The Fear Of Natural and Un Natural Calamities In Malasyia In First Half Of 2019 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Transit Nodes in the dual signs and afflicted by Mars and Saturn after 22nd March 2019 is definitely a big concern for the Globe for Natural and Unnatural disasters, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s, Jal Pralay in any Form, Political Tug of War and Terrorism. It is said when Rahu and Ketu are in Dual signs they are most Venomous in Transit since they own there Nakshatras in these signs , Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagitarius. This Parameter was haunting me and while
I was going through the Foundation charts of the Countries, My eye caught the Foundation chart of Malasyia of the 16th Sept. 1963 00.00 hrs Kaulalumpur.The Dasha in operation is of Rahu-Saturn from the 28-1-2017 to 5-12-2019. We all know that the Dasha of Rahu-Saturn is Double Saturn and supposed to be most enigmatic. The chart is below. Taken from the Book of World Horoscopes By Nicholas Campion. Since the Dasha of Rahu-Saturn we have to concentrate on these Plaets in Transit as well

The Chart is of Taurus Ascendant has Ketu in the 8th house at 25.13 degrees and Saturn Retrograde in the 9th house at 24.08 degrees.The Saturn and Rahu in 6/8 axis in the Foundation chart and 2/12 axis of the Satrun with Ketu, Sun and Saturn in 6/8 axis,Wanning Moon, Mars and Saturn Return Square aspect points out Natural and Unnatural Clalmities in the Country. I picked up the Ephimeries immediately and wanted to know when the Transit Ketu was over the natal Saturn in the 9th house near Nov. 2017. To me it appeared to ba a most venomous time for Malasyia for the Natural and Unnatural calamities. Amazingly I found that after 3rd Nov. 2017 Ketu was over the Retrograde Saturn in the natal chart in the 9th house and the same navamsha and very close degrees . Saturn is 24.08 and Ketu was 26.26 degrees and hence in the same navamsha. I was sure some eveil happenings in Malasyia would have taken place. To my surprise when I wrote Calamities in Nov. 2017 in Malasyia on the Google I got htis page link…2321.18504..21211…0.0..0.427.9268.2-32j3j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0.. The Results on the page were heart throbbing. Flooding and Landslide disasters in Penang Malasyia on the 4-5th Nov. 2017 Read the following
1.”The flooding and landslide disasters on 4-5 November 2017 in Penang” link ttps://

Penang Forum deeply empathises with the suffering that many Penangites and Kedahans have had to endure over the unprecedented flash flood and landslide mishaps that happened over the weekend of 4-5 November 2017.
We also greatly appreciate the very prompt and concerted efforts by the state, local and federal governments, the emergency response teams, community groups and NGOs who have so valiantly stepped forward to respond to the crisis and to alleviate the difficulties faced by flood victims.
The weather phenomenon that affected Penang and southern parts of Kedah on 4-5 November 2017 was very unusual. From the ‘Intellicast’ wind pattern map on the afternoon of 4 November, two separate storm systems are clearly visible in South East Asia: one over Vietnam (Typhoon Damrey) and another one in the northern Malacca Straits over Penang (Figure 1 above).
2. “Penang floods: Lessons on disaster management from Japan”

The Penang floods last weekend have been described as unprecedented, triggered by the heaviest rainfall in the state’s history.

Let us have a Look at the chart of the 4th Nov. 2017 with the same ascendant of the Foundation chart of Malasyia below

You can see for yourself the above explanation of the Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Unfortunately Saturn was also in Gandantha at that time on the 4th -5 Nov. 2017.

Now since the Dasha of Rahu-Saturn is in operation till Dec. 2019 It could again be a time of of things taking a malefic stance due to the Rahu-Saturn Dasha in operation and the malefic and most enigmatic Transit as per the Below charts

As I have Mentioned here that Saturn and Ketu in 2/12 axis and Saturn-Rahu are in 6/8 axis. The Transit Of Rahu-Ketu over the Natal Rahu and Ketu after 25th March 2019 could be most Venomous , since then Saturn in Transit will also be there. Let us see the Transit Parameters after From March 2019 onwards to see when there could be similiar situations in the Country
1. Mars Will Transit in the sign Taurus on the 22nd March and will be in 6/8 axis with Saturn and aspect Saturnby 8th aspect. At this time Mars will be in the ascendant of the Foundation chart of Malasyia and Natal Mars from the sign Libra will aspect the Transit Mars in Lagna
2. 25th March 2019 Ketu will Transit over the Natal Ketu and Rahu over the Natal Rahu and Ketu will join the Transit Saturn in the 8th house of the Foundation chart of the Country
3.29th March 2019 Jupiter the Lord of the 8th and the 11th house will join its MT sign in the 8th house where Saturn and Ketu are already there. Jupiter will become Retrograde on the 10th April 2019 at 00.10 degrees and will be in Gandanthas also. It will fall in the Sign Scorpio again as a fallen Planet and aspect the Lagna where Mars is Placed and they will have Aspect from each other on the 23rd April 2019 . This Time fame will be most Venomous for the Country more so on the 30th April 2019 Saturn will be stationary and going in Retrogression at 26.24 degrees , Remember these Degrees of Ketu in Transit in the Sign Capricorn on the 4th Nov. 2017. Saturnwhen attains the Status of Stationary mode and turning Retrograde will be over the Natal Ketu and Transit Ketu at the same Ddegrees of 25.00

Have a Look at the chart of the 30th April 2019 when Saturn is Stationary and going in Retrogression

The above explanation for the Saturn and Ketu Conjunction at degrees and over the natal Ketu in the fiery sign is most malefic when Mars Fiery planet will also be aspecting this conjunction in the 8th house by 8th strong aspect from an earthy sign from the Lagna and from the MEP of Lagna at almost the same degrees . Mars is High rise Buildings also and Planets are in watery sign also , Hence Natural and Unnatural disasters . Financial Crisis in the Country since Jupiter is fallen as the 8th and the 11th Lord Jal Pralay is not ruled out in any Form. Earthquakes with Magnitude damaging the high rise Buildings . Terrorism can also not be ruled out

After Mars Leaves the sign Taurus then it will join Rahu in Gemini on the 7th May 2019 till 22nd June 2019. The Date 18th June 2019 seems to be most Venomous in this Time frame as well
See the chart below Need less to explainall the planets are near 24 -25 degree mark and Saturn and Mars in samsaptak most malefic

The above time frames are also malefic and Venomous for India since India also has the Taurus Ascendant but there is not planet in the 8th house but Ketu is there in the 7th house and the 8th Lord will fall and come over the natal Ketu and Transit Ketu will be in the 8th house and Rahu over the natal Mars , hence not a good situation even for India . I will write another Article For India but it seems that Asia will be in Troubles specially Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangkok, Maalsyia Some Parts of India asper the time frames mentioned in this article bu Natural and Unnatural Calamities. Earthquakes with magnitude, Terrorism is also not ruled out . There may be Political Tug of War between the nations and even in the Political leaders of the Country . Financial and Stock Markets may also be at Risk due to Global Recession
Written on the 10th Jan. 2019 at 10-00 hrs
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