Stars Foretell ‘Modi’ Shine’s After Feb. 2019 As Nation Mood Swings For Him In Polls 2019 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Saturn on the Wheel in 2019 and Reaching the 24-26 Degree mark in Sagitarius May swing the nation towards Modi after 26th Feb 2019
Gem is Gem and every stone is not a Gem. In this Article I am going to Analyse the Future Primeminister of the year 2019 in the General Elections of the Lok Sabha. Let me list out the Parameters used to finally arrive at this conclusion.
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1. The Natal Horoscope of Narendra Modi of the 17th Sept. 1950 11.50 hrs . Vadnagar Gujrat.

Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari Saturn 10 year 4 months and 4 days.
At Present the Dasha in operation is of Moon -Ketu which started in July 2018 and is till 12th Feb. 2019 and most venomous and shady. I have made corrections since as Per K. N Rao when the Nation is attacked by another nation the Anter dasha in operation has to be connected to the 7th house of the Primeminister and since Modi has Scorpio Lagna the Anter dasha in Operation has to be that of Venus and hence correcting the Birth time to 11.50 hrs.The Dasha in operation is of Moon-Venus from the 12th Feb. 2019 and unfortunately there has been an attack on the Country in Jammu & Kashmir on the 14th Feb. 2019 only
The Anter dasha Lord is Placed well in all the Varga charts and since the 7th Lord the 10th from the 10th house and placed in the 10th house with Saturn the Karka for Career and Politics will attribute very good Results for him in the Year 2019. the 10th house of the Birth Chart has become the 11th house in the Dashamsha chart. All other parameters also bestow good Results for him to rise to Position
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Let me reproduce the effects of the Vedic Progression chart By Manu Smriti for theyear Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019
Let us have a look at the Progression chart of Narendra Modi for the Year 2018 to Sept. 2019

The analysis as per the above chart as per Tamil Texts and not Parsshar

1. Lagna is in Mrityu Bhag and Moon though Exalted is in Vish Ghati , hence physical harm possible but since Moon is Exhalted and Lagna Lord Saturn in Amrit Bhag may save him . He has to be careful for himself against any untoward happening in the year starting from Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019.

2. The Dasha in operation will be Moon-Venus from the 12-2-2019 to 13-10-2020. This Dasha is Rajyoga giving Dasha. , due to the following reasons .

Since the Dasha is related to Sun and Moon.

Venus and Moon the dasha Lords in Rajyoga specially Venus being the Yoga Karka for Capricorn Lagna and 10th Lord with 9th Lord Mercury and with Sun in the 11th house.

10th Lord Venus in Amrit Bhag

Saturn the Lagna Lord in the 9th house and also in Amrit Bhag. ,

10th Lord from the Moon and the 10th Lord of the Natal chart both are placed well from each other .

Dasha Lords Connected to the 11th house. From the above it is crystal clear that the Vedic Progression chart of the year Sept 2018to Sept. 2019 will be a good one and Rajyoga giving year to a Position and the coming year Sept 2019 to Sept. 2020 will also be Rewarding it so seems .

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From the baove it seems that Modi will be the Winner in the Lok Sabha General Elections for the year 2019
Saturn Aqcquiring an Important Dimension and all those who have strong Saturn will be Rewarded By Saturn. The Royality will suffer as per the Chaitra Pieces new Moon Chart of the Year 2019 after 5th April 2019. Narendra Modi has Saturn in the 10th house with Venus the anter dasha Lord. The Caution is the Security of ther Nation and the Head of the Country from the Terrorism. it so seems.

Written on the 17th Feb. 2019 at 18-30 Pm
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