Fate Of Congress Dynastic Politics In the General Elections Of Lok Sabha 2019

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The first Prime Minister of India was Jawaharlal Nehru of the Indian National Congress party, who was sworn-in on 15 August 1947, when India gained independence from the British. Serving until his death in May 1964, Nehru remains India’s longest-serving prime minister.

As per the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Prime_Ministers_of_India .Since 1947, India has had fourteen Prime Ministers, fifteen including Gulzarilal Nanda who twice acted in the role.The first was Jawaharlal Nehru of the Indian National Congress party, who was sworn-in on 15 August 1947, when India gained independence from the British. Serving until his death in May 1964, Nehru remains India’s longest-serving prime minister. He was succeeded by fellow Congressman Lal Bahadur Shastri, whose 19-month term also ended in death. Indira Gandhi, Nehru’s daughter,succeeded Shastri in 1966 to become the country’s first woman premier.Eleven years later, she was voted out of power in favour of the Janata Party, whose leader Morarji Desai became the first non-Congress prime minister. After he resigned in 1979, his former deputy Charan Singh briefly held office until Indira Gandhi was voted back six months later. Indira Gandhi’s second stint as Prime Minister ended five years later on the morning of 31 October 1984, when she was gunned down by her own bodyguards. That evening,her son Rajiv Gandhi was sworn-in as India’s youngest premier, and the third from his family. Thus far, members of Nehru-Gandhi family have been Prime Minister for a total of 37 years and 303 days.
Since the Dynastic Politics of Nehru Family Started from the India Independence Chart when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the Prime Minister , I would like to see the fate of Congress I from this Chart. Since this Chart brought a big change in the Politics for Dynastic Rule

The Chart is Below of the 15th August 1947 00-00-01 hrs

DASHA IN OPERATION is of Moon-Jupiter from the 10-8-2018 to 10-12-2019 and at the time of Elections Moon-Jupiter-Venus

DASHA AT ASSASINATION OF INDIRA GANDHI Dasha WAS Ketu-Moon-Jupiter when Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took Place. On the 31st Oct.1984 the Planetary positions were as Follows as per the above Ascendant Taurus
of 7.26 degrees

From the chart above it can be seen that Saturn was aspecting the 8th Lord Jupiter Placed in the 8th house with Mars and a almost Degree-aspect on Mars . Saturn at 24 degree mark and Mars at 25 degree mark and 8th Lord Jupiter having Poorna ithasla with Sun Debilitated who is placed with Saturn. Poorna Ithasla of the 8th Lord Jupiter with Debilitated Sun in Trik Houses and the Results were seen.


The Chart is self Explainatory and See the Placement of Saturn in the 8th house of the Chart
1, Dasha in the foundation chart of India Ven-Ven-Ven
2. Venus is combusted in the foundation chart and also in Transit on this day
3. See the placement of Mars at exact degrees on the Natal Jupiter 8th Lord in the 6th house at 25 degrees .
4. Jupiter Retrograde 8th Lord in Gemini and aspected by close degrees of Saturn from the 8th house ,a samsaptak relation of the 10th Lord Saturn with 8th house and 8th Lord in close degrees
5. Ketu over the 5 planets in the Natal chart over the sign Cancer and Venus in affliction on the date , Now presently Rahu over the 5 Planets and again some changes in the Political Scenario and for some same results are expected.

Now See the Chart of 26th May 2014 with Taurus Ascendant and degrees 7.26 when Narendra Modi Came in Power and Congress was defeated

Parameters which acquire a special dimension and responsible for the defeat of Congress in May 2014
1. Saturn is in Libra at the same degrees in Libra 24.06 at the time of Assasination of Indira Gandhi, but Retrograde and with Rahu.
2.Mars at 15.11 degrees in Virgo aspecting the 8th Lord Jupiter in the 8th house in Sagitarius at exact degrees 15.07 and Mars at 25.05 in Sagitarius.at the time of 31st Oct. 1984 Assasination of Indira Gandhi.
3.Jupiter at 25.09 Degrees from Gemini as 8th Lord aspecting Mars in Sagitarius at the same degrees 25.05 at the time of Assasination of Indira Gandhi on the 31st Oct.1984.
4. Saturn at 24.50 Degrees Retrograde from Libra aspects the Mars Degreewise in the 8th house where Mars is at 25.05 and Jupiter 15.05
5. At the time of Modi Win in May 2014 the Dasha in the foundation chart was Sun-Ketu-Venus Sun was over the Natal Rahu at the time of Assasination of Indira Gandhi and also over the Natal Rahu in close degrees , Ketu with Moon and Venus in the 12th house
6. In Both cases at the time of Assasination and Congress defeat Venus Lagna Lord was with Ketu and afflicted
Now Have a Look at the Chart near the Election in April 2019 Below The Date has been calculated as per Astrology and not depicted here

