Will Red Planet Mars Add Fuel To Fire For Buisness Tycoons Politicians In Trouble ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Yes Planet Mars On the Wheel from 5th Feb. 2019 to 7th May 2019 May Prove Most Venomous for Buisness Tycoons and Politicians in Trouble
Red Planet Mars enters the Ascendant of the Natural Zodiac Aries on the 5th Feb. 2019 at 23.48 hrs. and Proves Bolt From the Blue for those having afflicted Sign Aries and Mars.For Ready reference People who have affliction in the present scenario are Anil Ambani, Robert Vadra, Vijaya Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Rahul Gandhi. The Transit Of the Nodes may also grip these Buisness Tycoons it so seems and put them in Hot waters after 23rd March 2019
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The News on the Media comes on the 6th Feb. 2019 in the Morning For Anil Ambani and Robert Wadra. All the above may suffer from this Transit till 7th May 2019 it so seems till Mars crosses the sign Gemini till 22nd June 2019 and also at the time of the Eclipses in July 2019 it so seems .
As per Jyotish Classics when any event takes place in the life of a native the planetary positions acquire an important dimension irrespective the birth chart is available or not we can still predict his future. Let us see the Planetary positions at this time to evaluate which planet is responsible for the above.

I would also use the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anil_Ambani for his planets placed on the 4th June 1959 since this the D.O.B available on the Google
Chart 1

Also see the Chart 2 below Comaparing the Planetary positions at the time of Birth and on the 7th Feb. 2019 when Mercury has also ingressed in Aquarius

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension in the Chart 1

1. Since Mars Changes sign to Aries on the night of Tuesday the 5th Feb. 2019 and the News comes In the Morning of 6th Feb. 2019 the Planet Mars acquires an Important dimension, more so at the time of Change of Mars in the sign Aries on the 5th Feb. 2019 at 23.48 hrs. Moon is in the nakshatra of Mars Dhanishta and Balance of Dasha as per Moon Nakshatra is 2 years 4 months and 29 days. This Period may prove to be most Venomous for Anil Ambani. Night time Mars is very Strong and specially on the Tuesday the day ruled by him and in the Hora of Moon who is in the Aquarius Sign at 2.04 degrees and aspected by its Sign Lord Saturn. Anil Ambani Moon is also in the sign Aries. Hence the Moon chart also of Aries sign.
2. Moon is considered to be most malefic when in the sign of Saturn and also aspected by Saturn.
3. Since we dont have the exact birth details I would also use his name Rashi for Analysis and hence the Sign Aries which signifies the Letter ‘A’
4. Red Planet Mars has Ingressed in the nakshatra of Ashvini and Ketu is placed in the 10th house from Mars and Mars reaching the Rahu and Ketu degrees and in square position on the 9th-10th Feb. 2019 may prove to eb most malefic for him.
5. Before Mars ingressed the sign Aries it was in Pieces and aspected by its Lord Jupiter placed in the 8th house from the sign Aries and both were having exchange . From the sign Aries both were ill Placed and exchange between the 2 Trik bhavas since 23rd Dec. 2018
6. Mercury the 3rd and the 6th Lord for Aries Lagna about to change sign from Capricorn to Aquarius on the 7th Feb. 2019. Both Sun and Mercury in the Sign Capricorn and Eclipses in the 4/10 axis took place
7. All the Planets are in the grip of Mars and Rahu

