The Year 2019 : What Stars Foretell ?

On the Eve of the New Year 2019 The Planets taking important dimension are as follows

1. Saturn and Sun since Saturn and Sun are degree conjunct and Saturn totally combusted. Sun and Saturn conjunction is considered to be a bandhan yoga and not good for Politics. Since Saturn is the Karka for masses and Sun The Top People in the Country and ego. The Sun ingress in Capricorn will further aggravate the situations in the Political scenario since there will be Lunar Eclipse on the 21st Jan. 2019 which is not visible in india, but the Planetary positions do effect has been seen.

2. Venus who was stationed in Libra for 121 days changes sign to Scorpio where Jupiter is stationed on the 1st Jan. 2019.Venus was also influenced by Mars by 8th aspect now goes in the sign of Mars

3. Mercury Changes sign to Sagitarius where Sun and Saturn are placed

4. 4 Planets at 15-17 degrees Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Moon.
5. Moon in the Nakshatra of Rahu and Rahu Placed in the 10th from Moon. This Moon is placed over the Natal Jupiter of the India Foundation chart in the 6th house and the 8th and the 11th Lord. North Node is most tricky in 2019, since Nodes are Vargottam in the present Transit on the 1st Jan. 2019 at 00-00 hrs. and Moon is also in the nakshatra of Rahu and who is placed in the 10th from Moon in the 11th house from Lagna it acquires an important dimension.
See the chart below

After the nodes change signs on the 25th March 2019 they will be in their in own nakshatra as well and suppposed to be most venomous then in the dual signs due to thwe fact that Ketu will be with Saturn and Mars will join Rahu and the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Gemini sign.

At the time of the New Year eve the Day is Monday at 00-00 hrs and Tuesday at Sun-Rise and Both acquire a special Dimension. Moon placed well in the 2nd house with Second Lord and Mars in the 7th house as the 3rd and the 8th Lord . Mars placed in the 7th house acquires a special Dimension and has exchange with Jupiter the 4th and the 7th Lord placed in the 3rd house with Mercury the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord who is about to change sign and join the 4th house of Throne ,since at the last degrees and would eneter the 4th house at 09-50 hrs. Moon with Venus in the the 2nd Lord who is about to go in the sign Scorpio the 3rd house at 20-43 hrs. Moon is in the nakshatra of Rahu placed in the 11th from Lagna and 10th from Moon acquires a special dimension more so Rahu is aspected by Jupiter the 4th and the 7th Lord and Karka for wealth. When this Rahu is in afflicted condition it has the capacity to turn the tables upside down specially when it is Venomous and in Stationary or in Forward motion opposite to its normal motion. Unfortunately in the Month of Jan. 2019 it is adverse for 17 days in a stretch till 28th Jan. 2019 and all kind of Scams will be unearthed specially related to wealth and Monetary Transactions. As far as the Stock and the Financial Markets are concerned North node is the prime planet since it has the capacity to turn the tables upside down and can mislead the people. What direction the market takes will be absolutely Foggy and unpredictable.
The Karna Lord is Saturn placed in the 4th house combusted and near the Lagna Degrees is most venomous and the things may suffer on account of Public, the low class workers and Farmers Strikes and demostrations cannot be ruled out Even by the opposition. Note the degrees of Moon, Sun and Saturn there is an Ithasla Yoga. The Sun and Saturn Conjunction is a Bhandan yoga and not good for the Politics of the Country and shows a Political Tug of war betwen the Ruling and the Oppositions. From the above combinations we can clearly say that from the Rahu Placement in the 11th house and when Jupiter falls back in Scorpio after 10th April 2019 and aspects Rahu in the 11th house Modi’s effort to bring back clandestinely-parked Black money may bring Friutful Results. This will also help trapping the Fugitive Diamond Millionaire Nirav Modi, Mehal Choksi. Vijay Mallya may also be in the clutches of the Indian Govt. by then and then bringing them to book. The 2nd House is very strong and seems that Modi Govt. may give some relief in the Budget 2019 In Feb. 2019 specially giving relief to the GST assesses
The fourth house has the conjunction of Sun and Saturn and shows there may be danger of Caste war and clashes and hence communal clashes cannot be ruled out. The Conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the 4th house draws attention on the immovabale Property and Saturn combusted there may be Govt. Action on Banami Propertires and a Scurtiny on the high value Transactions made earlier and now, specially when Saturn was 24 degrees and Sun 14 degrees and activation from the sign Libra, Sun will be at 24 degrees on the 7th Jan. 2019 when Rahu will also be adverse
7th house has Mars and Exchange with 7th Lord placed in the 3rd house indicates that the opposition Congress though does not seem to be on the winning end may increase its strength and may become a strong opposition to the BJP who will also struggle to reach the Destination and the Ruling Govt. Sun -Saturn conjunction shows Govt. with some allies.
8th Lord in the 7th house clearly indicates that there could be Trouble from Earthquakes and Tsunami’s, since the Chart has a number of Planets in the watery sign and and when Jupiter is fallen and enters the sign Scorpio and even now near the Eclipse of the 21st Jan. 2019 and when Saturn is with Ketu and Stationary in the 7th house this also indicates that the Gathbandhan Sarkar who wants to fight against the BJP may loose its grounds and split and hence their hopes may dash to the ground. We have already seen this after Sun and Saturn conjunction after 16th Dec. 2018.

