Amazing Predictions On Query OF Real Estate By Prashna Jyotish Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

One of the most Amazing Predictions I have made on the Basis of Prashna Jyotish is being discussed here in this Article for the upcoming Astrology Students and lovers of Astrology.Unfortunately at the time of Prashna the Mars and Saturn were afflicted badly and the client was wearing Clothes relating to these 2 planets from which I could give concrete results for the Project and asked the client to avoid the colors for betterment of the Project dealing
On the 26th July 2017 at 15.45 hrs. New Delhi I got Call from a Client who was reffered to me By “THE EXPRESS STAR TELLER” One of the Top Astrology Magzines of the World. The Client wanted to know about a 2000 Crore Project for the Real Estate Success.The client wanted me to Visit her and hence accordingly I Travelled By Air and Reached the Client after 2-3 days, Before I gave the Predictions on the Basis of the Prashna chart and other Parameters I told the client that I would like to visit the Site of the Real Estate which was being developed in about 10000 Acres of Land.

I gave the following Predictions on the basis of the Visit and the Planetary Positions at the time of the Query and on that particular day.
I knew the Crucial Parameters Saturn Retrograde Fallen in Scorpio in the Lagna and Rahu Adverse in Forward motion with Moon and Mercury in the 10th house.

1. The Entrance was a very narrow one which we took to reach the Site indicated bottle neck problems and Blue Color most predominant. On this Basis I Predicted Bottlenecks in the Project , to which the Client replied in affirmative.

2. Blue Color Sheets were Alround the Site which was to be developed and Blue color Planet on the Darker side is Saturn and is Fallen and Retrograde in the Lagna. As per Ashtamangla the number for Saturn is 6. I told the client that out of the Total about 153-160 Appartments to be made only 6 have been booked in advance and after that a standstill on the Bookings after 26th June 2017 when Saturn became Fallen in transit. The client was much surprised and answered in affirmative
3. Since I did not get any Omen Or Shakun apart from the above 2 as discussed, I told the client that the Project is at a standstill state and status quo since the 26th June 2017. Rahu in the 10th house with Moon and Mercury Mars debilitated with Sun in the 9th house . I told the client that the Govt. also refused the project to proceed further since the fire safety norms were not met. The Client was much amazed at the predictions and answered in affirmative
.The Saturn Fallen aspecting the Rahu, Mercury, Moon in the 10th house and afflicting the 10th house badly.
I asked the client to give me the date of Digging, the Muhurat Date for Construction since I suspected that since Moon is afflicted by Saturn and is Predominant Moon has to be afflicted at the time of the Muhurat or in the 8th from the Natal Moon of the client. We all know that Moon and Saturn are enemies. Amazingly I found Transit Moon at the time of Muhurat in the 8th from her Natal Moon. The Client is in South India where there is no dearth of Good Astrologers. This parameter was some how not seen at the time of the Muhurat.
I told the Client that the total Project can only be sold with in 8 long years from the Date of Digging and since the Project had started in 2014 the Project will be completed with hinderances only after 2022-2023.This is also the time when Saturn will be in Capricorn and about to go in the sign Aquarius the 4th house of the Prashna chart. The Client was much depressed to this, so I suggested the following.

1. Propitiation for Planet Saturn and Rahu. Helping the Handicaped old people with proper tricycles and so on.
2. Install a Water flow On a Shivji Murthy in the North of the Site and in her Residence
3. To Paint the Blue color sheets surrounding the site by yellow color
3. Reduce the Price of the Appartments and give some incentive to Brokers in the Area and also improve the conditions of the workers involved in the project.
4.The Client was wearing Red and Blue Apperals. I suggested her to wear White and light yellow or light blue at the time of any dealings in the Project and on benefic days ,Thursday or Friday Preferably in the hora of Jupiter and avoid the malefic days Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday and Make sure that the Karna is also not amongst the 4 Fixed Karkas and Vishi Karna. The 2 Planets Karka for Land Saturn Fallen and Mars for Built-up Property Debilitated and with Sun at degree-conjunction in the 9th house at 9 degrees in the nakshatra of Saturn, clearly indicated some issues of Fire safety for the appartments also. The Client gave an answer in affirmative and told me that they had issues with the Govt. for Fire Safety also and they were not granting this Permission.
I then gave the predictions as per the Prashna raised on the 26th July 2017 at 15-45 hrs. I also added my predictions by other parameters as below

1.PRASHNA TRIANGLE The Planet which is influencing the Query is Jupiter and when Jupiter goes in the Lagna and the 2nd House of the Query chart it will bestow good Results after Transitting in Scorpio and Sagitarius. Then Jupiter was in the 11th house and not connected to the relevant Lagnesh, Karesh or Moon —— Obstructions and clearly shows the flow of Money is restricted