Now Looking at the Chart 2 where I have compared the Planetary Positions as compared to Moon chart of Anil Ambani
The Following Planetary positions acquire an important Dimension
1. Transit Mars over the Natal Moon
2. Transit Mars in the Sign Aries aspects the Natal Mars by 4th aspect placed inthe sign of Cancer in debilitation where Rahu is also transitting over his natal Mars and Venus. Venus is 3.28 degrees and Rahu is 2.32 degrees
3. Saturn Transitting over the natal Saturn in the sign Sagitarius and Jupiter over the natal Jupiter in the sign Scorpio
4. As per progression chart by Manu smriti since Jupiter is Retrograde and 1.50 degrees It will fall back in the sign Libra as Fallen Planet and give the results of the Placement in the Sign Scorpio the 8th house . Since this Jupiter in Scorpio Sign in the 8th house in the natal chart will be aspoected by Transit Mars from the Moon sign and the Aries sign it will prove most malefic for him
5. The Transit of Ketu over the natal Saturn will further aggravate the situations after 22nd March when Mars goes in the sign Taurus , 23rd March when Ketu Transits over his Natal Saturn and Jupiter also Transits over the natal Saturn on the 29th March 2019. The transit Mars will aspect these 3 Planets in Transit over the natal Saturn by strong 8th aspect. 10th April Jupiter will become Retrograde and fall back in Scorpio till 5th Nov. 2019 Till 11th August Jupiter will also be Retrograde . this Time frame will prove most malefic more so the 26th Dec. 2019 Solar Eclipse in the sign Sagitarius can add fuel to the fire it so seems.
6. As Per Declination Mars will be in the sign Virgo asper his Mars in Cancer and aspect the Transit Mars and also reaching the sign Libra soon as per transit may also Prove Venomous
Now Read this “End game: Ericsson seeks auction of Anil Ambani’s assets for disobedience of Supreme Court orders ” https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/news/end-game-ericsson-seeks-auction-of-anil-ambanis-assets-for-disobedience-of-supreme-court-orders/ar-BBTdWGS?ocid=spartanntp
A Prediction from the image of Anil Ambani Hand on the Face , He is running the Dasha of a Planet Rahu in his chart and when rahu Transits over the Indu Lagna or the Jupiter Natal it is time of Scams sprouting .

Birth details by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Vadra 18th May 1969

Let us see the Comparasion of the Planets in the Transit and at the time of Birth

The Following Planetary Positions acquire an important dimension
1. Transit Mars over the natal Saturn in Debilitation and aspects by strong 8th aspect the natal 8th Lord and Lagna Lord Mars in Retrogression in the sign Scorpio where Transit Jupiter is also Placed over the Natal Mars
2.Jupiter in the natal chart is retrograde and also in Guruchandal yoga in the sign Virgo and in Transot Jupiter the 8th Lord from his natal Moon is aspecting his Moon.
3. After Mars Transits over the natal Moon In Taurus on the 22nd March 2019 where Moon, Sun and Mercury are placed it can prove a havoc, specially when the Transit Moon reaches the 20.43 degrees mark Mars in the 8th house on the 22nd-23rd April 2019
4. Nodes in the Kendra from the natal Saturn till 23rd March 2019 can put him in hot waters
5. Transit Saturn in the trinal and Fiery sign from the Natal Saturn in Debilitation wil be instrumental for bringing his down fall.
6. Fallen Jupiter over the natal Mars in Scorpio from the 23rd April to 5th Nov. 2019 will be most malefic Time frame for him
7. Transit of 3 Planets Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter in the 8th house from Moon after 29th March on wards and specially after 25th April 2019 could be most Venomous time frame for him to oput him in hot waters it so seems from the planetary positions . Stationary Saturn with Ketu and Jupiter on the 23rd April will aspect the Jupiter and Ketu almost degree conjunction in the sign Virgo. At this time Saturn and Ketu will also be degree conjunct at 26 degrees . In his natal chart Jupiter and Ketu are also in very close degrees
8. As per Declination Mars in Transit will be in the Sign Leo for him and aspect the Mars in the natal chart this is extremely malefic for the Built-Up Properties for him and scams related to him.
Now Read this “Robert Vadra grilled by ED for 6 hours. Round 2 of questioning today ” https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/robert-vadra-grilled-by-ed-for-6-hours-round-2-of-questioning-today/ar-BBTg67m?ocid=spartanntp


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Saturn reaching the 24-26 degree mark may prove most Venomous from the 23rd April to 7th May 2019 in a Broad Spectrum for all those discussed in the Article . This is not my Personal opinion but Astrological Analysis

7th Feb. Feb. 2019 08-30 am Hrs. New Delhi
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