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The Following are the Parameters to be seen in the Birth chart to evaluate the Financial Condition of a Native.
Panchang Elements,Jupiter, Moon, Garbshishta, Dhan yogas, Indu Lagna, Shree Lagna and Yogi Point Most Important Parameters
1. Panchang Element the 5 Limbs of the Day Most Important. The Day Lord,Tithi, Nakshatra and Karna. Malefic Days normally donot bestow good results for wealth and the 4 Fixed Karnas and Vishti Karna such people have to be very catious for Investing Money. In Nakshatras Rohini, Dhanistha are marked as very good Nakshatras for Good wealth. Moon should be strongly placed
2. Garbshishta Planets. The dasha Lords at Birth should be placed in Kendra from Venus,Mercury and Jupiter to bestow wealth at the time of Birth.
3. Jupiter Plays an important role and it should not suffer from 6 afflictions. (a)Combust (b) Set- asta (c) Lost in Planetary war (d) Eclipsed (e) Fallen (f) Retrogression
3. Dhan Yogas in the Chart Gajkesri and AshtLakshami Yogas Shiv Rajyoga ,
4. Indu Lagna, Indu Lagna of the 2nd and the 11th House . 2nd House should be strong, and for Good 2nd house Able wife, Agya kari Putra, Status Respect and Ready Cash is seen from the 2nd house.
5.There are 3 type of Dhan Yogas (a) Dhan Yogas (b) Special Lagna Dhan Yogas (c) Ativesash Dhan Yogas . 2nd House is Brain for making Money and natural benefics should be placed there . Retrograde planets connected to 2nd house not good , Mercury placement alone not good along with Jupiter since Karko Bhav Nashay. Rahu alone is also not supposed to be good unless in Vipreet motion
5. Moon Nadi Shastra says Moon should be strong in the chart to confer wealth and in Sukla Paksh
6. Good Nakshatra for making Money. Ashvini, Rohini, Punarvasu, Pushya, U Phal,Haste, U Shadha,Shravana and Dhinshta are good Nakshatra . Most Potent are Dhanishta for a Girl Native. Haste Ganeshji, Rohini Lord Krishna
7 Profit and Gains 11th house is pure upchaya sthan
8.Moon-Mercury Relation not good in the 11th house, Sun-Moon Exchange not good
9.4,10 Vishnu Sthan connection with 2,11 houses 5,9 Lakshami Sthan connection with 2.11 houses form Dhan yogas. Vishesh Dhan yoga 5,9 houses connection with 2,11 houses
Connection of 2,9,11 Apar dhan, Mercury in 8th house unafflicted apar Dhan
Mercury-Ketu Insolvancy in 11th house
10. Relation of Indu Lagna , Moon, Lagna and Lagna Lord should not be 2/12 and in 6/8 axis
11. Yogi Point placement in good houses and not in Trik Bhavas
12. Yogi and Avyogi Graha.
13 Planets in Pushkar Navamsha.
14.Placement of Yogi Graha from Jupiter in Kendra
15. Shree Lagna and Lord should be strong. Lord connection with Venus excellent
16. Relation of the Shree Lagna Lord and Indu Lagna Lord their Naisargik Relation and Tatlika Relations
17. Venktesha Hora chart Planets in own sign give money
18 Rudramsha Chart D11 . See the Placement of Jupiter and Indu Lagna in this Chart and planets connected to 10th Lord.
19. Ashtvarga Chart and Bindoos in the 1,2,4,9,10 and 11th house the Bindoos should be more then average of 29- 30 binddos in these 6 houses for good Financial standing . The Bindoos in the 9,10 and 11th should be in the increasing order, The Total of the Bindoos in the Trik Bhavas should be less then 76
20. D4 Chart. Jupiter must aspect the Lagna and should be Kendra or Kona Lord . Mars for Property in 10,11th house
21. D6 of D10 Chart to see the minimum adversities in Career
22. Running Dasha to be seen From Dasha Varga Charts calculated Mathematically
Written on 23rd Jan. 2019 16-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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