North Node Rahu Surrounding The World With Air Of Meloncholy China Sends Military To Intercept US In Disputed Sea Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

In the Near Future Rahu Venomous Motion and Saturn Joining Ketu opposed By Mars Most Malefic and Can lead to so many Natural, Unnatural disasters . Trade wars can escalate beyond imagination along with Brawl between the US and China taking the most ugly dimension . Rahu North Node most Venomous misleading the world in the present Scenario when Adverse from the 7th Jan to 23rd jan. and then from the 28th Jan. to 5th Feb. 2019 and after after 22nd Mars to 29th Marc 2019 the situations could explode it so seems from the Astrology point of view
In the Present Scenario few hours back China Sends Military to Intercept U.S. in Disputed Sea amid US-China Trade Talks in Beijing link today the 8th Jan. 2019. The Chinese military has moved to intercept U.S. warships sailing through the contested South China Sea in the latest of what has been a series of tense encounters surrounding the two powers in the Asia-Pacific.ASTROLOGY PREDICTED THE OUTCOME OF THE US-CHINA TRUCE IN ADAVNCE AND WE CAN SEE IT GOING IN THE SAME PATH.

The Chinese military has moved to intercept U.S. warships sailing through the contested South China Sea in the latest of what has been a series of tense encounters surrounding the two powers in the Asia-Pacific.This is really bad and indicating that the North Node is on the driving wheel and what it has the capacity is nobodies buisness. China is also Running the dasha of Saturn -Jupiter as per the Foundation chart and Transit Rahu is over the Debilitated Mars in the 7th house of wars and Transit Ketu over the natal Moon the 7th Lord in the Lagna .Saturn Transitting in the 12th house and in the trinal house from the natal Saturn and Jupiter Transit in the 11th house and 2/12 axis with the Natal Jupiter
Only a day has passed since Rahu has turned venomous and the things moving towards ugly situations. North Node Rahu is on the streering wheel since in adverse motion and is sorrounding the world with an air of Melancholy as already Predicted.North Node is adverse normally twice a month for 2-3 days and is supposed to be Venomous during these days when Sun or Moon approach near the Transit Rahu or Ketu. This month exceptionaly Rahu is adverse in a stretch for 17 days from the 7th Jan. ro 23rd Jan. and then from the 28th Jan to 5th Feb. 2019 for 8 days. I really fear this Parameter. Please read my Articles in this regard
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Apart from this ugly parameter unfortunately there is also conjunction of Sun and Saturn which is feared as a dreaded conjunction
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Have a look at the Foundation chart of China 1st Oct. 1949 15.15 hrs Beijing
The Transit of Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter in the 12th house over the natal Jupiter the 12thLord may bring about some ugly situation after 25th March when Ketu transits over the Natal Jupiter with Saturn who is already there and Jupiter Transit also joins there on the 29th March 2019 and the Jupiter becomes Retrograde on the 10th April and Falls back in Scorpio on the 23rd April 2019. A Fallen Planet is also most Venomous and since the Anter dasha Lord may Give war like situation for China and the Trade war between the China and US can also escalate beyond imaginations . Jupiter then will be in its 6th Cycle as per the Foundation chart and 3 Planets in the 12th from Lagna and also Moon . China will also be under the Influence of a Sadisati This can put China also in Hot waters

The Situation of US is no better Have a Look at the chart Of US of the 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs Pheladelphia

US is under the Dasha of Rahu which has started from the Nov. 2018 and the Natal Rahu is placed in the 12th house of Losses and the Transit Rahu is over the natal Rahu and over the Natal Retrograde Mercurythe 2nd and the 11th Lord . This Transit can prove most venomous for even US since at the Time Rahu is Adverse in a Watery sign there are 3 more planets in Watery sign Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio and Jupiter having Exchange with Mars in Pieces and If we take the aspet of Rahu then Rahu is poluting all the other 3 planets and all the watery signs , hence there could be chaos in the South China sea it so seems.

The Transit of Nodes on the natal Jupiter on both cases of US and China may prove the worst of its kind since in Transit jupiter will also fall back in Scorpio on the 23rd April 2019 this can lead to serious situations and since the Karka for wealth and Prosperity will suffer in the natal charts of these countries and also in Transit till 5th Nov. 2019 when Jupiter goes back to Sagitarius and meets Ketu again ther along with Saturn. Both the Countries seems to suffer but in case of US the Damage may be more than China , since Transit Rahu over the natal Jupiter in case of US is Killing . Trump is also liable to take wrong decisions till Saturn and Sun are in Conjunction till 15th Jan. 2019 after which they will be in 6/8 axis and not supposed to be for the world affairs. In Case of China the Sun and Saturn are in 6/8 axis and in case of US they are in 4/10 axis and natal Saturn aspects the Natal Sun. Unfortunately the Saturn in the case of US is at 26 degrees where the Transit will be stationary on the 30th April 2019 when it will go in Retogression This could trigger the situations.
The Inauspicious Yogas in the year 2019

Mars Transit in Taurus from 22nd March when it will be in 6/8 axis with Saturn and Ketu and aspect Saturn and Ketu by 8th aspect from 25th March 2019 to 7th May 2019. There Mars will join Rahu in Gemini and in samsaptak from Saturn and Ketu till to 22nd June and then again Mars will be in 6/8 axis with Ketu and Saturn from the 22nd June to 8th August. Mars in this Period will be in Cancer and also debilitated

From the above it seems that the Future can turn even more ugly as per the Time frame mentioned above . Further whenSun and Moon Join the nodes and form Eclipses they will further Add fuel to the fire and it seems US and China may be at daggers drawn and no respite in the Trade wars and which may lead to Global Economy taking a big hit. In this Time frame Saturn will also complete its 90 year cycle from the year 1929 when we had the Great depression
The Most unfortunate parameter is that the nodes will be in their own Nakshatra after they Transit the dual signs Gemini and Sagitarius . Ketu in Moola and Rahu in Ardra but after they Retrograde back from the other Nakshatra.
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