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The Sixth Sense, Psysic Power, Intuition the special power is carried forward in the chart due to purva sanchit sadhna and upasana.

Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of heavenly bodies. These heavenly bodies determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of a sky map called the Horoscope. At the time of birth of a native the planetary configurations in the transit are freezed, and the map of the same is seen in a chart called the Horoscope.The soul enters from the 5th house carrying a bag having different compartments with sanchit karmas in the form of Dashas.The different Dasha which are dependent upon our previous karmas which generate the heat to stimulate the different planets to give the results. The Transit planets add heat to the planets to be activated and stimulated. The study of the 5th house/lord therefore acquires a special dimension along with Garbshishta ( Planets Maha Dasha and Anter Dasha Lords )
Studying the above chart is Astrology and gives the indications of the Poorva Janma Karma and the Promise of the events in the future as per the Karma cycle.

When the Women Concieves the Atma Enters the Horoscope from the 5th house and Takes Birth after 9 Months and some days when the Atma reaches the Lagna. The Following is the way the Atma moves in the Horoscope

After 5th house it moves in the 4th house where the development of the Body of the Child takes Place and Birth Takes Place when it reaches the Lagna .

The Atma after completing its cycle in the human body and doing the Karmas in the 10th house exits the body from the 9th house, hence life is like a Pendulam of Watch which vibrates between the 5,7 and the 9th house, its fulcrum being the Lagna and when the Atma exits the body from the 9th house the Watch comes to a standstill and connects the Lagna and the 7th house ( Marka House). Our Maharishis have therefore given importance to the Houses Lagna, 5th, 7th and the 9th house as follows

LAGNA is the 9th from the 5th house and 5th from the 9th house , it is also the Shooksham stan of the Lagna and also the 7th house

5TH HOUSE It is the 5th house from Lagna and the 9th house from the 9th house

9TH HOUSE It ia the 9th from Lagna and the 5th from the 5th house

7TH HOUSE It is the 7th house from the Lagna and the 7th from 7th house is Lagna , 7th house is also the 10th house from the 10th house and also the 4th from the 4th house . Hence the Shooksham Stahans of the Kendra and Trikona are the Lagna, 5th house, 7th house and the 9th house . Hence the connection of the Pendulum to the Houses 5, 7, 9th acquire an important dimension. All this strudy is termed as Astrology for Past, Present and the Future Predictions

Hence for any Analysis of the above Parameters should be very strong in the horoscope since the pendulum keeps on connecting the 5th, 7th and the 9th house in seconds of interval.
Now coming back on the Sixth Sense, Psychic Power,Intuition all are carried forward in the chart due to purva sanchit sadhna and upasana. Hence the Study of the 5th house becomes the most important dimension in the chart. 5th House should be very strong and planets Moon, Jupiter, Ketu should be connected to this house. The other houses are the Moksha Trikona the 4,8 and the 12th house of the Natural Zodiac and the 4,8,and the 12th houses in the Horoscope

5th House

As mentioned above Atma enters the Horoscope from the 5th house and the Pendulam keeps on touching the 5th house at regular intervals of time in Seconds . 5th house is also the shookasham house of the 9th house . Since it governs the Poorva Janma Karma , the Pendulam of the Watch shows that our Life is connected to our Poorva Janma Karma and the Present Karmas as well from the 9th hoyse of Dharma

It represents the Sanchita Poorva Punya that is accumulation of past life Karmas. It should be well fortified and it reflects the Bank Balance as far as our Karmas are concerned. Our Poorva Karmas effect our Present life in every respect, hence 5th house acquires a special dimension.
5th house also shows how far our Atma is advanced in the realm of spirituality, not only this, it can further reveal how far a person is capable of enhancing the spiritual stature in learning Mantras.
Intelligence: How Intelligent a person is and how sharp is the grasping power
Sacred Knowledge : Sacred Knowlwdge one can acquire in this Life, since the Trikona Sthan of the Triangular Point of the Triangle of Dharma
Inclination towards Studies : Since it the Home of Learning
Spirtual Commitments : The 5th house indicates the asta and belief one has towards one religion, The Influence of Malefics and Benefics will sway accordingly
Mantra Shakti and Siddhi : Evocation to God for invoking Higher powers and attain Siddhi
Sacred Journeys : Being the 9th house from the 9th house , which is also connected to pilgramages
Holy Dip : If the 5th house is associated with Watery sign or a Planet and at the same time associated with the 9th house , then the native is inclined towards Holy Dip
Padchuti : It is also the house of Padchuti and Dasha of afflicted 5th house 5th Lord and MCL of 5th Lord brings adversity in life and Profession, if well fortified then Success and Status rise and Fame. Education, Self respect all come from this house