2. PANCH PAKSHI Day is Wednesday and SP-4 Birth Pakshi is Owl and the Nakshatra is Krittika and At the time of the Prashna the Owl is in Death state and Negative for the fulfillment of the Query.
3. DIRECTION ANALYSIS The Native at the time of the Query was facing East. The Naisargik Planet is Sun and the Tatlika Planet is Mercury and Sun-Mercury indicate failure of Ventures. Generally indicate failure and obstacles
4.KAAL CHAKRA In this Chart Rahu is placed in the Eastern Direction and depleting the Energy in the Project. In the Yama chart Rahu is Placed in the North direction of Kuber and hence obstruction of flow of Money in the project.
5. BODY PARTS TOUCHED BY THE QUERIST Right Touched Forehead hence gains of Money when Mars goes in the Sign Aries since Head is signified by Mars and when Mars Reaches Aries sign in on the 6th Feb 2019 —— Till then Struggles
6.FIRST LETTER OF THE WORD 6.“When will all the apartments be sold – When will the Renewed Fire Safety Licence be given to us for our Express Avenue Mall
Both the Queries are signified by Consonants and Moon is Afflicted By Rahu is not good for Rahu to be with Moon hence when Rahu Leaves the sign Cancer on the 25th March 2019 there could be some achievements
7.NAKSHATRA NUMBER Nakshatra number is 11 and is slochana nakshatra and hence difficulty in Success.
8.NUMBER BETWEEN 1-108 67 Libra Lagna and 4th Navamsha Capricorn and both signs have no Benefics and Both Movable and hence change in circumstances and since aspected by Malefics not good for the query.
9.ARUDHA LAGNA Since the querst faced the East direction the Arudha was Taurus and the Lord placed in it and in the last degrees at 29.56 and aspected by Fallen Saturn at very close degrees . The Arudha Lord shows that the Native lives in a Beautiful mansion with all facilities but it is going in the 8th house is not good for the query.
10.ASHTAMANGLA NUMBER 855 Shows the past was very bad, present and future is depicted by the planet Venus when it reaches its own sign specially when it over stays in Libra for 121 days from the 2nd Sept. 2018 to 2nd Jan 2019 some betterment for the project and after which it will transit in the Lagna would give benefic results. Saturn would also not be thereby then and will be in the sign sagitarius posing issues for the flow of Money . As a matter of Fact Saturn will leave the sign Scorpio on the 26th Oct. 2017 after that there may be some relief but when Jupiter joins there may still be better results but since as per Tamil Prashna Jyotish Jupiter and Mars are enemies Jupiter Results in the Lagna will be good but may not deliver the Cost of the Apartments asked for , But when Jupiter and Mars Exchange takes place from the 23rd Dec. to 5th Feb. 2019 will be a good time frame for the sale of Apartments. As per Ashtamangla Prashna there is success but with hurdles and the Planet is again Jupiter and Looks like when Jupiter will be out of Affliction after Sept. 2020 till Nov. 2020 will be a good period it so seems for the project .
11. OMENS AND SHAKUNS AT THE TIME OF PRASHNA I had to change my pen 3 times when Predicting the Query and shows that there may be 3 attempts to sell the appartments and only after these attempts the querist may be successful with in a period of 8 years from the start of the Project.
12. BREATH by right nostril Malefic Results
13. Body parts touched by the Qierist Forehead and the Sign is Aries has Venus is Good but the Lord is Debilitated and Combusted
14. TIMING BY NAVAMSHA METHOD 4th Lord Saturn is in the navamsha of Pieces , when Jupiter has connection with the sign Pieces there will be growth in the Project. Which is happening now as mentioned above and when Jupiter will be about to enter the Sign Pieces the total Project would be sold, By then Saturn will also join the 4th house and in its own sign in the Capricorn and about to go in Aquarius.
15. ARUDHA NAVAMSHA CHAKRA Aries and 8th Navamsha Malefic Results
The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury placed in an inimical sign and with Rahu in close degrees who is in forward motion , Mercury is also Placed in the 4th yama of Virgo where Jupiter is Placed in the 11th house indicates that wealth will be achieved but with difficulties, There is no connection of Jupiter Moon and Mars the Karka for Property Builtup.
The Day Lord is influenced by Moon Rahu and Saturn and Moon is also connected to the 4th house with the 11th and the 8th Lord hence there will be Sale with losses only by repeated efforts after Saturn leaves the Sign Scorpio and Rahu Leaves the sign Leo and joins the sign Cancer
Lagna is Shirshodayo but strong malefic Retrograde and hence till Saturn joins the 3rd house the sale of the Apartments may not take place with Strength and hence after 20th Jan. 2020 only some achievements
On the 25th Jan. 2020 Mars will be in the Lagna and in its own sign This can definitely give some relief to the querist and may have to sell the Apartments lower then the Price expected.
The other Parameters are also not auspicious as below

