Rahu-Ketu In Gemini-Sagitarius Axis: Eclipses In Sagitarius May Prove A Bolt From The Blue For Politics Global Economy

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The Cental Idea of the Article Saturn 24 Degree mark in Sagitarius will be instrumental in Reviving the Modi Wave it so seems after 10th March 2019, 30th April 2019 and since Saturn is a disciplinarian will punish the Culprits at the time of Sikh-Riots 84 since then also Saturn was at 24 degree mark in Libra and that Saturn will aspect the Saturn in Sagitarius Retrograde and Stationary at 26 degrees on the 30th April 2019. This is not my opinion . This is a Research Article and may happen it so seems. An Article has already been written on this and mentioned in this Article
In the Present Scenario Rahu and Ketu are in the 4/10 axis of the natural Zodiac and Ketu in the 10th house in the sign Capricorn and both the nodes are in Direct and Venomous motion considered to be most malefic when we consider the Nodes in True motion from the 7th Jan. to 23rd Jan. and then from the 28th to 5th Feb. 2019. Ketu placed in the 10th house and the dispositor of Ketu Saturn is in the 9th house of the natural Zodiac attributes the effects of a yoga Karka Graha. Saturn and Rahu are the planets for Politics. Saturn as the 10th and the 11th Lord is placed in the 9th house of the Natural Zodiac, but Saturn is also Bhadak as the 11th Lord and aspects the 11th house from the 9th house, when this Saturn becomes Retrograde on the 30th April 2019 and aspects Rahu in Gemini it will produce malefic effects in the Political Alliances formed in the time frame mentioned above . Also in the Present Scenario this Ketu has the prospensity to behave reverse of what it seems to give and a hazzy picture of the future in the Politics when in adverse motion and can be worst for the significations of the 10th house.10th house of the natural Zodiac is Heaven and also indicates the Prime Minister of the Country. Hence there will be a horse race to fight in the Country to attain the Power amongst the Political Parties in the general Election of the Lok Sabha 2019. There motive will be to defeat the Ruling Govt.and come in Power , hence there wiill be unexpected equations in the Alliances to give tuff competition to the Ruling Govt. We have seen this specially when Sun and Saturn were conjunct after 16th Dec. 2018 and after 2nd Jan. 2019 when Both Sun and Saturn were degree conjunct in the sign Sagitarius at 17 degrees. The Sun and Saturn in 2/12 axis has further formulated new alliances and a total mismatch. All this is happening when the Nodes are adverse and Rahu is placed in the 8th from Saturn. 8th house is dead end and smoky and shows the Longevity of such alliances which have formed and have been anounced after the 7thJan. 2019 onwards. Since Rahu and Ketu are most malefic till the 23rd Jan. and then from the 28th to 5th Feb. 2019 mentioned above. The above is applicable to the whole world but more on India since Rahu and Ketu Dominate in the 1/7 axis of the Foundation chart of India independence and also as per the Republic Chart. Also this Rahu Ketu as per the Foundation chart of India are in the 1/7 axis of the 3rd House of Alliances over the 5 planets Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. This Transit is bound to give Transformation in the Political Arena of India
Rahu and Ketu in the 4/10 axis of the natural Zodiac when change the signs on the 23th March 2019 may turn the table upside down when Ketu joins Saturn and then when Jupiter also joins them on the 29th March 2019. Initailly it may look like in this time frame that these Political Alliances may dominate the coming elections and defeat the Rulling Party, but surprisingly it may not completely happen like this. Jupiter the The Lord of the 9th house of the natural Zodiac will turn Retrograde at 00.13 degrees in Sagitarius in Gandantha and then Fall in Scorpio on the 23rd April 2019. This could be a Bolt from the Blue for the Political Alliances formed earlier. In this Position the Dispositor of Saturn and Ketu will be in the 8th house of the natural Zodiac till 5th Nov. 2019 and all the Rajyogas formed earlier will be spoilt. This may bring strifes and struggles in the alliances and they may not bring fruitful results against the Ruling Govt.Have a look at the chart of the 30th April 2019 when Saturn is also Stationary and turning Retrograde at 26 degrees most important with respect to Saturn in Libra at 24 degrees at the time of Sikh -Riots and 26th May 2014 when Modi came to Power in mboth cases Saturn was 24 degrees in Libra. 17-19th June 2019 also acquire an important dimension it so seems . The Eclipse on the 16th-17th July 2019 will add fuel to the fire and the effects of the same may even be felt much before the actual Eclipse in May and June 2019.