The Parameters which acquire an important dimension and most malefic for the Nehru Dynasty Politics as per the Foundation chart of India
1. Saturn at 26-04 and Ketu at 27.58 in Sagitarius the 8th house over the Mars and Jupiter at the time of Assasination of Indira Gandhi on the 31st Oct. 1984 Mars was 25.05 and Jupiter 15.07.
2.Jupiter in the 8th house as the 8th Lord with Saturn, Ketu conjunction. Jupiter is also in Gandantha and stationary hence in most malefic condition.
3. These 3 Planets at the time of Elections in the 8th house are aspected by Saturn from Libra at 24.06 degrees at the time of Indira Gandhi Assasination and also Congress defeat and Narendra Modi win Degree-wise on Saturn, and Ketu along with 8th house and 8th Lord Jupiter in malefic condition.
4. Venus under affliction in close degrees by Saturn from 8th house. Venus is placed in the 10th house and dispositor in the 8th house. Venus is with Mercury. Saturn 26.04 and Venus 23.06 degrees
5. The Conjunction of these 3 planets is aspected by Mars from the Lagna at 12.23 degrees by strong 8th aspect , this Mars also aspects the Mars and Jupiter placed in Sagitarius at the time Assassination of Indira Gandhi. Mars Aspects both Mars and Jupiter , Mars at 25.05 and Jupiter 15.07 Degrees
6. Inauspicious yogas of Mars, Saturn and Ketu
7. At the time of Elections in April 2019 the dasha in operation will be Moon-Jupiter-Venus and we know at the time of Assasination the dasha was Ketu-Moon-Jupiter .
8. Sun and Saturn poorna ithasla yoga inimical one see the degrees of Sun25.50 and Saturn26.04 in the 8th house . On this basis I have arrived at this date of Election. Since in the Initial Chart of the Congress of 28th Dec. 1885 the Sun and Saturn opposition at 15 degrees and Saturn very close to earth then. It has been observed from the above that when ever Saturn is close to earth and also afflictes the Sun the Congress Party suffers since it has a bhandan yoga .

From the above we can make out that the Parameters at the time of Elections in April 2019 are most Venomous for the Nehru Dynastic Politics . The afflictions are similiar at the time of Indira Gandhi assasination, Rajiv Gandhi stepping down and Congress defeat at the time of May 2014 when Narendra Modi came in Power.

Let us also have a Look at the Time when the Election results will be declared in May 2019 with the same Ascendant Taurus 7.26 degrees
A Transit Similair of Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu in the 8th house in the sign Sagitarius and Mars aspect on the 8th house from the Lagna is Below Near the Elections Day see the chart Below of April 2019

