Rahu North Node Adverse From 7th Jan. To 23rd Jan.,28th Jan. To 5th Feb. 2019 What It Can spell ?

Yesterday when I saw the Transit Rahu in the month of Jan. and Feb. 2019 I found most disturbing parameter that Rahu is adverse at a stretch for 25-26 days starting from the 7th Jan. 2019. I did not have the ephimeries since they are still not available and could not see this partameter earlier . Hence it Seems Indonesia may be in deep Trouble along with sorrounding Countries when Rahu is adverse as per my Article “The Fear Of Earthquake &Tsunami Looming Over Most Prone Countries In First Half Of 2019” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/12/the-fear-of-eart…es-in-early-2019/ Hence where I have mentioned light intensity I have corrected there as Normal or High intensity. Also Read Article “US-China Trade War : North Node And Karna Lord On 7th Jan.2019 Pose Hinderances” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/01/us-china-trade-w…pose-hinderances/ Jal Pralay may be in any Form is on the Cards for the complete Globe as per the time frame mentioned in this Article

North Node Rahu is Venomous as per the above Dates and has the capacity to turn the tables upside down. Normally North Node Rahu is Adverse for 2-4 days once or Twice in a month. This Time in the month of Jan. 2019 North Node is adverse on the 7th Jan. to 23rd and then from the 28th to 5th Feb. 2019 for the first time for such a long Period. For India Rahu is Transitting over the 5 Planets in the 3rd house and in the 7th house from Capricorn considered by Varahamihra for Mundane activities. As per the foundatiobn chart Rahu is transitting over the Natal Moon in very close degrees and Dasha of Moon-Jupiter is also in Operation

Let us first see what are the significations of Rahu

Rahu is a shadow planet . The Vedic Astrology calls it serpent and its effects are mostly evil. Rahu Represents Crimes, War, Violence and sdisasters of the worst kind. It is a planet of aggressiveness and stands for rebellionand mutiny,aerial navigation electronics and Radio, Riots, Political plots, spies, imprisonment,slavery and death by suffocation. anti religious, anti social and is a cheat and believes in falsehood, jealous and robbery, strikes,mobs, foreigners, Muslims andimmigration to Foreign Countries. Spreading disease like plague,epidemics, cancer, skin diseases and eczema also represents , sudden accidents, poisoning and even poisonous gases,poisonous snakes
It is akin to Saturnin Hindu Astrology. In the Present Scenario it is in the watery sign and in the Nakshatra of Jupiter who is also in the Watery sign and has exchange with Mars who is also in Watery sign Pieces a total watery sign. Hence Jal Pralay cannot be ruled out
Rahu creates the emenies of the worst order. It is Potent Evil when Conjunct with Saturn or Mars. Its effects in the 6,8 or the 12th house are especially evil
3rd House asper the Foundation chart of India
Ministry of Communication, Post and Telegraphs, Press, News, Traffic, Travel,Railways and Aeroplanes, Neighbouring Countries, Boarder Clashes,Public Opinion,Written Agreements, Loss and Gain of Land in War, Trade with in Country
Hence the above will be most predominant till 5th Feb. 2019 it so seems
Rahu also hasthe Capacity to turn the Stock and Financial markets upside down and down side up, it can twist the Market in any direction and mislead the people. It is UpKarka for Marriage and relationships and treaties , hence when adverse has the capacity to twist even after a Treaty since adverse in the present scenario. All Political alliances when Rahu is advers e will split any time . Communal Riots are also not Ruled out
For Jammu & Kashmis Rahu is Transitting in the 7th house over the Mars and Saturn
In can adversely Influence the Stock and the Financial Markets. High Polution, Acid Rain can be on the cards it so seems . Boarder Clashes and Riots due to religion cannot be ruled out. It can Provoke things to the worst kind
Rahu was Adverse when the following happenings took place
1. 31st Oct. 1984 Sikh-Riots-84
2. 8th Nov. 2016 when Demonitisation took place
3. All Tsunami’s irrespective they were in Indonesia or Japan Rahu was adverse
4. 11th Sept. 2001 Terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre US
5. 1st, 2nd World Wars took place when Rahu was adverse
6. World Great Recession on the 24th Oct. 1929 Rahu was adverse for 11 days in a stretch. Note this Parameter
7. All Fatal accidents take place when Rahu is adverse
Many More
The only saving here is Rahu is aspected by Jupiter and also connected to Mars and all the 3to 4 Planets in the watery sign, Hence more to do with Jal Pralay it so seems around the India in the cities along the Indian Ocean May be it is Maharashtra, South India cannot be ruled out for this Purpose , Mercury in the Natal Chart is at the lowest Degrees in Cancer and represents the weather hence there could be a sudden change in the weahter also. Mercury is also Karka for Stock and the Financial Markets.
This parameter of Rahu adverse since karka for Politics also will surface scams for the Politicians and specially the top Politicians of the Country may be it is Congress or any other Party but it can be malefic for Congress since Rahu will be in the 8th house from the 10th house of the Congress Foundation chart. For Rahul Gandhi it will be in the 10th house in the natal chart of Libra Ascendant over the natal Venus the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord

This is again a Research Article and it if does not happen please donot treat his as a failure of Astrology Predictions, but on the face ot it it seems Rahu will play its game. Terrorism at the boarder cannot be ruled out with Magnitude. ISIS can also be active during this Period it so seems since Rahu will be in this stae in the 8th house. The Sikh-Riots 84 Happenings may be Reviewed again and may bring Chaos

In the Present Transit Rahu adverse as per the dates above from the 7th Jan. to 23rd Jan. and from 28th Jan. to 5th Feb. 2019 are most malefic time frame for marriages . The females will not get Lakshmi, security and apnapan in the house where they get marriaed since Rahu will be placed in the 5th From Venus the karka for Marriage. Rahu is also Up karka for Marriage and how marriage will be is all decided by Rahu. Marriage and Marriage Related Meetings and Functions should all be avoided when Rahu is adverse and the Time frame mentioned above.

Written on 2nd Jan. 2019 22-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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