North Node On Driving Wheel Will Turn the Tables In The Stock and Financial Markets On 22nd Jan. 2019 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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ASTROLOGY PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THE Stock and the Financial Markets from the 7th Jan. 2019 to 5th Feb. 2019 the Trend will be Roller Coaster . From the 7th to 23rd Jan. 2019 hoping for Trade war to Ease between the Us and China when North Node was Adverse and did not let it happen, Now on the 22nd Jan. 2019 it is goinfg to retain its normal motion and has the capacity to turn the tables unside Down till the 27th Jan. 2019 after which again there will be a reversal till 5th Feb. 2019 and then again a sharp fall it so seems,
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Som many of them . I have been writing that after 5th Feb. and 23rd March 2019 will be a critical time frame for the Global Markets specially when Jupiter also joins Ketu in the sign Sagitarius and then the eclipses in the sign Sagitarius will be explosive for the Stock and the Financial Markets it so seems .

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It does not seem that there will be any truce between the US and China and even if it happens it will be foggy and Gloomy and with no clarity . The Future of the Stock and the Financial Markets is very gloomy and in the present Scenario a Storng Roller Coaster rides as mentioned in my all Articles

Written on 21st Jan. 2019 20-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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