Rakesh Roshan Diagnosed With Throat Cancer When Rahu The Rog Harnam Afflicted In Natal and Transit Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Rakesh Roshan diagnosed with throat cancer link https://www.msn.com/en-in/entertainment/bollywood/rakesh-roshan-diagnosed-with-throat-cancer-sussanne-khan-and-fans-say-get-well-soon/ar-BBRXocP?ocid=spartandhp
He was diagnosed with early stage of Throat Cancer 21 hrs ago https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/entertainment/hindi/rakesh-roshan-diagnosed-with-early-stage-cancer-reveals-son-hrithik-roshan/videoshow/67432251.cms
Transit Rahu Adverse and Natal Rahu in Sarp Dreshkanne and aspected By Fallen Jupiter the sign Lord hence both Under affliction. Rahu is Rog harnam and Ketu Rog karnam hence Problems are sprouting , More so the Transit Rahu over the Natal Mars in Debilitation and Transit Mars over the natal Rahu and Both having aspect of Jupiter in Transit. Hence till 25th March 2019 when Rahu leaves the sign Cancer there could be relief it so seems . I have tried My level best to Predict although the Time of Birth Of Rakesh Roshan and the exact time of Diagnosis not available . The Planetary Positions are good indicators so I have tried to analyse the same . Please dont take Astrology as neagive if my predictions go wrong. The Idea of writing this Article is Research and good for Astrology learners .Taking a Positive stance He may get some relief after 25th March 2019, since Rahu is the Main Planet for his Cancer Disease under affliction will leave the Sign Cancer .

Rakesh Roshan is Born on the 6th Sept. 1949 the place and time of birth is not known never the less Astrology still can see the impact https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rakesh_Roshan
Have a Look at the charts Below comparing the Planetary Positions at the time of Birth and when the News come on the 8th Jan. 2019 around 10.54 hrs.
The Transit Chart is below

For Cancer Disease the most important parameters are the the following
1. Planets in Sarp Dreshkanne. Venus and Jupiter in Sarp Dreshkanne and Venus has ingressed in Scorpio only on the 2nd Jan. 2019 and Exchange of Mars and Jupiter after 23rd Dec. 2018 hence this Time could be the Time of the Cancer Diagnosed for Rakesh Roshan
2. The Nodes Rahu and Ketu . Rahu is Rog harnam and Ketu Rogkarnam and both are vargottam , but in Transit both are malefic and in Forward motion considered to be most venomous
3. The sign Scorpio for Cancer disease has Venus and Jupiter and Jupiter has Exchange with Mars placed in the sign Pieces and Jupiter in Sarp Dreshkanne aspects Rahu and Mars also.
4. The Yoga at the time of Diagnosis. Here the yoga is Vajr and the Lord is Moon and Moon is with Ketu in the 12th house the Disease giver . Rahu Rogharnam is placed in the 6th house is a good parameter but in adverse motion since both the nodes are most malefic condition being in adverse motion and connecting to the 6th house and the 6th Lord ^th Lord is a fast moving planet hence the Cure and will be fast since it has crossed the 15 degree mark .
5.In Navamsha Moon is ill placed from Ketu the disease giver and Moon is also the 6th Lord is a malefic parameter.
6.Relation of the Lagna Lord Saturn, Lagna Lord of the Dreshkanne chart Venus to be seen with Ketu in the D6 Shashtamsha chart and they are placed well for cure.
6. Placement of Mars in D6 Shashtamsha chart has to be seen and placed in the fiery sign is best for Cure.
7. Ketu and the 6th Lord to be seen in the D6 Shashtamsha chart chart and here they are placed well from each other is a saving for cure.
8.In the D8 Ashtamsha chart the 6th Lord Moon is afflicted by Ketu aspect and hence it gives a cripping disease like cancer , Here Mercury and Mars also afflicted by Ketu and Rahu, hence the Cancer disease
The Sign Scorpio is the prime sign , Rahu in Scorpio is supposed to give cancer. Association of Moon-Rahu,Rahu-Mercury Or Rahu-Mars gives cancer, if these planets are well associated with Mars then these disease will be cured . In the chart Moon, Merucury and Rahu are well placed from Ketu but associated with Ketu is not good . In the D8 chart Ashtamsha chart Mercury and Mars are connected to Rahu and ill placed from the sign Scorpio hence Cancerous growth
Since we dont know the exact time of Diagnosis we have to depend upon the Planets in the particular signs and the above parameters. The Lagna at 11.00 am is Pieces 1 degree , I have taken Aquarius Lagna since the Lagna Lord Saturn is under affliction and in the Lagna in 9th Navamsha . Rahu Rog harnam for cure , but unfortunately Rahu and Ketu when I am writing and when diagnosed are in most malefic state . It is said that at the the time of the Disease query Moon should not have any relation with Rahu. The Cure can only be expected when Rahu leaves the 6th house of the chart and after 25th March 2019 only.

Now Let us construct the Birth chart of 6th Sept. 1949 to comapre the planetary positions with same Lagna Aquarius 29.44 degrees.

1.The Planets in Sarp Dreshkanne Rahu in the sign Pieces over which Mars is in Transit
Mars is Debilitated in the chart in the sign Cancer and Transit Rahu over the natal Mars when Rahu is most venomous for 17 days in a stretch from the day when Rakesh Roshan is diagnosed with Throat Cancer
2. The Node Rahu in Sarp Dreshkanne
3. The sign Scorpio for Cancer disease is aspected By Rahu in sarp Dreshkanne
4. Placement of Mars in watery sign in the D6 Shashtamsha chart the sign of Cancer disease is not good for Cure
5. Ketu and Moon the 6th Lord are placed well from each other but Moon has aspect of Ketu
6. In the D8 Chart the 6th Lord Moon is with Rahu and Ketu shows the lingering disease like Cancer
7. In the D8 chart Moon and Mars are placed well from the sign Scorpio of Cancer disease but Mercury is not hence disease will linger on for some while
The biggest concern as far as the Birth Planets are concerned Rahu is in the sign of Pieces and aspected By the Lord Jupiter who is fallen in the natal chart and will fall in the sign Scorpio in Transit on the 23rd April 2019 indicating problems for the cancer disease then Jupiter Fallen in Transit will also aspect the Natal Rahu in Sarp Dreshkanne . Ketu will be over the Natal Jupiter after 25th March 2019, If the disease is not cured till 25th March then it could be a concern also

The Transit Parameters Rahu and Jupiter are most venomous for Rakesh Roshan and these parameters are also in affliction in the birth chart along with another parameter Transit Mars over the Natal Rahu and Transit Rahu over the Natal Mars is definitely a concern.Yet another parameter Sun and Saturn conjunction in Transit and natal chart in close degrees . In the natal chart this conjunction is aspected By Fallen Jupiter and in Transit this conjunction is over the natal Jupiter in Sagitarius . Jupiter in Gandantha in Transit between the signs Sagitarius and Scorpio will also be Venomous for the disease since it is the dispositor of Rahu in the natal chart who is in Sarp Dreshkanne and also afflicted in the natal chart. Jupiter will also be in the 6th Paraya and then , hence The disease may linger on till Jupiter and Ketu are with Saturn in Transit till 20-1-2020 . Rahu and Kertu Transit and connected to the Moon at the time of the Diagnosis malefic Parameters .
If the Transit Parameter Rahu Causes concern till 25th March 2019 then there could be difficulty in cure since the Rahu acquires a special dimansion in the natal and the Transit. Else After 25th March 2019 and Jan 2020 relief could be expected .

Written on the 9th Jan. 2019 at 10-00 hrs
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