Chart of 30th April 2019 when Saturn is turning Retrograde at 26 degrees in Sagitarius

Have a look at the degrees of Saturn , Nodes , Mars and Jupiter Fallen in Scorpio. The sign Aries is rising at the time when Saturn is turning Retrograde and afflicted degree-wise by Ketu and Mars by 8th aspect. For India Foundation chart this conjunction of Ketu and Saturn will be in the 8th house most venomous for the safety of the Head of the Countryin any form .Inauspicious yoga of the Mars and Saturn along with Ketu and Mars aspecting the Conjunction.There could be espionage and malefic plans for the Country peace. Mars is the 12th and the 7th Lord will be in the Lagna as per the Foundation chart of the India. I dont want to write any more on this .The Modi Wave which was losing its shine will take unprecedented change and there will be Modi Wave once again it so seems
Coming back to the Nodes Transit

Rahu and Ketu change signs on the 23rd March as per true motion and as per mean motion on the 7th March 2019. Rahu will change sign to Gemini and Ketu to sagitarius sign. Both the signs are considered as the Exaltation sigs of the nodes where they are shifting.They are also considered to be very strong since they will also transit in there own Nakshatra Rahu in Ardra and Ketu in Moola. In Gemini Rahu will Transit in the Nakshatras of Jupiter, then own Nakshatra Ardra and then Mars. Ketu will transit in the nakshatras of Sun,Venus and then Its Own Nakshatra Moola. The Nodes will transit these signs for Approx 1 year 6 months and 18 days. The Eclipses will also Take place in the signs of Gemini and Sagitarius. As per ‘Bhriat Simhita’ when the Eclipses take place in the sign Sagitarius it brings down fall for the Kings,Head of the States,Ministers, Horses,People dealing with Expensive Cars, Body Builders,Military Personal,Doctors,and those dealing with Auryaveda and Medicines. The Places which will be effected most will be Bihar and Punjab. From the 6th April 2019 to 24th March 2020 there will be 3 Eclipses over the Sun and the Moon.
Have a Look at the inauspicous yogas Taking Place in the Full Moon chart of the 17th June 2019 at 14-01 hrs

Almost Degree aspect of Saturn, Rahu-Ketu and Mars and Luminaries also afflicted 5 Planets between 24-26 degrees and in 4/10 axis , but the 10th Lord is in the 10th House and the Lagna Lord showing strenth of the Prime minister but with help of other Planets influencing the 10th house.

Tuesday 2/3 July 2019 there will be Solar Eclipse. This will not be visible in India , but it has been observed that still there will be influence on the Country some way or the other.This will not have any Religious importance in our Country. This Eclipse will be visible in South America,Panama,Middle and Southern Pacific Ocean. This is a partial eclipse.
Chart of the Solar Eclipse as per India Time is 3rd July 2019 00-46 hrs a New Moon chart also and Sun and Moon influenced by the Nodes and Retrograde Saturn

The Chart of Lunar Eclipse on the 17th July 2019 at 03-08 hrs is below . Again the Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars , this will be visible in India , Southern New-zealand, Australia, Southern Japan,Eastern Siberia,in Asia Contenent, Africa,Europe,Indian Ocean,Southern America
Have alook at the chart below

The Inauspicious Yoga again of the Mars and Saturn and the Luminaries are afflicted badly. I will write more on the Eclipses in another Article , but What I want to state here that the effects of this Eclipse may even be felt before it actually happens. It will not be an esay task for the Future Prime Minister it so seems

As Per the time Frames above there may be malefic and Venomous Results for the Global Economy specailly after Rahu and Ketu change signs after 23rd March 2019. I have been mentionaing that the Ketu and Saturn Conjunction and Rahu in Taurus and aspecting the Conjunction will be the turning point in the Global Economy and after the 23rd April when Jupiter the dispositor of Saturn and Ketu is also Fallen in the sign Scorpio and in the 12th house from Saturn and Ketu At this time Saturn will complete its 90 year Cycle from the 24th Oct. 1929 and may give similiar or parallel results it so seems

For Congress it so seems that the Saturn 24 degree mark in Sagitarius seems to be most inauspicious . Read my article “Sun-Saturn Dreaded Conjunction In Sagitarius From 16th Dec.-14th Jan. 2019 And Opposition From 16th June -16th July 2019” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/12/sun-saturn-dread…e-16th-july-2019/ ‎
Also Read “Saturn The Disciplinarian Gifts The Key Person Sajjan Kumar With Life Term In ’84 Riots” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/12/saturn-the-disci…term-in-84-riots/.
The strong opposition may be the Sufferer it so seems due to the 24 degree mark of Saturn in Sagitarius aspected by the Saturn in Libra at these degrees when Sikh-Riots-84 took place and after 30 years at the same degree in Libra N Modi became the Prime minister. It seems N modi will take Oath this time also when Saturn is at 24 Degrees in Sagitarius as per my Research note this parameter. This Transit ia also not good for US specially when Rahu will transit on the 4 Planets in the foundation chart of US and specially over the natal Jupiter and Mars. for Fall in the Economy of the Country

For China It will be Ketu over the Natal jupiter in the 12th house also not good , but US seems to suffer more then China Recession is on the Cards after looking at the charts of US , China and also of Donald Trump
The Dates mentioned in the above on the 21st Jan, 10th March 30th April, 17th June, 17th July 2019 will the dates most malefic for the above . The Eclipse on the 17th July 2019 will be the ultimate for the Kings, Ministers and the Stock Markets taking a reversal, although the same will take a start from the 23rd to 23rd April 2019 itself
Written on 19th Jan. 2019 10-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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