we can give predictions 

In the Prashna Chart analysis more importance is given to the Arudha sign then the Ascendant. It is said that an adept astrologer delineates the whole result of the query  from the Arudha itself. The importance is given to Arudha sign. A few of such results are enumerated below .

1.In a Query Chart  the Lord of the Arudha sign,Lord of Ascendant,Moon, Sun and their dispositors are strongly placed or are placed in exhalted navamsha, the querist will be healthy and happy. On the contrary if the planets are weak or debilitated or otherwise bereft of strength the querist will suffer set-backs

2. If the Lord of the Arudha is weak and the Lord of the 8th house is strong, the querist will experiebnce difficulties , if the query is pertaining to span of life of a patient then the Longevity of the patient suffers .

3. If the Lord of the Arudha is strong and the Lord of the 6,8 and 12th are weak then the querist  enjoys fortunes 

4. If the Arudha  sign happens to be the Exhaltation sign or navamsha  of the week day Lord , it indicates very good experiences  and on the contrary if the Arudha Sign is the Debilitation signderived  or Navamsha  then the querist will experience bad results .

Arudha Navamaha  Chakra



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