The following parameters indicate the Strength for Sixth sense, Pcychic and Intuitive power
1. Moon is Mind and swifter then wind and light, we can reach in a fraction of a second any where in the world as per out thinking ability, where light and wind would take time to reach.. Moon Exhalts in the sign Taurus, Its sign is Cancer and Debilitates in the sign Scorpio, hence Moon and these signs acquire an important dimension.
2. Influence on Moon of Ketu, Jupiter, Venus or Ketu influencing them by aspect, Nakshatra exchange or conjunction.
3. Moksha Sthan of the Natural Zodiac and the 4,8,12 th house of the Birth chart and their Lords
4. The conjunction of Moon, Jupiter Ketu should be with in Maximum 10-12 degrees, or Moon with Ketu and aspect of Jupiter
5. Scorpio sign and the 8th house of the natural Zodiac its connection with Scorpio sign or the Lord Mars
6. Realistic Knowledge is Mercury, Jupiter is Spirituality,Religion, Philosphy, it expands the house where it aspects , Aspect of Jupiter on Mercury, Rahu for Research. Jupiter enhances our Horizon. Rahu Explores which no one could imagine.
7.Moon, Jupiter, Ketu placed in good house gives strong intuitive power
11.Rahu Connected to above Materialistic aspirations

1. 5th Lord in the Lagna. Poorva Sanchit Karma come in Lagna and the Person is bound to full fill his karmas of the Previous janma specially when the Dasha is also running of the Same. During this time he gets strong Intuitive power.
2.The strength will be added if this 5th Lord is also the 12th Lord or he is connected to the 12th Lord or the 5th house, Lagna, 5th house 5th Lord and the Moon are connected By Ketu.
3. If the above combination is also connected with Strong Jupiter or Jupiter aspects the 5th Lord or mutual aspect then the Person can be a very good Spiritual Healer a Walking Psychic and Predict about people’s future and even the past.
4. If this Jupiter as explained above is connected to Ketu then further adds to the strength of the Intuitive and Psychic Power
5. When ever the 12th Lord comes in the 3rd house which is the 8th house from the 8th house. 12th House is Meditation, Moksha and Upasana many many birth Upasana.This combination converts the person into prakaram and imparts power for sixth sense.
6.Neptune connected with Moon in any Watery sign . This imparts strong Spirtual and Sixth Sense even if he has studies the Shastras in any Janma
7. When Ever Rahu is Placed in the 2nd Bhava then intuition comes from the Voice Vak Siddhi, if this Rahu is aspected by Jupiter then the Speech gives positive predictions
8. When Ever 5th house has connection with 12th Lord,Moon and Ketu then very strong intuitive power.
9. When ever the 3rd Lord is in the 5th with Moon or Ketu then you have strong Intuitive powers
10. Moon and Ketu in the Sign Sagitarius in the 9th house , since it is the Mool Trikona sign of Jupiter and the 9th house of the natural Zodiac and the Pendulum of Life touches the 5th, 7th and the 9th house in seconds and remeinds about our karmas.
11. People having Neptune in the 9th house or People having Neptune in the 12th house with Moon.
12. Moon in the 9th house in connection with Ketu, extremely strong intuition power.
13. Moon in the 7th house and Saturn connection in the 12th house any way they have very strong Intuitive power
14. Mercury Ketu in trine position to each other
15. Saturn placed in the 12th house aspects the 2nd house od Vak siddhi
16. Jupiter placed in the 6th house aspecting the 12th house they speak the truth .
Now Have a look at the chart below . Can You Guess whose Chart is this ?

The Following Parameters make wonderful combinations for Strong Spiritual Powers, Sixth Sense and Intuitive Powers
1. Venus Placed in the Lagna as the 5th and the 12th Lord
2. Moon in the 9th house in the Nakshatra of Jupiter
3. Ketu Placed in the 5th house and aspecting the Moon and the 5th Lord
4. Exchange of Jupiter and Ketu Nakshatra and Placed in good Houses
5. The Pendulum of the Watch touches the Ketu, Jupiter and Moon at regular intervals in Seconds from the Lagna where Venus 5th and the 12th Lord is placed
6. Lord of the Sign Scorpio Mars aspects Moon and Mars also aspects the sign Scorpio and the 9th house of the Chart
7. Jupiter connected to all the Planets by 5th aspect on the Rahu-Sun and Mercury and by 9th aspect on Mars, Ketu and Moon in the nakshatra of Jupiter.
8. All Planets connected to 11th House and 11th Lord
9. Moon connected to 8th and 9th Lord Saturn by Exchange.Moon in the sign Aquarius and Saturn in the 2nd house of Vak Siddhi
9. Dasha in operation of Venus who is placed in the MT sign in the Vimshamsha Chart in the Lagna

I have been having strong intuitions since my child hood and I can Predict even with out looking at the birth or Prashna charts about the Querist whereabouts and the queries in his mind . I will be writing another Article on the Intuition part and the Predictions, In fact on my webpage also I have made so many of them e.g Priya Prakash Varrier,Nirav Modi,Mehul Choksi with out their charts and so many of them.


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