Tithi is SP-4 and a Rikta Tithis and considered malefic for wealth associated affairs.
Nakshatra is P Phalguni and the Lord is Venus Placed in the AL and is about to go in the 8th house since at 29.56 degrees and has Ishraaf yoga with Saturn the 4th Lord in the Lagna Fallen and Retrograde
Yoga Variyan
Karna Lord is Vanija and about to go in the 8th house and has no connection with the 10th house
Hora Lord is Jupiter and not connected to the Lagnesh, Lagna ,Karyessh or Moon , Hora Lord and Day Lord are friends is good , but they are 2/12 placed in the Prashna chart Not good for Fructifications
Yama Lord is Mercury and although Placed in the 10th house with Moon and aspected by the 3rd and the 4th Lord from Lagna who is in most Malefic State is not good and shows that the prospective buyer may not like the Pricing since the 7th Lord is stronger then the Lagna Lord and aspected By Fallen Saturn and a Ishraaf Yoga. Moon is in the yama of Aquarius which is the 4th house of the chart and also aspected by the Karyesh Mars for builtup properties by 8th aspect who is also debilitated . Fructifications may not take place till 26th Oct. 2017 when Saturn will change sign to Sagitarius . Saturn will be stationary between the 20-30th August 2017 in the Lagna and activities at the time of 30th Dec 2016 to 26th Jan 2017 will be reviewed and may give some unexpected negative results from the Govt.
Planets Acquiring Special Dimension in the Prashna Chart Venus the 7th Lord and the Buyer of the Apparments is moving in the 8th house of the Chart and the 2nd House from the 7th House and has Ishraaf yoga with the 2nd Lord Jupiter of the Seller is not good – Shows that the Buyers may not shell out Money as per the Prices offered to him , Since the 8th House Lord is in the 10th house of the Prices of the Appartments and Eclipsed .
Rahu in Adverse motion from the 26th July to 31st July Hence 4 years may be of Pain as per the Prashna chart.
Moon with Rahu along with 8th and the 11th Lord in the 10th house of Prices of the appartments.
Rahu is also in Gandantha is Most Malefic and Afflicting the Moon and Mercury
Lagna Lord Totally Combusted and Debilitated and Mars at amost 10 degrees gives Strong Results Negative , Here Most Malefic for the fructifications for the selling of the Apartments and since with Sun the 2nd Query Karka is not good for the 2 Queries
Lagna Lord Mars and the Karka for Builtup Properties is extremely weak and afflicted and in the yama chart it is placed in the Gemini sign which is the 8th house of the chart , but since a friends sign will face 8 type of Humiliations to complete the project.

Uday Lagna Scorpio Shirshodayo but having Saturn Fallen and Retrograde is Positive as a Shirshodayo, but Negative as Saturn is Placed and a Malefic sign and Saturn is Retrograde and a Prishtodayo planet . The Saving is it has also aspect of Venus the 7th Lord
4th House the Karya Bhav has Ketu, Hence Not good till 8th Sept. 2017 and the Lord is Fallen and this house aspected by Combusted and Debilitated Mars by Strong 8th Aspect
Navamsha Lagna is Sagitarius and a Prishtodayo sign , but Benefic and a Dual sign things may not come forward quickly and will take time for fructifications — Delays , Till Jupiter goes in the sign sagitarius and Scorpio no Major fructifications , although some Achievement after Jupiter goes there in Libra the CR sign and after 16th Jan 2018 some Results . Navamsha Lagna is also owned By Jupiter hence when it goes in the Lagna in Nov. 2018 some concrete results may follow from there onwards but with slow pace till 2022
Arudha Lagna Taurus and the Lord is Placed there is strong but just about to go in the 8th house is not good also aspected by Saturn R and Fallen is most malefic since there is also a Ishraaf yoga —– Negative
Chaitra Rashi is Libra a shirshodayo and the Lord going in the 8th house also the Sign is ill Placed from the UL and AL is Most malefic for the hidden things sprouting and Future for Fructificatiosn till a Benefic Joins the sign. Jupiter will join this sign on the 10th Sept. 2017 , only then some results will be expected , at the Moment Libra is aspected By Planet in Depression Mars the Karka for built-up properties is extremely malefic
Mars is with Sun and the Moment it goes in the sign of Sun it will give the results on the 26th August 2017 the Sun will also be there and Mars Reachng the Degrees of Sun on the 2nd Sept. 2017 can be Bolt from the Blue from the Govt. , since then Saturn will also aspect the Sun and Mars.

