The Fate Of Bihar: Grand Alliance’s 1st Meet By Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

The Fate Of Bihar: Grand Alliance’s 1st Meet North Node Adverse and Saturn with Sun Bhandan Yoga Most Venomous for Gathbhandan Sarkar
Bihar: Grand Alliance’s 1st meet link
Unfortunately the Gathbandhan Sarkar is forming when Following Venomous parameters are taking place which may not attribute good fructifications for them
1. 2nd Day of Solar eclipse on the 6th Jan. 2019
2. Sun and Saturn Conjunction. This is a Bhandan yoga and can explode any time since Sun and Saturn are dreaded enemies and Sun is Ego and Saturn is disciplinarian and due to this conflict
3. Rahu the Karka for Politics in Adverse motion and vargottam along with Saturn the Karka for Masses, Democracy is under affliction
4.The Day Lord Moon is Under affliction with Ketu in the sign Capricorn
5.The Tithi SP-2 starts from 05-47 hrs and Day is Monday hence a Mrityu Yoga Since Bhadra Tithi. Karna Lord is with Ketu
6. Nakshatra is U shadha is good But the Lord Sun is again with Saturn
7. From Sun and Saturn Bhandan yoga Mars in the Kendra. In navamsha Sun is debilitated and Saturn with Mars in Virgo
8. Saturn is at 22 degrees reaching the 24 degree mark soon on the 10th March 2019 , 30th April and the Retrograde on the 19th June 2019 which could bebeneficaial for BJP it soo seems and malefic for the Congress Govt.
The Transit for a good Gathbhandan in missing
Good For Modi and the BJP. Even if Modi does not have clear mandate there will be parties who will join the BJP to form the Govt. in the General Lok sabha Elections of the 2019

Written on 7th Jan. 2019 09-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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