‘Prashna Jyotish’ Helps To Gain Through Negotiations For Buying A Car Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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In this Article I am going to reveal how Prashna Jyotish helped a client in buying a Second Hand Premium Segment Car after good negotiations. In the Month of August 2018 when Venus was debilitated one of my Clients approached me to find what was the best time frame to buy a Car.Venus the Karka for Vehicles was to ingress in its MT sign in Libra on the 2nd Sept. 2018, hence I suggested him to proceed when Venus was Vargottam in Libra and a Good time for Negosiations. Accordingly the Buyer went , but is did not bring good results on that day. I knew this but looking at the planetary positions I could forsee that after a week or so there would be good Transit as per his natal chart of Gemini Lagna and Venus in the ascendant and the deal will go through.
It is said as per the Tamil Texts that when benefics Transit the 5th house of the natal chart then the transit is supposed to be the best and gives the benefit of the good Karmas in ones life.I am talking about the Gemini Ascendant .Venus the Karka for Vehicles was Debilitated in Virgo at the time he approached me .Hence I suggested him the above more so Venus was to over stay in Libra for 121 days as against the noraml Transit of 18 days. Also planetary positions were also not good for quite a long time specially Mars and Saturn in Retrogression,conjunction in Sagitarius and then the eclipses in the 4/10 axis of the Natural Zodiac. Since buying of Vehicles also is seen from the 4th house and also fron the Natural Zodiac for good Astrology analysis. Venus Transit in Libra was exceptional since as against 18 days in a sign Venus was over staying in its MT sign for 121 days from the 2nd Sept. 2018 to 2nd Jan. 2019 and was to join Jupiter in the 5th house in Libra the Lord of the 4th from 4th house the Shookasham sthan Lord of the 4th house Jupiter also in the 5th house.Saturn also became direct on the 6th Sept. 2018 in the 7th house of the Querist the 4th from the 4th house in transit. Mars had already become direct on the 27th August 2018. Mars and Saturn being the 6th and the 8th Lord for Gemini ascendent after becoming direct gave much relief.  The DBA Planets when he went to the seller also were showing at that time that the Car is of Foregn Brand and an expensive make and at a Good Location.The Good Time for Negotiations was from 14-00 hrs to 15-00 hrs. Accordingly the Buyer went to the Seller at the appropriate time and did not show much interest and told the seller that the Price was high although he was interested in the Car and liked it in every respect. The Meeting did not bring any Result since there was a gap in the Price offered by the Buyer and the seller. Hence after giving him his contact number he came back. I now told the Buyer to wait till the day in Sept. 2018 when there a Poorna Ithasla Between the Dasha Lords along with Moon forming a Kambool yoga in Transit of the Dasha Lords Venus-Saturn-Venus. I told him that he would get a call from the Seller in the next 7 to 8 days. The Transit of the Venus and Saturn was also in Good Houses . Amazingly as astrology calculated the Seller called the Buyer and Accordingly I told the Buyer to approach the seller the next day at abhijjet Muhurat and Negotiate . As predicted the seller agreed to the Price of the Buyer at abhijeet Muhurat. Amazingly the Seller reduced the Price and almost matched the buyers Price . In this Process The Buyer gained a Lot of Money in Buying the Car. In the Natal Chart of the Querist Mercury the 4th Lord was also placed in the 11th house with Exhalted Sun and Rahu and Saturn the 9th Lord aspecting the same from the 2nd House. How I could do this was that I had seen that there was a fuutre Ithasla of the Dasha Lords in a good house and Kambool Yoga in Sept.2018 in Transit .The Buyer was amazed at the way I asked him and every thing worked accordingly . For Reasons Best Known I dont want to share the Birth details and the Prashna . The Idea of writing this Article is Muhurat for any Event brings the results accordingly

I had Made sure of the Tithi, Karna, Yogas along with Tara balam and Chandra Balam in his case were all benefic stance at the time of Visiting the seller and also at the time of Buying the Car
1.The Day was Ganesh Chaturthi

2. Amrutha Yoga  

3. The Dasha Lords Venus-Saturn-Venus Placed in good houses and Poorna Ithasla 

4. Saturn the Anter dasha Lord Stationary from the 6th to 11th Sept. 2018 and placed in the good house  gave fixed and good results 

5. Dual Transit of Saturn and Jupiter activated both the 4th house/ 4th Lord and Venus 

6. Moon the Delivery boy also activated the the 4th Lord  and with Jupiter and Venus in the 5th house  the 2nd house from the 4th house being the gains from the 4th house gave good results 
In the Process the Querist gained More then Rs75000/- in the Total Deal deal, which was not being fixed for a long time.

Written on 15th Jan. 2019 10-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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