Coming to the Sale of the Appartments 153. As Per vedic Numerology the Figure is 9-8 = 1 and Sun is good over all , Past is good, Present is Venus going in the 8th house and Future is Jupiter hence the Future is only controlled Bu the Planet Jupiter who is the 5th and the 2nd Lord of the chart. Sun is in Rajyoga 10th Lord in the 9th houae and 9th Lord in the 10th house is a Very strong Yoga , but Rahu is the Outside element and a Maleich Most malefic component and a Neecha Graha till 8th Sept. 2017
Shastra Says that immense Difficulties will be faced if the Lagna Lord is Combusted and in the chart Mars is totally Combusted and Debilitated

CR in the 12th house expected matter will not fructify , more so since Mars aspects the Sign Libra till 26th August 2017 and when Joins the Sign Libra will be worst after 29th Nov to 16th Jan 2018
Malefics in the Lagna Saturn in Fallen State will not good Results inspite of Repeated efforts and also the dispositor of Saturn is Mars and afflicted badly
Sun and Mars will reach the Lagna on the 18th Oct and 16th Jan. 2018 respectively will give malefic Results
Benefic Results can be expected According to Jupiter Transit in the Sign Libra on the 10th Sept. 2017 and Nov. 2018 and Only 30-40 % in Libra and the Improvement slowly
The Planetary Positions are Not condusive to give good Results for the Query in the D4 Chart for Properties
D4 Chart

In the above chart the 2nd Lord of D1 Jupiter and the 11th Lord of D1 Mercury should be Placed well in D4 Chart , In the above case they are 6/8 axis , hence not good for happiness of Weath from Properties.
10th Lord of D1 Sun to be related with Lagna or LL of D4 , here they are in 6/8 axis from Lagna and 5/9 from Lagna Lord, Hence the Income from Properties does not seem to be as per expectation.
LL of D4 is Venus and Placed in malefic D60 is not good , this shows Property is Temporary
Jupiter is strong but does not aspect the Lagna , It is essential to aspect the Lagna
4th House has Malefics Saturn and Rahu and 4th Lord Sun Debilitated and Placed in Trik Bhava is weak as per above in D4, hence Bad for Gains in Property selling Gains not there, hence Losses can be there in the Project
4h Lord in Trik Bhava and Debilitated and shows Loss of Property , involvemet of Saturn the 10th Lord of D4 Loss can be due to Govt. Orders
There are no Combinations for Sale of Property, 4th Lord with Malefic and Placed in the 2nd House for gains , no such Combination

Sale Of Propert takes Place in the DBA of the 3, 5, 10 houses
At the time of Query the DBA is Ven-Rahu-Venus-Rahu-Moon , Totally in Favour of the Purchaser and also shows that the Property is Good and in the Prime Location due to Strong Venus in own sign and in the Arudha sign and will be Beautiful and will have very good Interiors as per the plans of the Querist , But Venus is the 12th and the 7th Lord and since the Venus the 7th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord the Buyer may dictate his terme or may not offer the Prices expected by the Seller since about to go in the 8th house of the Chart and the 8th Lord Mercury in the 10th house of Prices where Moon and Rahu are placed and have aspect of Fallen Saturn

DBA of Ven-Jup-Saturn on the 2-10-2018 Chances but very weak Jupiter will be in Lagna after 11th Oct. 2018, hence some Possibilities
Ven-Jup-Sun Better Price —-after 26-2-2020 , But then Saturn will be in the 3rd house as the Lord of the 4th house
Ven-Saturn-Sat After 25th Jan 2021- Sept 2022 may give some results but there will be losses in the Project in totality and due to Govt. Orders and also due to Buyers not offering the Prices as per expectations . Only 30-40 % Project will be sold when Jupiter goes in the Lagna but when Saturn goes in the sign Aquarius in 2023 there may be quantum sale but again losses in the Project in Totality

Some Input from the Client and exactly as per the Predictions
There have been some improvement after Jupiter Trasntit in Scorpio and some Appts. have been booked at lower prices after 11th Oct. 2018. Venus Placed in the CR sign for 121 days also helped the Client get some good Clients and although the Project is still under construction and not many Appts have been booked.

Written on 6th Jan. 2019 18-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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