Will The Enemy Retaliate The IAF Jet Strikes On the Jaish Terror Camps ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Mars in the Sign Aries is most Malefic for the Enemy Inflicting Defeat to the King and hence till 22nd March 2019 there could be fierce Fighting . Mercury Turns Retrograde on the 5th March 2019 hence there may be 3 encounters. Till Mercury crosses the 5 degree mark on the 20th April 2019 may not be good Time frame it so seems .

In this Article I am going to Analyse the chart of the 26th Feb. 2019 of 03.43 hrs when the IAF Jet Strike the Jaish Terror Camps in Balakot. The Chart is Below

The Following Parameters are acquiring important dimension
1.The day is Monday and the Lord is placed in the yama of Aquarius the 3rd house of Boarders where the 9th Lord Sun is placed .

2.The Yama Lord Saturn is Placed in the Lagna and aspects Sun in the 3rd house of Boarders. The event crystal clear and also gives strength to fight the Terror Camps and shows success initially. A malefic in the lagna is Good for India to Fight back
The Jets pounded on the Terror Camps for 21 minutes and at that point of Time the Lagna Degrees and the Saturn in the Lagna were identical and Saturn was also in the navamsha of Scorpio supposed to be most malefic . It had left the mode of being in Pushkar navamsha on the 25th Feb. 2019. After 26th Morning Saturn will be in Scorpio navamsha and can prove most venomous for the fight .. I have written so many Article on my webpage that when Ever Saturn has been between 23.20 to 26.40 degrees in Libra it has brought Revolution in our Country . This Saturn in the Libra at these degrees in 1984 when Indira Gandhi was assasinated and 2014 when Modi Came in power brought a change. Now again Saturn is on the wheel and playing the games since aspected By the Saturn from Libra by 3rd aspect of 3rd eye.
IN THIS CONNECTION I HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN AN ARTICLE “Saturn’s disciplinarian cycle of 30 years and Mumdane impact” In the “EXPRESS STAR TELLER page 45 in the March 2019 Edition. I have also written on my webpage ” Krishma of Saturn 24 degree mark in Sagitarius with Ketu” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/01/karishma-of-saturn-24-degree-mark-in-sagitarius-conjunct-ketu/

3. Lagna towards the Movable sign since at 22.41 degrees of Sagitarius at the time they finished the operation and Moon in Fixed Navamsha shows that the enemy will arrive soon, hence Pakistan will attack immediately.

4.Lagna Lord Jupiter and the 9th Lord Sun are not connected, hence the Enemy will arrive soon to retaliate with power.

5. Mercury the Planet has just enetred the 4th house as the 7th Lord indicates that the enemy will arrive shortly since it has just ingressedin the 4th house .Mercury is 00.55 degrees and had ishraaf yoga with Lagna Lord before it entered the 4th house . The Enemy can start reacting almost immediately. from the 26th Feb. 2019 at 04-04 hrs. It seems this Parameter is True , since the Firing started soon after this time from the Pakistan.

6. Between the Lagna and the 7th Lord the 7th Lord seems to be week since 7th Lord is debilitated and will also turn Retrograde on the 5th March 2019 hence till 5th March 2019 there can be fierce fighting .

7.Malefic in the Lagna is Good for India and Bad for the opponent.In such a case the enemy faces problems

8. Sign Pieces in the 4th house aspected by benefics and in this case Jupiter aspects the 4th house defeat of the enemy and hence Pakistan and the Terrorist group Jaish.

9.Aries Sign is very important in wars and if associated with Mars then the Enemy inflict defeat to the King and hence may retaliate with force and Blood shed is not ruled out. This Parameter is Negative for India as well.

10. 8th house has Rahu and aspected by Mars and in the navamsha Mars is debilitated and with Rahu in Cancer most malefic parameter, since this is the 8th house of the Event chart .

11. Attacking King wins when both the Luminaries are in the Solar signs hence here win of the Attacking King and India finally after lot of Fight.

12. There was Ishraaf yoga between the Lagna Lord Jupiter and the 7th Lord Mercury and inimical one is extremely bad and the 7th Lord debilitated and then Retrograde on the 5th March 2019. Since the 7th Lord will become Retrograde and also fall back in the sign Aquarius the yama sign it may experience defeat on the 20th April 2019 finallywhen Sun is at this point of 5 Degrees in Pieces on the 20th March 2019. This Date is extremely important. If the war between the nations does not stop at this point then it will take an ugly shape on the after this date

13. The Planet which is about to Change its State are Mercury going in Debilitation and will also become retrograde hence there may be 3 encounters between the Attacking King and the enemy till 17-20th April 2019. Saturn changing Navamsha to Scorpio and is influencing the Lagna at the time of Attack is a malefic parameter. Saturn will be crossing 23.20 degrees on the 26th Feb. 2019. This Saturn will be aspected by Saturn in Libra when untoward happenings have taken place in indiacan be most venomous and have been discussed on my website Chrishma of Saturn at 24 degrees and happenings as explained above.

14. Mars aspects the 8th Lord Moon and jupiter in the 12th house and also the 8th house where Rahu is placed hence there can be Bloodshed and Explosions.

15. Venus with Ketu Air Craft can be damaged also bad for People in the Aircraft

16. There will be future ithasla of Mercury and Venus the ithasla of the 6th and the 7th Lord which may not prove good for the Enemy and even for India and specially relating to an Aircraft

The King and the Forces who have set out on war will return in 5 months since the Lagna is Dual and counting from Lagna to the Strongest planet Mars is 5
Hence the Fight may continue till 24th July 2019

Fierce Fight may be there since the Navamsha rising is of Libra and Venus the navamsha Lord afflicted by Ketu almost degree-wise with Ketu in the sign Capricorn and in first navamsha hence Maximum 15 days as per timing of the planet Venus till 12th March 2019. Fine tuning it Venus at 1 degree the venomous effect will be for equavalent to 1 degree and 5 days it so seems, since 3.33 degree= 15 days. After Mercury Turns Retrograde on the 5th March 2019 there may be total 3 encounters till 20th April 2019 it so seems if no Treaty takes place. Then the War can go beyond 20th March 2019 it so seems when Mars will touch the Rohini Nakshatra on the 7th April to 26th April 2019.The Planetary positions in the future are scary after 25th April 2019 and will write on that when the time comes.

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Written on the 27th Feb. 2019 at 04.30 hrs.
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