See for your self every thing is crystal clear on the results of the Lok Sabha a blow on the Congres Dynastic Politics
1. Lagna has Moon and Mars at 29.59 and aspects the 8th house where Saturn almost Stationary Retrograde at 26.20 conjunct Ketu 25.20 in close degrees and forming inauspicious yoga.
2. Mars and 8th Lord Jupiter are samsaptak and same degrees aspect at 29.59 degrees and 8th Lord is also Fallen , in Gandantha and Retrograde and most malefic parameter at the time of Results . It also shows a Risk for the Head of the Country due to some espionage by foreign elements . The affliction to the 8th house and 8th Lord is most malefic parameter for the Nehru Dynastic Politics.
3. Saturn in Libra at 24.06 at the time of the 2 events when Indira Gandhi was assassinated and Congress fall aspects the Saturn in the 8th house almost degree-wise and coming close to the 24 degree mark on the 14th June 2019 may prove most Venomous for Congress Dynastic Politics it so seems.
4. Venus in Pieces is Exhalted but is also afflicted since the sign Lord Jupiter is Fallen,in Gandantha , Retrograde in the 7th house and aspect Venus. This parameter may look healthy for Congress but is a hollow one. Jupiter as the 8th and the 11th Lord is forming a Rudda yoga with Mars samsaptak and same degrees. Venus though exhalted shows some gains in the Lok Sabha General Elections which may not prove useful to take them to a higher pedestal in Politics
5. See the Degrees of Vnus 25.43 and Saturn 26.21 and Ketu 25.05 a Poorna ithasla inimical one and a Rudda yoga and connection to the 8th house of the 10th Lord
6.The Dasha Lords Moon-Jupiter-Venus in the foundation chart of India afflicted badly
7. Note one Parameter in the natal chart Jupiter as the 8th Lord is in its Mool Trikona sign in the 6th house at 25.05 Degrees and when Ever Saturn has Trasitted over it at exact degrees at 24-26 degrees it has brought most malefic results for the Congress Dynastic Politics. Now in Transit Both Saturn and Jupiter will be in the 8th house from the 29th March to 23rd April 2019 along with Ketu from the 23rd March 2019. Jupiter as the 8th and the 11th Lord will become Retrograde on the 10th April 2019 and activate the natal Jupiter at 25.05 degrees after falling back in Scorpio on the 23rd April 2019. This Transit will be most Crucial for the Congress Dynastic Politics . In this Position the 8th house, 8th Lord Jupiter in Transit and the Natal Jupiter will be activated for most malefic Results. . All this is happening after the Elections have taken place. Hence even if Congress makes a progress in the Elections asper any survey it may not be able to make a dent in the Political Scenario for a higher Pedestal in the Politics
8. 9th Lord Saturn under acute affliction hence the Ram Mandir Issue also can take an ugly dimension on the roads and mass rioting cannot be ruled out in the Country
The Dasha at the time of Assasination of Indira gandhi was Ketu-Moon-Jupiter and Now it will be Moon-Jupiter-Venus and then Moon-Jupiter-Sun. These dasha periods are not conducive for the Congress Dynastic Politics it so seems
Let us also have a Look of the Congress chart of the 28TH Dec. 1885

In this chart the following parameters are Venomous
1. Jupiter and Moon Conjunction which brought down fall of Indira Gandhi in the Dasha of Ketu-Moon-Jupiter, Now Dahs aof Moon-Jupiter-Venus
2. Down Fall of Congress when Dasha of SUN-KETU-VENUS All dasha Lords afflicted
3. Sun and Saturn opposition hence when Eclipses take place in the Gemini and Sagitarius axis and Sun and Saturn will also be in opposition there will be massive suffering to the Congress Dynastic Politics. The Time frames are 30th Aptil, 14th-17th June and the 17th July 2019 at the time of the Eclipse also the Dasha will be of Moon-Jupiter-Moon from the 21st July 2019 and till 10-12-2019 the Dasha periods will be most malefic for the Congress Dynastic Politics

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Let me reproduce the text here
The Chart of the Congress Party is below of the 2nd Jan. 1978 12-01 hrs New Delhi

The Balance of Dasha at the foundation is of Moon 6 years 2 months and 2 days
Congress Party is running the Dasha of Jupiter-Venus from the Jan. 2017 to 12th Sept. 2019
Jupiter is the Lord of the Lagna and the 10th house and Venus the Lord of the 3rd and the 8th house and Placed in the 10th house with Sun and is Combusted . In the Dashamasha Chart this Venus is Placed in the Lagna of the Dashamsha Chart D10 is crystal clear of the Venus giving malefic Results since Combusted and the 8th Lord of the Rashi chart. Around the Elections this Venus will be Exhalted and in the Lagna of the Rashi Chart and the Maha Dasha Lord will be fallen and placed in the 9th house and this Fallen Jupiter will aspect Venus in the Lagna making it extremely weak . Transit Saturn over the natal Sun and Venusis indicating drastic changes in the Congress and Priyanka has been induced in the Party as the General Sercetary of AICC. Role Of Anter Dasha Venus in Transit with Jupiter in the 9th house .
Around the Elections and the Results when they will be declared the Dasha in operation will be Jupiter-Venus-Mercury from the 1st March 2019 to 17-7-2019.
It was the Anter dasha of Jupiter-Mercury in 2014 when Congress had a downfall in the Political Scenario of the Country . Mercury is ill Placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord Venus for Longevity and also ill placed from the 10th house and the 10th Lord Jupiter . In the Dashamsha Chart Mercury is also in the Ascendant with Venus the 8thLord of the Rashi Chart and afflicted badly.

