North Node Rahu Venomous For Fate of Gathbandhan Sarkar, US-China Truce For Trade War Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Rahu and Saturn on the steering wheel and Path is Foggy and misleading specially till 5th Feb. 2019 in the present scenario is the nutshell of the Article. It can have a major impact on the global in general and also on the stock and the Financial Markets in a big way
For the General elections of the Lok Sabha there are Gathbhandan taking place when Sun and Saturn are conjunct forming Bhandan yoga and Rahu is adverse motion from the 7th Jan. to Practically till 5th Feb. 2019 will prove most venomous since the North Node is adverse in this stretch exceptionally for such a long time as against only 2-3 days twice in a month. Hence Extremely Bad for the Truce, Gathbhandan, Treaties, Natural and unnatural Calamities and nothing will come through with proper fructifications and all can explode any time since Rahu is known for turning the tables upside down. and Saturn and Sun are dreaded enemies
The Fate of the #US-China Summit for Trade war are identical with the Fate of the #Gathbhandan In Bihar and the Fate seems to be gloomy for both as apready predicted due to the following reasons
Venomous parameters are taking place which may not attribute good fructifications for them
1. 2nd Day of #Solar eclipse on the 6th Jan. 2019
2. Sun and Saturn Conjunction. This is a Bhandan yoga and can explode any time since Sun and Saturn are dreaded enemies and Sun is Ego and #Saturn is disciplinarian and due to this conflict
3. #Rahu the Karka for Politics in Adverse motion and vargottam along with Saturn the Karka for Masses, Democracy is under affliction
4.The Day Lord Moon is Under affliction with Ketu in the sign Capricorn
5.The Tithi SP-2 starts from 05-47 hrs and Day is Monday hence a Mrityu Yoga Since Bhadra Tithi. Karna Lord is with Ketu
6. Nakshatra is U shadha is good But the Lord Sun is again with Saturn
7. From Sun and Saturn Bhandan yoga Mars in the Kendra. In navamsha Sun is debilitated and Saturn with Mars in Virgo
The Transit for a good Gathbhandan in missing

#ASTROLOGY HAS PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON US Read this Article written on the 6th Jan. 2019 and many other articles much before for the US Rahu Dasha in operation and over the natal Rahu in the 12th house of Losses over the 2nd and the 11th Lord In Adverse motion from the 7th Jan. to 5th Feb 2019 in 2 long stretches for 17 days and 9 days and a total of 26 days never before for such a long time
Artilce “North Node Rahu & Disciplinarian Saturn Set Arithmetic On Politics, Truce, Natural and Unnatural Calamities As Predicted” link…ies-as-predicted/
This can be the most venomous period for the #Stock and the #Financial Markets taking a dip un expected and entering into a #Recession mode in much before the most Venomous period after 25th March 2019.
Date 8th Jan. 2019 06-30 am
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