At the time of Sun Rise on the 1st Jan. 2019 Sun and Saturn conjunction will be in the Lagna at the Lagna Degrees and indicates that the effect of the Sun and Saturn conjunction will be seen in the year 2019 it so seems . See this chart also of the 1st Jan 2019 07-18 hrs. below

This also indicates Raids and bringing the concernerd people to book For the scams which will come out of the bag when ever Rahu is adverse and may be in the month of Jan. 2019 also with in the 17 days mark
In this connection I have already written Articles
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ASTROLOGY HAS PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR Saturn the disciplinarian will bring the culprit to task on the2nd Jan. 10th March, 30th April and 19th June 2019.Now wait for these dates .
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I have been writting on this Dreaded Conjunction since 17th Dec. 2018 and every thing is going against the said party. Let see the what Saturn does when it comes out of Combustion and at 24 degrees he is bound to punish the culprits. I am dead sure of my Research and hence the Dates 2nd, 7th 21st Jan. 10th March, 30th April, 19th June and 11th July may be most effective dates for specially India and even US

ASTROLOGY HAS PREDICTED LONG BACK Saturn is about to complete its 90 year cycle from Oct. 1929 , what it does is anybodies guess when it is in Fiery sign and when conjunct with Ketu could be the worst times as per ASTROLOGY. For India and US specially the Saturn combust totally today in transit and then reaching the 24 and 26 degree mark can be a turning point as per the dates mentioned above. The Gathbandan Sarkar cannot be formed and will have a miserable fate it so seems from the Saturn Transit . The Nodes Transit in the dual signs where they will be in their own nakshatra and Ketu degree conjunct with Saturn and Mars degree conjunct with Rahu will be the most venomous transit and then the Eclipses in the Dual signs when Jupiter will be in miserable state and a Bhadak, Marak and having Kendraadhipati dosh can work as a 1st class marak for the Gemini Sign where the eclipses would take place in the 1/7 axis . Jupiter we all know can be compared to an Elephant and when this Elephant goes mad has the capacity to Ruin the Jungle. Hence when Jupiter falls back in Scorpio after 10th April 2019 and then Saturn reaching the 26 Mark when it will be stationary and turing Retrograde could be the turning point in the Global Economy and the Political affairs of the World. As per Varahamihra US has the Gemini sign for the Mundane and hence the Country liable to suffer the most will be US. India has Capricorn sign and the Eclipses in the 6/12 axis and 2/8 axis in the foundation chart of India and the Dasha of Moon-Jupiter and then Moon-Saturn would not bring good results. For US the dasha in operation is Rahu and Rahu Transit over the Natal Jupiter, Sun and Mars would prove most Venomous from the 25th March 2019 and specially when Rahu will be over the natal Jupiter degree-wise. Jupiter is Karka for wealth and Going in the 8th house of the India foundation chart and then falling back in the 7th house clearly points out the Scams will be unearthed relating to Wealth and Money matters . No wonder the Swiss bank gives the complete information of the People’s wealth .

For the Lok Sabha Elections I will write another Article but seems that Saturn 24-26 degrees may blow off the Gathbandhan Sarkar and specially the Congress may suffer inspite of their strength increase. It will also be a hard nut to Crack For BJP but seems they will be the ultimate winner.

Written on 31st Dec.2018 18-00 Hrs. New Delhi

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