Hence from the above it is clear that after 1st March 2019 Congress part would face bottlenecks for a Success in the Lok Sabha General Elections

Let us also Have a Look at the Vedic Progression Chart of the year 2019 to 2020 by Mannu Smriti as per the Tamil Classics which is below

It is Most amazing to see this Chart and what Astrology can depict . See the Dasha Lords Jupiter and Venus in this Chart both Connected to the 10th house and a Poorna Ithasla of Saturn and Venus at exact degrees of 3 but mind you Saturn is Retrograde and a Radda Yoga . Venus in the 10th house shows the Priyanka Gandhi Induced in the Party and this Venus has relations with 3 retrograde planets Saturn, Mars and Jupiter , there is also Ishraaf yoga of Jupiter and Venus and again a Radda Yoga , also this Venus is aspected by Debilitated Retrograde Mars . Both the Life giving Luminaries are under affliction. The Dasha Lords in operation have acquired the ownership of the Trik Bhavas
The Transit of Ketu over this 10th house over the Conjunction of Sun and Venus may prove Venomous for the Party it so seems and specially the Scams may be unearthed. The Progression chart shows that In the Month of Jan. 2019 when there will be Degree conjunction of Jupiter and Venus Priyasnka will be induced from the Family 2nd House Jupiter Placement and Venus in the 10th house , Jupiter is also 8th Lord and a change but not for Good .Venus here is the Lagna Lord and the Mool Trikona Sign is in the 6th , hence Priyanka has been induced for Competitions which may not prove fruitful and the party may face music in the coming times. The Dasha Lords of Priyanka Venus and Saturn are in Rudda yoga in the Progression chart of Congress and ill placed from the Luminaries who are also afflicted . Saturn is yoga Karka for this chart and connected to Venus the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord who has the aspect of Jupiter the 8th Lord . The Transit Jupiter after being Fallen after 23rd April 2019 in the 7th house will aspect the Lagna , it will first go in the 8th house in Sagitarius on the 29th March and then fall back on the 23rd April 2019 . This Time Frame will be most Venomous for the Congres Party and Priyanka Gandhi. It seems that till April 2019 there may be some gains but nothing phenominal to reach a higher pedestal in the Politics, they may continue to be in the opposition.
This is not my Personal Opinion and is purely Astrological Prediction.

Hence from the above it seems that the Dasha in Operation of Moon-Jupiter-Venus in the foundation chart of India may prove Venomous and may not give any mileage for a higher pedestal in the Political Scenario for the Dynastic Politics of Congress since every time Saturn is afflicted in Libra and Sagitarius between 24-26 degrees it has proved like a bolt from the blue for Congress. Their gaining some fractured mandate cannot be ruled out or some more seats and still sit in the opposition. The Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord in Gandantha as per Congress chart and under affliction at the time of Elections and then fallen at the time of Results may not attribute good results for the Party in totality. As Jupiter aspect on Venus it may give some savings as a very weak planet and the gains may not be asper expectations. The Article is a Research Article and I am totally confident of this happening since every time there is a hit on the Congress Dynastic Politics Jupiter,Saturn and Mars Play the major Role. as discussed above

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Most of the Astrologer have now started to Predict that Congress will get upper hand in the General Lok Sabha Elections. Well My Predictions will not be influenced by their Predictions since I dont go as per what is happening , but as per the Planetary Positions and Purely Astrology
I dont Believe in FITOLOGY. For this Reason Astrology gets bad name
Methodology should be correct irrespective of the Predictions
Some friends sent me some links of Predictions on the General Lok Sabha Elections 2019. They seems to be tailored as per the Present Scenario of Modi wave taking a hit and Congress on the Dynastic Politics Formula
Wait and see their Formula will Perish as per the Disciplinarian Saturn which attains 24 degrees and then Stationary and Retrograde on the 30th April 2019 and Jupiter is Fallen, retrograde and in Gandantha on the 23rd April 2019.I am firm believer of Astrology Principles. ‎

Written on 25th Jan. 2019 16-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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