Nodes Rahu Ketu Mars Saturn On The Steering Wheel Forming Inauspicious Yogas For Global Events In 2019

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In the year 2019 there are Inauspicious Yogas of Saturn Conjunct with Ketu and Mars from 22nd March to 8th August 2019
1. From 22nd March 2019 Mars will be in 6/8 axis with Saturn and Ketu conjunction till 7th May 2019 and aspects the Saturn and Ketu by 8th aspect.
2.Then Mars-Rahu Conjunction opposed by Saturn-Ketu degree-wise aspect in 1/7 axis and of all of them in 24-26 degrees. from the 7th May to 22nd June when Mars will go in the sign Cancer
3.Mars goes in Cancer on the 22nd June and again 6/8 axis with Saturn-Ketu conjunction. The worst thing in these conjunction is the degree conjunction and then degree aspect between these 4 Dreaded Planets upto 22nd June 2019.Mars will change to Sign Leo on the 8th August 2019

Hence a Time frame of 22nd March to 8th August 2019 will be a time frame for untoward happenings as discussed in this Article
Rahu and Ketu in the dual signs are considered most malefic along with Mars and Saturn since there are malefic Nakshatra in these signs . These Planets have the capacity to turn the glass of water upside down specially when Rahu and Ketu are afflicted by these Palnets

The world is bound for trouble it so seems for Natural, Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s, Terrorism, Brawl between the nations taking an ugly stance and Recession in the Global Economy. When Ever Rahu will be adverse in Transit in the time frames mentioned inthis Article there will be strong Rise and Fall and more towards the fall . Jupiter the Planet of Wealth and Prosperity will also be fallen then is anothrer parameter which canot be ignored for Economy
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Transit Nodes in the dual signs and afflicted by Mars and Saturn after 22nd March 2019 is definitely a big concern for the Globe for Natural and Unnatural disasters, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s,Jal Pralay in any Form, Political Tug of War and Terrorism. It is said when Rahu and Ketu are in Dual signs they are most Venomous in Transit since they own there Nakshatras in these signs,Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagitarius. This Parameter was haunting me and while
I was going through the Foundation charts of the Countries, My eye caught the Foundation chart of Malasyia of the 16th Sept. 1963 00.00 hrs Kaulalumpur.The Dasha in operation is of Rahu-Saturn from the 28-1-2017 to 5-12-2019. We all know that the Dasha of Rahu-Saturn is Double Saturn and supposed to be most enigmatic.
The Above Transit is also not good For other Countries
1. US Since Rahu will Transit over the Natal Sun , Jupiter, Venus. Dasha of Rahu from the Nov. 2018 will give losses in Trade war and any Brawl with any Country and specially China. Trump is also Running the Dasha of Jup-Saturn which is considered most enigmatic as per Tamil Principles . Saturn and Sun Conjunct till 15th Jan. 2019 he may take a wrong decision and put the Country at Dagger’s drawn with other Countries and also with in the Country the Masses may not like him for his action now since they will be adversely influenced
2. China Ascendant is Capricorn and is under the Dasha of Saturn -Jupiter and Both are Placed in the Trik Bhavas in the chart Saturn over the 12th Lord Jupiter in Transit and Jupiter joining the Sign Sagitarius may put the Country in odd situations from the 29th March 2019 it so seems .China Since Ketu will be over the natal Jupiter the 12th Lord and Lagna Lord will also be there and 12th Lord Jupiter will jointhere on the 29th March 2019 and then Fall back in the 11th house as a Fallen Planet Jupiter is also Karka for Wealth and Prosperity . It seems China will also suffer due to the Present Trade war when Rahu is most Venomous and misleading mode from the 7th Jun. to 23rd Jan. and then from the 28th Jan. to 5th Feb. 2019, this is the Present Scenario and when Eclipses also take Place on the 21st Jan. and July 2019 will add fuel to the fire
Have a Look at the charts of the Transit Most enigmnatic from 10th March, 22nd March 2019, 10th April 23rd April and 30th April 2019 onwards may prove most Enigmnatic it so seems since then Jupiter will also be fallen after 23rd April 2019

Chart of 30th April 2019 when Saturn is Stationary and going in Retrogression and aspected By Mars almost degree-wise by 8th aspect
2. Chart of 18th June 2019 When Mars will be with Rahu and Saturn with Ketu in 1/7 axis and the Dispositor of Saturn and Ketu fallen in Scorpio

Next Date is 11th July to 17th July 2019. There also eclipses In Jan 2019 and then in July 2019

The above time frames are also malefic and Venomous for India also since India also has the Taurus Ascendant but there is not planet in the 8th house but Ketu is there in the 7th house and the 8th Lord will fall and come over the natal Ketu and Transit Ketu will be in the 8th house and Rahu over the natal Mars , hence not a good situation even for India . I will write another Article For India but it seems that Asia will be in Troubles specially Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangkok, Maalsyia, Japan and Some Parts of India as per the time frames mentioned in this article bu Natural and Unnatural Calamities. Earthquakes with magnitude, Terrorism is also not ruled out . There may be Political Tug of War between the nations and even in the Political leaders of the Country . Financial and Stock Markets may also be at Risk due to Global Recession
Written on the 10th Jan. 2019 at 10-00 hrs
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